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  1. I guess the W models have whiskey onboard. Models without W have soft drink only. That's why most 737s are W models.
  2. Hello, May I ask a brief status update on the three alaskan airports that John mentioned in the 2018 roadmap? They were Kotzebue, Barrow and Kivalina. I hope that this project is still alive. Thank you, Tamas
  3. Thank you for your replies. So I will update both client and content and not reinstall the whole program. And I have nothing to do with addons if I understand correctly.
  4. Hello all, I am currently on V4.2 and I have never done any P3D updates. Do you think it is possible to update directly from V4.2 to the current V4.5 version, or should I make a complete reinstall. I have a ton of Orbx sceneries, Active Sky/ASCA and all the A2A GA aircraft installed and a few other addons. They are mostly installed outside P3D directory exept Orbx. Do they need any special attention during the update/reinstall. Thank you in advance Tamas
  5. KCMI - University of Illinois Willard Airport, Champaign, Illinois. That was one of the very first airports in FS history (that was my home airport back in FS2 for C64 ) and I still visit that airport regularly in P3D.
  6. Alaska B737-700 climbing out of KWYS somewhere over the Wyoming-Montana border. Cheers
  7. Alaska B737-700 climbing out of KWYS somewhere over the Wyoming-Montana border. Cheers
  8. Thank you for your reply. Nothing else installed so far, only Orbx sceneries. Will check for double entries for other develeloper's sceneries. Tamas
  9. Hello, I've just switched to P3DV3. Right now FTX Central V3 is working hard installing my Orbx sceneries. Global Base, Vector, OpenLC EU allready installed, OpenLC NA is on the way. My question is: what is the preferred installation order of the freeware EU and NA airport packs? Is it ok just after OpenLC sceneries, or after regions? (I have all NA regions and Norway) Or maybe after payware airport sceneries? Thank you in advance Tamas
  10. I'm afraid the bus is out of SAK. We have to wait for that bus until ORBX release TRAK (The Rest of Alaska)... Anyway, it's a good idea and a wonderful movie indeed. Tamas
  11. Thank you Alex, I like those photoreal areas! I'm really looking forward to explore SAK. And thank you for the Yakutat and Alsek River shots. Tamas
  12. Thank you Alex, beautiful scenery indeed! Could you show us some shots of Yakutat and some small fields like Harlequin Lake? That was one of my favourite regions in Holger's Glacier Bay scenery in good old FS9 times... Tamas
  13. Wow! I'm an Mi-17 flight engineer, but I've never had enough luck to have a passenger like her... Very nice post! Tamas
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