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  1. The virtual FAA called. They have questions.
  2. Haha. I almost went back and edited in "Bet you clicked this thinking it was Meigs". Jack, yes, First Flight airport KFFA.
  3. I haven't read your Avsim thread. Which room did you post in? Out of curiosity, are you just looking fir a better flight planner? A GPS solution be it a GTN, GNS, or whatever else isn't going to be a great flight planner per say. It does a great job of navigating the chosen route and approaches, but in itself is actually a poor planning tool. There are many other options out there that are effective flight planners both freeware and payware. Some of those inherently will let you upload those routes to the navigation platform. I tend to just manually enter my routing in however.
  4. Great write up. He is right. If you're not necessarily sold on the GTN products, there are certainly other options available that will provide up to date navigation data on a sleeved down real world platform.
  5. John, I can't speak to the GTN integration with Carenado/Alabeo aircraft as I do not own them. The GTN 650/750 is a great add-on through either Flight1 or RealityXP. Customers may have a vendor preference for a multitude of reasons appropriate for a separate discussion, but the end product is still the basic same. The issue you're going to run into with the GTN products is the navigation data. The supplied data is quite dated. There is no way to bring this data current unless you own a $900 and change Garmin subscription, or know someone else who does (typically a real world pilot with that equipment). The GTN products utilize their proprietary navigation data and do not read the simulator data. Though the data will by and large match up, you will notice increasing differences as data progresses. It's a fine product, but you just have to take note of the above. Hope this helps. Nick
  6. I'm sure it will be. It's nice to see the projects and hope they come to fruition. The 2019 roadmap went 44% completion and release on USA scenery for a platform not starting with "X". They're very clear to state the roadmaps are in progress works, concepts, or goals and not definitive upcoming releases. So, while I look forward to the roadmap, I've learned to appreciate it for what it is.
  7. Crater lake is beautiful. It's in the middle of nowhere, and is quite serene. I don't think the general public can go out to the island. I believe just the national parks people can. There is no boat access to the lake, and all viewpoints are quite high above lake level. Still a beautiful place.
  8. 1. What aircraft specifically? 2. Are you using rudder pedals or some rudder control? 3. If #2 is no, then is auto-rudder set in your settings?
  9. I'm game for this one. Always thought that it would be a good fit for their model. It's on the fringe of NorCal and SoCal, so not sure. Can't even remember if NCA or SCA covers it. In any event, the airport could use some Orbx magic. As a P3D user, I can't cheer for TE products as they have not made it to this platform.
  10. Great shots Dario. I live about 4mi NE of that airport at your 12 o'clock in the 7th picture. Have been fortunate to experience a lot of these areas on the ground and in the air. Look forward to one day having this product for P3D to explore it on the sim.
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