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  1. Hello the hold lights in the config for Innsbruck wont save my option to on? Colin
  2. seems quite long? doesn't bother me much but something must be causing it
  3. Thanks Graham My exact thoughts this morning and it was correct thanks again that fixed that but the strange line is still there?
  4. yes it was just updated which is why i don't understand with same settings and same in YBBN settings why there is a difference?
  5. hi Smudger as stated same settings on both versions so why is it different?
  6. ok since I'm still awake and solved my last issue (thxs Nick) i have another eye opener with YBBN strange line appearing and fuzzy taxiways attached are same shot from v4 and v5 same settings for both. All but last one are v4 last one is V5. ok can we solve this one?
  7. SOLVED YAY!!! it was FSAD FS AeroData. it was mentioned to me that this can cause elevation issues well well well I never thought it would be that. let this be a lesson to all who are thinking of fs aerodata - forget it sadly i paid for a one year subscription.
  8. i'll worry about it tomorrow too late to think now just wish i could figure it out so strange
  9. well sadly still no luck rebuild did nothing. disabling ai and navdata did nothing either
  10. yes next load i will nick if this repair doesnt work
  11. yes ai and nav data all updated in both versions so can't be that surely?
  12. as i have said before Nick I have the same scenery installed in v5 and there is no problem so I just can't underestand why it is happening in v4
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