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  1. Hi guys I am upgrading my mobo along with my CPU. My current graphics card is a Gigabyte 1080ti Aorus. I am upgrading from an I7 5960x to the I9 9900k. Should I get a noticeable performance increase?
  2. Hi guys I ma having trouble being able to load a set flight plan I have set up in Plan G. It looks to have saved the flightplan to the correct folder but the plan is not visible when loading from P3dV4? Any ideas?
  3. Thanks Mark. I have watched this video previously. So from what I can tell on P3d even with FSUIPC you will always have a slight lag?
  4. Hi Max I was in your position 2 years ago. I was sick of using the joystick so I purchased the Saitek Cessna Yoke, Pedals, trim wheel and quadrant. I was quite lucky as Saitek discontinued making the Cessna labelled Yoke and Pedals I bought. Definately increases the realism. I do get a little bit of lag with the yoke though. If anyone reading this can help, How can I make the yoke as responsive as my old Logitech joystick?
  5. Hi guys While simming for years I have only ever used the direct GPS routes. I now would like to learn more about aeronautical charts and how to use them. Is there are place online I can visit and view maps etc? Prefererably Australian at first. Thanks
  6. To everyone on here I have to say that this is by far the most helpful forum on the net. I have been simming since the earliest Microsoft Flight SIm and now use P3dV4. The amount of help Ive been given is unbelievable. I love you all.
  7. Guys What could be happening here do you think? This is the Gold Coast. Im getting alot of weird shading and a little bit of flickering??
  8. Is it worth the upgrade for P3dV4 people??
  9. Hi everyone After decades for FSX I have finally made the move to P3dV4. The only non-Orbx stuff I have are a couple planes and FS Global 2010. My question is... In what order should I Install all of my add-ons? Vector, Global Base, Regions etc? Thanks
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