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  1. Great shots already. Real challenge against some of the new product offerings out there. I'll just drop this one in the spirit of the month. Good luck all!
  2. @Jack Sawyer I believe he did mostly engines if I recall. I'll have to go back and ask him. He did time at UH too. I guess that would have been in the mid 70's as he married my mom in '79 when I was four. Growing up around planes definitely spurred a love for aviation. Different times back then being able to go around the hangars, sit out at Base Ops and watch all the transients come in, visits to the tower and RAPCON, and even a few simulator visits. When he retired, he was done with rubber face, and became a chef.
  3. My father was an F-111 mechanic. Several duty stations before I came into the picture. McClellan and Cannon for me growing up. He retired in 1990ish after 23 years in.
  4. As said by others, it is not. The other developer's product does work very well however with Orbx Global, OpenLC, and Vector.
  5. From a visual perspective there isn't much difference. Smell is a different story. I am not sure if Active Sky differentiates sky conditions (FU, BR, FG) differently. Like I said though, visually, it pretty much looks the same. Here are a few images where I am, again 80 miles away.
  6. All of the above are in the ZLA coverage area. Also add ORBX San Diego to your list.
  7. Well, speaking from 80 miles south of the northern California fires, I can tell you the biggest impact has been flying conditions. Visibility has been anywhere from 1/2 to 2 miles 24 hours a day. The air is pungent with smoke. I have been completely grounded as a VFR pilot. Ash is present, but not so much where it adversely blankets surfaces. There really is only one charted airfield in the burn area (CA92), and likely based on it's location, sustained heavy damage. It's just a sad situation all around. There are many tone deaf arguments going on about why, but suffice it to say that this is a worsening issue every year, and as a firefighter as well as a private pilot, I draw an unfortunate front seat.
  8. Not sure if it's the technique Max uses, but there is an add on to produce realtime fire data. https://firefighterx.weebly.com That said, please keep the affected in mind with these images. Up here in northern California an entire city has been wiped off the map, with a growing number of casualties and missing. Southern California is dealing with heavy losses as well. I personally have reservations emulating disasters in the simulator. I don't pass judgement however on others.
  9. Haha. ORBX shines during the day, no doubt about that, can definitely shine at night too though.
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