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  1. There are a lot of bridges Jack, but there's not enough clearance for your usual operations - unless you select a very "flat" plane without protruding parts ("plain plane"? ) . Very nice shots again! (Admiral Clarey Bridge connects Ford Island with the mainland btw.)
  2. Thanks for this great set of 2 series Magnum. I like them both, you really looked into almost every nook and cranny. No problems with Imageshack on my end btw.
  3. Fine shots Andy - well captured morning mood.
  4. Very nice sightseeing flight showing all parts of Oahu. Thanks for this series of great shots Carlos!
  5. Look into John's post three entries above. You will need Orbx Central (you are running FTX Central 3):
  6. This one is simply beautiful. What a magical atmosphere.
  7. Low & very slow, the perfect way to explore it (I like doing it with a Waco). Stunning shots Mikee!
  8. Very nice sightseeing trip and wonderful captures Rodger! I really like your colour settings
  9. Thanks for some beautiful views over Oahu! Great that you could recognise places visited during your 2010 tour.
  10. Some nice shots Greg! There are a lot of destinations for helicopter lovers.
  11. Fantastic shots Adam. Waikiki seen from the water, great!
  12. Daring indeed . Jack, when placing that default carrier model I thought of guys like you. If there are no high bridges, there must be something comparable. You could also try landing on the moving AI USCG cutter btw. (just don't try it with a Mooney ...).
  13. It's rust Jack. Like with many tropical areas there is a large portion of iron oxyde in Hawaiian soils (at least in several places). The same reason why large stretches of Australia's outback and the whole of Mars look red. Brilliant, colourful shots John!
  14. The 2 towers of 801 South Street are included as HD models with PBR. The building in the place of Fisher Hawaii is not represented as a separate POI.
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