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  1. Glad you were able to work out a solution that suited you. Although for the life of me, I can't fathom you getting less crashes on a FSX product than on P3D.
  2. @XCLTM3 See my earlier reply in this thread. It links to another post which shows how to get rid of the double carrier.
  3. So, I'm not going to venture too deep in the weeds on AM, because there are a lot smarter people than me in these forums and I imagine half of what I said would be wrong. Basically, AffinityMask (AM) is a line entry into the prepar3d.cfg file that forces utilization of CPU cores. It is largely based on the number of cores you have, the number you want to use, and whether you utilize hyperthreading. There used to be a pretty nifty calculator to figure out your number, but that doesn't appear to be online anymore, so I can only tell you what I use. Experimenting with these values isn't going to harm your system at all. The worse that will happen, is that you continue to have P3D crashes. The best case scenario, is that your crashes go away. In your prepar3d.cfg file, at the very top, place this entry: [JOBSCHEDULER]AffinityMask=0 Instead of =0, however you are going to place a value. On my particular machine being a quad core with hyperthreading enabled, I use the value 85. So my entry looks like: [JOBSCHEDULER]AffinityMask=85 Again, without getting too deep in the weeds, other values that may be helpful are 15, 84, 244, or 245. Again, it's not going to cause any harm to experiment with this entry. Basically, enter in the line, then go to a situation where you can possibly replicate a sim crash, and see if you have a crash or not. If you want to do more research on it, it's probably one of the most discussed tweaks for FSX/P3D, so there are a ton of discussions out there about it. Good luck, and let us know if it helps. Nick
  4. I'll would get crashes, particularly with certain aircraft and scenery loads. Simply adding an AffinityMask line in the .cfg cured my issues. Not to say this a global solution, or even your solution, but rather that sometimes the solution can be rather simplistic.
  5. It's being offered for free right now as many developers are extending amazing generosity.
  6. I went ahead with the install. I noticed the compatibility issue that you cited, but it wasn't a deal breaker. Likely no more than not having the suggested airports. The waves are great. Thank you for your contribution.
  7. You look to have a lot of default scenery poking through. I would have to assume this might be a scenery layering issue, but I am not an expert on this. @Nick Cooper or @Doug Sawatzky may have better insight.
  8. Thank you Larry. I will give that a look over. I did a quick thumb through the compatibility forum and hadn't seen this yet.
  9. I second this, and am glad it was brought up. Though I have PNW, I use another commercial developer's Seattle product as well as a popular ships and ferries AI product. I don't really want the potential conflicts that come with installing this add-on in its entirety, but am very interested in the wave effects.
  10. I'm definitely leery of using debit cards online as others suggested some time ago. It offers little account protection if the card gets compromised.
  11. First off, this is going to be a strange question/request and goes against a lot of what the TE products offer. When these products are ported, is there potentially any way for the user to remove all the single season textures, and just have the POI's and detailed cities? Basically just having those items on top of a fat region underlay? Just curiously thinking outside the box. The question may be completely premature as well, but provides a bookmark for future reference.
  12. There was this post from awhile back regarding the double carriers. Not sure if it will fix your texture issue though.
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