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  1. Don't worry Lyman . However, the trees and the photoreal as to be seen on your GE shot are there in the Cityscape Honolulu (see my screenshots above). There must be something interfering in your install. Just a thought: Can it be that some of your own PHNL files (your work looks promising btw.) are causing a conflict? Accuracy in general: Indeed, the cityscape's airports have "only" been improved against the default ones. Like with Orbx regions these airports do not want to compete with the highly accurate series of airport products. The layout of runways, taxiways, tarmac etc. usually matches the real situation reasonably well though (and of course there shouldn't be trees on the tarmac). PHNL has carefully brought up-to-date in November 2019 so actually in cannot be that outdated. Refreshing scenery: Just go to World - Scenery Library and tick OK. This will reload the scenery and in most cases the floating buildings should be "grounded" again. Here's another shot how it should look like:
  2. Hi there, As for the floating buildings: Refreshing the scenery should help. Floating buildings are a common issue with both FSX and P3D. At least I couldn't reproduce it in this place. The trees are correct but your ground looks different (also some buildings). Perhaps there is another addon interfering? On my end it looks like this:
  3. Hi Jason, Thanks for providing the files. Actually the configuration seems to be ok but the scenery on your shots definitely doesn't look as intended. The photoreal ground as well as the landclass tiles look blurry and I noticed only 12 fps on one of your screenshots. Honolulu should run smoothly with crisp textures even on medium systems (and with more complex aircraft than that Mooney). If you are running it with FSDT Honolulu, did you follow the steps as described in the manual (enabling FSDreamTeam Honolulu Mode" in the control panel + disabling some FSDT files)? If so, is "Normal Mode" ticked? "Bathymetry Mode" will enable low-resolution textures above sea level.
  4. Please wait before deleting everything - I hope we will find a more convenient solution.
  5. This will not work because they have different GUIDs. Since updating and verifying the Orbxlibs actually works fine in this regard, there must be another (older) file interfering on your system. Try a search all over your system for *AUv2_airport_markers*. Perhaps there are remnants in OC library folders or elsewhere.
  6. Sorry Nick, of course you need the FSX version. Please try this one (into ORBXLIBS\scenery\): Orbxlibs_FSX_AUv2_airport_markers_FS.zip
  7. Still 90° rotated markers with giant shadows? Did you delete all marker files as described above and placed the file provided by Nick into the FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\scenery folder?
  8. Great, have fun! But you are right, this verifying thing has to be solved.
  9. No worries, this is confusing All 3 on your list are outdated and not there for backward compatibility. There should be only one "..._airport_markers_..." file with September date in the FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\scenery folder. The one in the FTXAA_ORBXLIBS main folder (not in the scenery folder) is definitely in the wrong place. Try deleting all of your three "..._AUv2_airport_markers..." files and verify files again.
  10. If it's P3D: Could you please check the date of the file "Orbxlibs_P3D_AUv2_airport_markers_FS.BGL" in the FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery folder (should be 9 September 2019)?
  11. Could you please check the date of the file "Orbxlibs_P3D_AUv2_airport_markers_FS.BGL" in the FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery folder (should be 9 September 2019)?
  12. Same here. Yesterday night I decided that with possibly overlooked screws the colour has flaked off (after all it's a bush plane) and uploaded it.
  13. Thanks all for your kind words!!
  14. Thanks OND, but all credit regarding the PNG sceneries goes to @Tim Harris and @Ken Hall who created these gems. On these pics I'm just a tourist with a significant lack of flight experience.
  15. Yes, but I'm still looking for some not yet found screw heads.
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