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  1. Hi Nick, For me worked perfectly. Thanks for your support.
  2. As I said, I have no 3rd-party African airports. I started to seriously fly there after Orbx OpenLC Africa. I have now just made a search in my scenery collection and browsed the whole FSX folder and also used the SceneryConfigEditor, and did not find anything like FALE or Durban. I will give a try in P3D FALE-Durban Airport and report any issue there. I went to South Africa in the 1990's and made the leg from Durban to Port Elizabeth in a B737, and I remember pretty well the Durban International was already a very comfortable, elegant and quite big airport, as well as the city. It is at least strange that FSX (2009-2010 when edited) did not depict FALE. Thanks for your attention. Regards,
  3. I have no third-party African airports. Coming from FACT-Capetown to FAPE-Port Elizabeth (both OK). From FAPE to FALE-Durban, I noticed first some moving textures on runway and after clearing, lots of trees spread on tarmac. This was in FSX. Did not try P3D yet. Regrds,
  4. Hi, My FTX Central version is v3.2.1.1. When there is an update it comes automatically, so I don't worry about this and the other OrbX components. And I cannot see any ObjectFlow item to check. What's wrong? Regards,
  5. And for the third time the CTD came between BWG VOR and KMEM. So, I gave up KMEM and did yesterday AUG09 CYQX-CYEG with the same B747F and it went well during the 5:40 flight till parking at CYEG.
  6. Well, I cannot swear my CTD in P3Dv4 is caused by Orbx Global, but the symptoms are alike Lord Nibbo's, i.e., it occurs at the same geographic area. For the second time in a row (AUG03 and AUG05), I tried to fly from CYQX (Gander Intl) to KMEM (Memphis Intl) using the PMDG B747F and suffered a CTD exactly over BWG VOR (Bowling Green-KY) at FL340. I use LittleNavMap and could see the point on the map. The CTD is instantaneous and there are no messages or warnings from P3D. Tonight I am updating Global Base Pack with the last version and will try this flight again, saving it some miles before the BWG VOR. In the case of another CTD I will post here the Windows event viewer I find.
  7. Ok, I got it. But, KBZN will stay out of my schedules until OrbX lumberjacks go there and clean the place...
  8. So you installed the FSX KBZN payware on P3Dv4? And it did fix the problem? Isn't that something bizarre, or a kind of alchemistry? I would never think about that !
  9. Thanks for replying. I also have the payware KBZN in FSX but I didn't see it in the FTX Central for P3Dv4 till yesterday night Jul 11. Is that oficial?
  10. I have all OrbX FTX Global + US Regions working well in FSX rig. As my first experience in P3D, I purchased and installed P3Dv4 and, using FTX Central, installed the FTX Global + US Regions on it. Things worked well as I did a W-E cross-country using the North States bordering Canada. Landing at Bozeman, I found trees along the ramp. The many other airports I visited are OK. Thanks
  11. PNW, Thanks for the answers. Indeed, I installed the basics + SOCAL + NORCAL and the result was simply great. Now, the new 64bit Planet waits to be explored... Best
  12. I happily saw that I have rights to install my main FSX-Orbx products on P3DV4. I am aware there is a correct way to install Orbx products on a fresh platform and Vector is the second in the list, before Open LC and Full Regions. Q1 - Should I wait for the Vector P3DV4 compatible or may I install the current compatibles? Q2 - What happens visually with all packages installed without Vector? Q3 - When Vector P3DV4 compatible is released, may I install it over the Orbx rig already there without problems? Thanks and regards
  13. Hi, I have found a quite nice freeware scenery to Jakarta WIII airport, at Indonesia. As the author asks to remove any other WIII bgl (AFCAD) files in order to avoid conflicts with parking and traffic, while searching FSX folder, I found x:\FSX\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\scenery\ABP_WIII.bgl. This is, I presume, a vector file, and not anything near traffic or parking stuff. Can anyone please clarify what is this file for? Are there any chances of conflicts if I install a non-FSX scenery? Thanks,
  14. Thanks, it seems now the tool is working. Why Iceland? Best
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