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  1. I'm game for this one. Always thought that it would be a good fit for their model. It's on the fringe of NorCal and SoCal, so not sure. Can't even remember if NCA or SCA covers it. In any event, the airport could use some Orbx magic. As a P3D user, I can't cheer for TE products as they have not made it to this platform.
  2. Great shots Dario. I live about 4mi NE of that airport at your 12 o'clock in the 7th picture. Have been fortunate to experience a lot of these areas on the ground and in the air. Look forward to one day having this product for P3D to explore it on the sim.
  3. With the announcement of yet another surprise airport, while certainly appreciated; it would still be nice to know the status of this planned one.
  4. Winner. It's a fun ride up for sure. Totally different geography up top.
  5. Not sure how long the thread will continue, but don't want it to fade too quickly. Anyway, should be a softball. You can play Where's Waldo for the airport ;-)
  6. Thank you. I am not running those products though. I was surprised to the extreme of which it sharpened things with the default settings compared to other shots from discussions I've seen. Fortunately, it's easily scalable.
  7. I'm running it, but running 2k found the default settings to be much too sharp and unrealistic and added shimmers. Scaled back fairly significantly and am happy with the effect.
  8. Are they single engine props looking to drift left? If so, there are aerodynamic reasons for that. Not going to have those factors with aircraft that go up to 300 though.
  9. Short little SoCal cross country this morning Enjoy!
  10. Kilstorm guessed STS correctly. We are good to move on. Like I said though, I'm tapped out. Guess I need to go out and do some more flying.
  11. I'm just asking because as a p3d user, I don't know, but do the True Earth products have seasonal changes?
  12. Clipped from a video of mine, so not quite as crisp, but here ya go. After this one, I'm tapped out for now.
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