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  1. I lied. Its back again now. just done a circuit around EGNT and on take off it was fine but soon as coming into land RWY07 its back again
  2. Perfect, sorted. Can't believe it was something so simple. Sorry!
  3. I had both V4 and V5 installed on one system and was using a saitek X52 pro without any problem maybe check the control settings and see if it has a tick next to use controller
  4. I have it unticked and its still coming through. Its a brand new install into P3D V5 with only Aerosoft Heathrow and JustSim Basel installed that isnt Orbx stuff
  5. Hi I am getting this weird texture through my EGNT scenery? I have tried looking on the forum but nothing? thanks james
  6. Hi I installed Orbx England into P3D V4 the latest update for it too but when ever i load into the sim it crashes at 80%. I uninstalled it and its working fine again. Any help? Thanks James
  7. Hi Is there a problem with autogen when having OpenLC Europe installed on P3D V4.4. Been on V4.4 since its come out and been having issues where the autogen is there on departure but disappears after about 30/40minutes of flying. Landing into destination the autogen is none existance. Ive recently uninstalled openLC europe and just done a flight from EGLL-LIML and had autogen the whole flight. Any help will be appreicated James
  8. None of the suggestions have solved it, Looks like there's only one more thing to do and that's uninstall everything and reinstall it all.. Thanks for suggestions thoug James
  9. What will this do to all my Addons aswell? Don't really want to reinstall them all James
  10. Okay, I'll try this. Thanks P.s don't know why this topic showed up twice James
  11. Right I know there's been some trouble with Orbx ENG when flying outside of EU but I've uninstalled it following your post on the FAQ and still get blurries and water popping up all over the place. My FSX hasn't been right since I installed this region. Any help on how to get my scenery looking like it was before I installed Orbx EU Much appreciated James
  12. Not being funny or anything but we shouldnt have to go through all this rubbish to get of blurries. No other scenery does this, Really need to sort it out! And this new FTX Global? Is that going to be the fix for the blurries? Wasting However much on it to actually get FTX England working, Pffttttt
  13. Hi Gents and Ladies, I brought FTX Orbx EU when it first come out and was quite disappointed with how the rest of Europe was all blurry. They brought out a "fix" that actually didnt fix the problem for me and others. I started to muck around with my settings for about a week or 2 and testing flights throughout Europe, and then I came across the textures was crisp and clear. This is what I done; 1)Set my FSX settings to Anisotropic on Grpahics 2) Went into my Nvidia Inspector and set Anisotropic Filtering to 16x Simple as that, I sent this over to a mate to have a look at while he was in f
  14. I know im a bit late, but been busy flying. I live 2 minutes away from luton and fly out of their every day when im working, would love to help if you need any PM me on here james
  15. Thanks for replies people. Will look into Buying them James Thanks for replies people. Will look into Buying them James
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