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  1. Same here. Yesterday night I decided that with possibly overlooked screws the colour has flaked off (after all it's a bush plane) and uploaded it.
  2. Thanks all for your kind words!!
  3. Thanks OND, but all credit regarding the PNG sceneries goes to @Tim Harris and @Ken Hall who created these gems. On these pics I'm just a tourist with a significant lack of flight experience.
  4. Yes, but I'm still looking for some not yet found screw heads.
  5. Thanks Jack. First I thought of zombies, but you're right, "Close Encounters" describes it much better.
  6. Thank you very much Jose and Ken! Thanks Richard. Struggling at Tapini is excusable. I got lost even at Koispe - actually there's space enough ... Thank you Adam! Hehe. I'm so happy that this PC-6 has "ready to start" and "restore engine" options. As for the wildlife: They seem to have quite mobile organisms there in PNG. Surprisingly enough even the cattle managed to flee in time. Lots of grass clippings and fruit purée though. Thanks Iain! Thank you very much! Btw., I have especially great respect for your PC-6 repaints. Identifying all those separately mapped bolt heads, hinges, bars etc. drives me crazy. Thanks Charles. Indeed, but once managed it becomes addictive. Thanks Gerold. Hm, I don't know whose copilot this is on #11, my cowpilot peeks out of the scrub on #15. Thank you Don! Thanks Mike!
  7. It's been a while that I moved a plane around the landscape just for fun. This is the Milviz PC-6 exploring Tim's and Ken's lovely and demanding PNG sites (Kokoda, Tapini, Fane, Koispe and others). The Walking ... The Porter enthusiastically pulls to the left. ... back on the airstrip. Well ... The Porter loves that vegetation. Apparently she's not the only one.
  8. Thanks for pointing this out guys. It's the kind of mistake where we feel that something is wrong but we aren't able to figure out where and what. It's just a detail, but not tolerable - especially in this place - and will be fixed, of course.
  9. There are a lot of bridges Jack, but there's not enough clearance for your usual operations - unless you select a very "flat" plane without protruding parts ("plain plane"? ) . Very nice shots again! (Admiral Clarey Bridge connects Ford Island with the mainland btw.)
  10. Thanks for this great set of 2 series Magnum. I like them both, you really looked into almost every nook and cranny. No problems with Imageshack on my end btw.
  11. Fine shots Andy - well captured morning mood.
  12. Very nice sightseeing flight showing all parts of Oahu. Thanks for this series of great shots Carlos!
  13. Look into John's post three entries above. You will need Orbx Central (you are running FTX Central 3):
  14. This one is simply beautiful. What a magical atmosphere.
  15. Low & very slow, the perfect way to explore it (I like doing it with a Waco). Stunning shots Mikee!
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