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  1. Hi John, Thanks for explaining the things that happened. I did not try any expert solution nor I have no knowledge to revert things back before migration. But, after migrating my stuff, when I re-launched FTX Central the day after, there was a new update green warning, which I immediately applied - unfortunately, it was a 160321 Lib which sent the Central back one notch. Are you aware of this issue? I've been hearing about this in the Forum. Best
  2. Hi Folks, I have all FTX NA Blue packages, as well some airports (Hill Top also) the pay and the nine freeware. But I'm posting my emotions here for my last purchase - NCA!! I started the Alabeo C172 at KRDD flying North to see Mt Shasta, landing at KSIY. I saw each and every house at Redding with 3D details. The colors of fields, forests, hills and water were perfectly blended with the rising East Sun. Before this scenery I had one which did not bring me seasons changes. Now I can tell you how this is important... And for the grand finale, at KSIY (Siskiyou Co), as I parked, a guy walked his dog along the grass beside the hangars. Thank you guys for this one... Regards
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