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  1. Macs? Bah humbug!!!! just kidding I am thinking of maybe going over to a mac at some stage but not sure Colin
  2. hehe well I'm not too proud to say I am 52 but sometimes I feel a lot older. It's bad enough I need reading glasses these days to even read some of the instructions on shopping items but why do they have to print it so small anyway hehe. yeah I guess I'm an old coot now Colin
  3. oh ok Nick as I said old age but I have resolved it thanks Colin
  4. Sorry if I did something wrong yesterday when I posted a help request for xplane call it old age catching up but if I posted something and it was removed by admin could you at least tell me why so I can understand. I'm not one to break rules and I try but sometimes I might forget (must be old age) lol Thanks, Colin
  5. I just bought it last night it's now converting the files oh goody goody lol Colin
  6. Well done ORBX I know now what my next purchase will be that's the new GB for Xplane you just released. Fantastic even though I have London VFR freeware your new GB for Xplane knocks the socks of that!!! Come on pay day!!!! I just cant wait until all my airports are on Xplane oh goody goody!!! Thank You ORBX Colin
  7. ok so I am trying to get my xpwideclient to link to my xplane 11 over xpuipc without luck. fsupic and wideclient for fsx and p3d run fine and connect over my wifi with wide client running on my laptop however the same wont happen with xwideclient and xplane 11 so can anyone help me here? Colin
  8. Agree 100 percent with you I really hope that all my Orbx scenery will soon grace my X Plane. As much as I love the ground scenery what is more important are the airports and close surrounds after all when your up in the air how often do you really see the ground scenery at 8000 ft or more not much and if your like me at 34000 ft ground scenery means nothing until your approach begins. I have to say overall I did have X Plane 9 bought and paid for 11 DVDs but didn't like it at all and it wasn't until I wat-ched videos on Xplane 11 that I took the plunge and have to say I am glad I did but I really hope to see more airports and scenery from developers soon. Developers like Orbx, Flytampa, Aerosoft are my favorite designers!!
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