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  1. Yep... That's the ANZAC Bridge and it looks exactly as it should and is exactly where it spans. The Harbour Bridge is in the back ground. Obviously this is a photo from Black Wattle Bay.
  2. Awesome stuff. Default is just waiting for this to upgrade everything!
  3. Matt Tank has done the livery. Available as a direct download here. http://bit.ly/2N0wZUF
  4. AU2 out of Sydney Rwy 25 Departure y... Decent into Cairns. Nice Reef Guys About to turn Base for Rwy 15 at YBCS About to turn Finals for Rwy 15 Localiser Approach via TODEG, CS402, CS404 STAR. AWESOME JOB to the whole ORBX team. After just nipping up the east coast, Au2 is a triumph.
  5. Been a long time. Easter weekend is a time to upgrade, update and get simming. Here departing with a JT 787 from YBCS enroute to YSSY. Sunset in the west and moonrise in the east as we climb to FL38 for the trip down the east coast. Falling in love with simming again in P3Dv4. Good to be back.
  6. Just mucking around with some Skyforce and PTA settings between YSCB and YBTH on a flight this evening. Of course over the beautiful FTX Australia.
  7. There are plenty of community presets within the Skyforce dashboard. You point Skyforce to your PTA and it looks after the lot. Very cool.
  8. Mate, It is blowing me away.... i must admit i have been a little bored recently but the best $45 I've spent in a while... plus i got the discount from being an existing customer. Rain effects are awesome clouds are beautiful and tower into the sky during storms and there isna real sense of speed as you fly through them with increased turbulence.... very good so far especially with PTA.
  9. These are some shots I took this arvo out or NZAA Orbx using the new Rex Skyforce 3d... I'm impressed.... Pretty good representation of turbulence and weather updated seamlessly throughout. This with ORBX has upped the realism again...
  10. It was actually pretty impressive. There were only the Captain and the FO on board so the first pass was in full landing config, low and slow. He then raised the gear and flaps and throttled up for a high speed pass. He then climbed at about 50 degrees nose up, pretty steep before disappearing through the clouds and heading back to YBBN. We too have a high altitude airway. Usually we are top of climb for aircraft out of YSSY enroute to Europe and Asia.... Actually Enroute to preeety much everywhere except the Americas! Our most conspicuous aircraft is the ANZ 787-900. Because she is bla
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