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  1. Hello, why this can not installed outside from the sim into the Library? Central says it must be installed into P3Dv5.
  2. thanks, so i will get the Orbx Version. i can also get the upgrade price.
  3. Hello Orbx Question: when i take the MSFS in PremiumDeluxe version in the Store, do i get the Orbx LOWI as default? Or its then an "ASOBO-LOWI" which is hand made? thanks, Thomas
  4. Hello, EGNT, the starting point to the RWY 25 is more then 1000 meters on the right side. so the sings not correct? to go to RWY 25, i should turn to the rignt, the sings says to me, i have to go to the left? the marker on ground seems to be correct. Scenery EGNT with true earth is installed.
  5. Hello Orbx, with "Hollywood" is something wrong? look at this pic EDIT: for better view a zoomed image.
  6. Hello Nick! thank you for the really fast reply! greetings from Austria, Thomas.
  7. Hello, Orbx. I am now testing MSFS via X-BOX App for PC for 1 EUR for 1 Month. If I should really buy MSFS, then it should be via STEAM, not via X-Box-App. If I buy a scenery in Central and install it in MSFS from XBOX, can I install it in MSFS via Steam if the X-BOX version is uninstalled? Thanks for answer, Thomas
  8. Hello "Central" is set to create a backup of each Central-installed software. I have deleted the backup data from the netherlands, now the installation via download runs without problems. But if "Central" creates faulty backup- data, I really think about deleting the 300 GB of backup-data and installing via downloads only in the future. Without an internet connection you can't use any backup data for installation. without an internet connection central will not work.
  9. Hello, Problem: i did not use "Download" my scenery is saved on an HDD wich saves all scenerys, wich i have alredy downloaded. so the installer should take the data from the saving directory not from the download location.
  10. hi, while install i get Error "Sie haben nicht genügend Speicherplatz um die Installation abzuschließen". Problem: wich memory is to low? its the memory on C\Temp for install or its in the Main library? The installer did not say this. My systemdrive have 83,6 GB free and the Drive with the library have 920GB free. wich one is to low? thanks for information. there is no helpfile in central for that.
  11. Hi Orbx in you pratner Formu i miss the Button "Create Topc". Its not allowed to post in your Parter forum from //42 ?
  12. Hi, on every startup the P3Dv5 he ask me to activate "AustraliaV2" and many others. i click on Yes, but next restart from P3Dv5 the question comes again... what wrong? thanks Thomas
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