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  1. Hi. There are palm trees in Colorado Springs when there should be none in this part of the country. Probably a texture autogen annotation mistake. Could you please correct this? Thank you. Dave
  2. Yep, I'm seeing the same thing, and this is with openLC North America! This problem has been reported in the past and clearly was never addressed. I'll post this issue in the openLC support forum. It will be interesting to see if Orbx ever fixes the problem. Dave
  3. I think we could get away with simply making LC for Siberia, as the textures for Northern Canada would likely suffice. Then Orbx could make openLC with special textures for the Far East and Middle East. Dave
  4. Ah, thanks for pointing that out! Well then, Orbx should at least conduct a poll to gauge interest in openLC Asia. Then they can implement a pre-pay system for it and start developing once they have enough funds. Dave
  5. OK. Then why bother having a support forum for it where users report issues and you tag them "noted" or "active"? Dave
  6. Is Orbx planning on releasing an update to Global Vector to fix all the reported anomalies? There are many posts tagged "noted" and "active", some dating from over 2 years ago. Thanks. Dave
  7. Hi. I have found several areas of the White Nile that have not been flattened properly, resulting in large "swells" along the banks where the water level rises to conform to the land elevation. I thought that river vectors were supposed to automatically flatten the underlying terrain, but that is not happening here. I am using Pilot's FS Global 2018 plus the openLC Africa terrain mesh. I have tried reducing the mesh resolution to 76m but nothing changes. Could your developers please look into this? Thanks a lot.
  8. I don't believe that Orbx developed new autogen for openLC Africa. I'm not sure they even did this for the other openLC scenery. Custom autogen is something one would get with the regional sceneries. Having said that, I too would like to see a bit of custom autogen for openLC scenery. Dave
  9. I should have qualified my statement. Admiral Giroir, Assistant Secretary of Health in the U.S., said the mortality rate is likely 0.1-0.5%. He may be basing that only on figures here in the U.S. I'm not sure. I have also read reports from other doctors that the mortality rate is not nearly as high as the WHO is claiming. Dave
  10. With the rapid increase in testing, the number of infected will certainly continue to climb. These numbers look scary, however, the latest reports indicate that the mortality rate is 0.1-0.5%, so worse than influenza, but not much worse. I don't believe this is anything to panic about. By implementing travel restrictions and practicing social distancing. frequent hand washing, and staying home, I am confident that the world will beat this thing soon. Dave
  11. I understand what you're saying, and if it would take a year to release it might not be worth it. It's my understanding based on past posts that Orbx farmed out the development of openLC Africa to a single person. Perhaps there were actually more working on it, but the developer got behind and clearly didn't meet the deadline for release. If Orbx had a dedicated team of 3-4 people who know what they're doing developing this then I bet this could be completed in 6 months or less. Question: are there even 2000 people registered on this forum? Dave
  12. I'm sure Orbx can set up a pre-pay system for openLC Asia at very little cost. First, they can set up a pledge poll to gauge how many people at least go on the record that they will pre-pay, and then if they get close to 2000 pledges then set up the actual pre-pay system where folks actually pay for it in advance. Orbx, will you do this? Thanks. Dave
  13. Please post this in the support forum so the developers can fix it in a future patch. Thanks. Dave
  14. I would absolutely pre-purchase openLC Asia provided that it cover the *entire* rest of the world, to include the Caucasus area which should have been included in openLC Europe, minus Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand of course. Dave
  15. Orbx is holding its cards close to its vest on this one. I'm sorry, but the excuse "it's a large continent" just doesn't fly IMO. The other large openLC areas weren't in beta for nearly this long. I suspect that there are a lot of issues to correct and, hopefully, a few countries to add. Patience, and more patience, is what is called for here. Dave
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