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  1. Thanks Nick, I went to Orbx Central and clicked Edit and Save on my Libraries and when I restarted P3D it asked if I wanted to enable each scenery so its all working now. Thx Jerry
  2. I did a complete re-install of P3Dv4.5 from Windows10 Apps & Features and then deleting the folders left in my P3Dv4.5 folder. I have all my Orbx landclass on a separate drive in a Library called Orbx Landclass and Mesh. All my Orbx Regions are on another drive in a library called Orbx Regions. My Orbx airports were on my P3Dv4 drive so they were deleted. After I completely un-installed and re-installed P3D I went to Orbx Central and Verified each scenery. It installed all my airports in P3D and they all exist in the P3D Scenery Library, not the Addons Library like they were before.
  3. Thanks Nick Sode was registered but Verifying the files did the trick. I discovered I had to do that with several other Orbx sceneries too. Jerry
  4. For some reason my sode jetways are not showing up at KSAN. I have the latest version of sode. V1.7.1.
  5. I think I understood your instructions Nick. I renamed my Landclass and Regions folders by putting Temp in the front of the name. Then I created new empty folders with the original name. Then I went into Orbx Central and created libraries by those names. Then I moved my sceneries into the new folders but when I reopened Orbx Central it showed 97.2 GB in the Landclass Library but 0 in the Regions Library. I don't understand what happened there. Jerry
  6. I was having problems with Windows 10 and P3Dv4.5 as well as my computer loading Windows so I decided to do a complete re-install of both. I formatted my Windows SSD and installed it and Windows 10 is loading and working fine now. I previously had all of my 19 Orbx airports installed in P3D on a 1TB M.2. My Global Mesh, Vector, Global Buildings, Trees, OpenLC Africa, Europe, North & South America are installed on a separate SSD in a folder called LANDCLASS_MESH. All of my Orbx North America and Europe regions and True Earth are on another 1TB SSD in a folder called ORBX_REGIONS. When
  7. I think I figured it out. Several of my Orbx sceneries were duplicated in scenery.cfg and addon.xml. Also several scenery entries had no drive letter assigned including Aspen elevation. Anyway, it seems to all be working now but I will have to check everything tomorrow when I have more time. Thx, Jerry
  8. Now this is weird. No matter what airport I go to, I at an altitude of 7829ft. I go to map view and enter an altitude of 0 but my altitude doesn't change.
  9. P3Dv4.5.14.34698. The problem isn't just in Colorado. Also KSLC, KJAC, seems to be anywhere in mountainous areas. Jerry add-ons.cfg scenarios.cfg
  10. I set all my OpenLC scenery below all addon airports and FTX Regions but the problem persists. Jerry
  11. I'm using Aerosoft Aspen in P3Dv4.5 When I choose Go to Airport/KASE and it loads the airport my plane is at least a hundred feet above ground. Ctrl-Z shows the planes elevation correct according to Aspen charts and slewing down doesn't move the plane. I'm also using Orbx Global Vector and I ran the elevation correction tool. The only way I could correct the problem is by re-installing Aspen but when I turn off and restart my computer the problem is back again. Apparently all my Colorado payware airports have elevation issues; KASE, KDEN, KEGE, KTEX. At Telluride the plane was underground. Di
  12. I was wondering if you are offering a discount for True Earth Northern California for previous owners of Orbx Northern California. Jerry
  13. Thanks, I thought TerraFlora v2 was an updated version of Trees HD. Jerrry
  14. Is TerraFlora v2 a stand alone install or does it need to be installed on top of Trees HD? Jerry
  15. I had P3Dv4.5 on a 500GB SSD (P:\) but I was running out of space. I purchased a M2 1TB and changed the drive letter on it to P: and installed P3D on it. I changed the 500GB to F: where I want to leave all my Orbx scenery and install all my other airports on the M2. in P3D. Is there a way to point all the Orbx scenery (I have a lot) to the F: drive location without editing each scenery location? Jerry
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