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  1. I was trying to see if I had that same downtown angle you had, but I don't. Probably because that area put's me in some pretty busy airspace, so usually I'm ducked below the Class C there. Here is one angle I have of downtown Sacramento.
  2. Yeah, just a few phone camera shots flying around the area. It's more of a yellowish brown here in the summer, well minus all the black spots from brush fires. I know we'll never perfectly capture the essence with sims, and we have good choices out there. I really wanted to love the TE series, I really did. I just couldn't palate it though sadly. And, please nothing against your wonderful captures. I appreciate this and all of your posts.
  3. Good captures Jack. I've been saying though for awhile, that I'd love to have the buildings and the POI's, but the imagery just doesn't do it for me in these TE products unfortunately. As TE is a snapshot of the summer season. Here are a few real world's from the Sacramento area: MCC: MHR: And in the Winter...SMF: Nick
  4. Is that changelog available for the product updates as well @Nick Cooper?
  5. Not to mention, certain updates such as Vector and regions create absolute havok on dozens of files I've had to modify to make things play nice together.
  6. 1.) Out of curiosity, why does Orbx Central constantly update? I don't open it daily, but it seems like every few days, it updates to a new version. Just curious, among the very minor inconvenience of having to login again. 2.) When products update, is there a changelog anywhere? If not, could we include one? It would be nice to know what is being updated in these products. Thank you.
  7. Good old blast from the past there. Brings back memories as a kid spotting planes at Cannon AFB, NM. Cannon was a popular refueling and weekend stop for transient aircraft. Friday's were the best. Used to sit out and watch A7's, F-4's, A-4's, and many others stopping in. Was even more fun during Top Gun and Red Flag times, when the aggressor paints would come in.
  8. Just the one to cap off a nice flight from BUR.
  9. Eh...1:54 flight. Not too bad. Generally try to stay under 2.0 on my runs.
  10. @Matteo Veneziani Again, thank you for the extra time you put in. The three files you attached didn't make any difference in my individual situation. I did however, go in and raise the airport elevation 1 foot. That has given me the VNY that you intended to show. While I may never get to the bottom of what was causing my original issue, I have VNY working. Thank you again for all of your time. Well above and beyond. Additionally, the whole package is amazing. I have a special place in my heart for this area as my son lives in NoHo.
  11. @Matteo Veneziani It isn't your fault. I just have something quirky going on. I have no other instances of VNY anywhere and I am running 5m: Interestingly, I took the KVNY_ADEP4_ADE.bgl file and raised the airport elevation up 10 feet in ADE. I went from undulations in the runway, to now the runway being on top of everything. 10 feet is too much, but I can get that fine tuned too: Before I try that though, I'll reset the files and try the files you have attached. Thank you.
  12. @carlosqr Again, thank you for taking the extra time. Our set up is pretty similar. I also run FreemeshX and have my scenery installed in the P3D root. We have the same files when I did the search. Our settings are pretty much dead on similar. I figured I'd try to uninstall and reinstall the Burbank package. Before I reinstalled, I just went and captured a shot of SCA: That is fine with no problems. However on re-install, I am back where I have the issue: Note, it really is only the runways that are affected. On the ground is much more pronounced dips and what not. It's like the runway elevation is just off a few feet, or that the underlying terrain isn't flattened for the airport. In any event, it is something in this package that is causing this issue for me. The search continues. Nick
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