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  1. OmniAtlas

    YBCG My First.

    This is great -- really brings back the memories flying into YBCG. You really have the feel of the airport down. I do all my testing on my flight deck (building up an A320) from YBBN <-> YBCG so the realistic scenery is a plus!
  2. Fantastic, I will be looking forward to the release Good to see Australia is finally getting more love. Yes, Hamilton would be a great airport to tackle next - great scenery in that area ; I will also be waiting patiently for the new Australia TrueEarth
  3. Hi Matteo - are you able to share some screenshots? Cheers
  4. When I was use to live in Brisbane we would also take AirAsia from KL to YBCG - I was always fascinated to see the A330 roll down RW 14, or 32 I had a chance to try out the approach many years ago in a 737 sim, and well , it didn't end up so well at the end.
  5. There was some word of a December, or before the end of the year release? Heres hoping
  6. They are installing the ILS - http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/projects/gold-coast-ils/ Perhaps this could also be featured in the release, or as a patched upgrade?
  7. Do you know what they are doing at the end of runway 14? I think they destroyed the skateboard park.
  8. Looking forward to YBCG and the CityScape, cheers John.
  9. Hey Matteo, Unfortunately I don't live around that area anymore, but perhaps some of our other Oz users can give you a helping hand. Hope all is well with the development -- purchase right off the bat for me when it is released
  10. Hi Matteo, do you require any further pictures, or do you have all the resources to develop this very interesting airport? Check out Tweed Heads Lighthouse, some interesting POI in that area.
  11. Read sometime back the guy developing HD buildings put it in the back burner because he was going back to flying, or flight school?
  12. Looking at google maps it seems they may be upgrading or demolishing the skateboard ramp?
  13. Here is a video in the cockpit of an A320 landing at RW 14 -- you can see it is not a direct in approach, making it somewhat more of a challenge:
  14. Skateboard ramp, right in front of the runway.