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  1. ok thanks i'll try to wrap my head around that lol
  2. wow you know what your talking about unfortunatley i don't how do i tell a program to use which core? i will try the ryzen master thing but i am nervous about overclocking lol
  3. hmmmm ok thats very helpful thanks
  4. ok i'll try that as for the other settings posted below currently set
  5. ok guys and gals and fellow simmers update as follows: Bought RTX 2080ti ROG Strix 11GB card and 480GB M.2 drive for OS and any essential files installed form P3D and addons. This leaves my 250GB SSD and 1TB SSD free for P3D (will eventually replace 250GB with anoth 1TB SSD. Ok so fresh install of P3DV5 only at this time on 250GB SSD Orbx Library on 1TB SSD. Only 1 Payware YSSY installed and all my Orbx reinstalled. Aircraft AS A318 319 320 330. Testing A320 only at YSSY RWY 34L on ground and in air see pictures below. previous results on single monitor were
  6. yeah thanks guys I don't like to overclock things like CPU etc i did put screenshots in other posts but i have also installed a M.2 drive today for O/S so will be doing a complete reinstall. I am checking all the other stuff and guess next will be a CPU upgrade but even though i could do it now I think I better back off on spending for awhile. I'll post screen shots again soon here I am reinstalling P3Dv5 and will start from there. I have noticed much better performance in other games and applications I use so not a total waste of money. It has been the most expensive single item upgrade
  7. well i took the plunge just spent hours all morning before deciding on RTX 2080ti Strix ROG OC 11GB and it wasn't cheap. Results of first test as far as FPS goes nothing no change yes I installed the right drivers but no change in FPS that can't be right?
  8. thanks for the reply as I was just about to walk out the door to go buy the RTX 2080ti ok you got me thinking. No overclocking done on any thing CPU AND GPU stock settings and Temps good don't know what you mean by Precision Boost or SMT? Mostly lower FPS at certain airports that have a heavy graphics load. For example YSSY (other designer) AS A320 FPS from VC about max 16 FPS. Opencockpit max 18 FPS and spot view about same max 18 FPS. Piper Tomahawk average 22 FPS VC and opencockpit spot mode about 23 FPS now when I go to a less heavy graphics airport say LO
  9. Ok ok I know we have discussed this before but i still feel alittle lost in translation. my current specs Ryzen 7 3800X cpu 32 GB DDR4 3000 Ram SSD 1TB HOF edition 1070ti ok so I am about to upgrade as I buy alot of scenery and airports and I am getting sick and tired of the low FPS at some 10 or 12 FPS in some aircraft like 737 or A320 but getting higher FPS in say tomahawk or cessna! So I really need a definite answer for my upgrade. On one hand I am looking at buying as early as tomorrow a RTX 2080Ti Aorus $2400. Second Choice is CPU up if I can to 3900X
  10. already did that before nick when p3dv5 was on the ssd and it was ok maybe i just need a defrag anyway not worry i still use v4 most atm
  11. Ok forgive me if this has been answered before but I know SSD is better then HHD however something I am not sure I understand that I hope you all can answer. P3Dv4 is installed on my SSD 1TB and P3Dv5 on my HDD. Now the question at hand. same settings on both same airport on both same scenery on both. Situation FPS locked at 40FPS on both. P3Dv4 on SSD FPS at test airport 40 easy P3Dv5 on HHD FPS at test airport 26-27. Same aircraft as well. so question is why the FPS is so low on P3Dv5? My guess is that it is because it's on HHD but can someone just confirm
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