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  1. Hi Erik, yes this (and a lot of other things) will be fixed in a service pack.
  2. Ok, that was a drastic cure, but I'm glad it works now. Thanks for letting us know Josh!
  3. Apart from mesh issues there are 2 factors: MSFS uses very simple water masks (always high tide as with FSX/P3D) while the Bing imagery shows every detail. At least at this stage of MSFS development water areas are heavily blurred in most places, the farther away from the shorelines the more. Both combined let you see flooded jetties or other details which are crisp directly at the shore while gradually looking submerged. There are techniques that can make these details better visible, but they still remain flooded. To solve this completely either hi-res masks are needed that
  4. CS Sydney is not listed as a separate airport. You cannot directly select it as the starting point for a flight. Once installed, you'll see it when you fly over it. As Jon mentioned above, start a flight at YSSY airport and you will see the Sydney skyline as you fly north.
  5. A few are left. Just a thought: Perhaps it’s something with the scenery order. A similar problem with an addon by another company could be solved by deleting the content.xml. On next start it will be rebuilt.
  6. Usually the information given below is part of a user manual. As MSFS and the SDK are constantly evolving, it probably makes more sense to list a few items here that can be kept up to date. I get a CTD after 1 min flight, what can I do? In most cases users are affected who are using rolling cache. Try following the 3 steps below: Deinstall CS Sydney. Delete your rolling cache. Reinstall CS Sydney. Also try increasing the size of your rolling cache. Why do I see floating buildings? If buildings are floatin
  7. This is quite possible. There are many reports about CTDs related to rolling cache across addons from various providers (also with MSFS out of the box without any addons). In most cases the issues disappeared after deleting and rebuilding rolling cache if not disabling it at all.
  8. Hi there, following the 3 steps below should solve this issue: Deinstall CS Sydney. Delete your rolling cache. Reinstall CS Sydney. Please also have a look here:
  9. Thank you very much for pointing this out! You are absolutely right (also re RBS Tower - must have slipped through). This will be fixed in a patch, of course.
  10. Hi Bernie, you bring up a painful subject. The "p" in "asap" is the key letter here. Along the coast between Bondi Beach and the tip of South Head there is a lot more "missing" which already is modelled and that shouts for being placed - if it only was possible at this point. To put it another way: Hornby lighthouse doesn't make sense without nice cliffs.
  11. Canberra class for example? Would be nice, but as already mentioned, default ship AI can only be deactivated/controlled as a whole (at this stage) and only by the user. There will be outrage if the CS Sydney installer disables the default ship AI or parts of it.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up! They are doing this for the same reason why planes crash when trying to fly under the bridge with damage on. Should be resolved very soon (both issues).
  13. Both 1. and 2. The ortho sits on top. 3D content replaces default content via excluding (= CS Sydney and default content coexist).
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