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  1. KAPA - Denver/Centennial, Colorado Looking northwest toward downtown Denver, and west toward the mountains (I know KAPA is in the freeware airports, I just want to see the area around it)
  2. Country - US Region/State/Territory - Alaska City name - Kodiak Airport ICAO (if applicable) - PADQ And some shots of the Aleutians in general. Also, not a specifc airport, but some shots of the Brooks Range (mountain range) in northern Alaska would be cool as well.
  3. Rocky Mountains. I assume we're not getting a Southern Rockies region anytime soon, so that's my vote. Aspen, Eagle-Vail, Montrose, Gunnison, Grand Junction, Steamboat Springs, Durango...all these places are pretty gorgeous and get regular commercial traffic.
  4. Hey guys, I know plans change often, but I did a quick google search for this and noticed a roadmap thread from 2013, in which 2015 had a new Alaska region planned. Just curious if there have been any changes in this plan? I'd love to see the real bush areas of AK covered (not that SAK doesn't cover a lot). Alaska has some of the world's most prime flying, so I'm really excited to see the area covered in whole. Thanks, Michael
  5. I think the iFly is sorta underrated. The systems are basically PMDG level. The NGX does look a little prettier, lots more visual details, better soundset (IMO), and has service based failures, wear and tear and such. I've really enjoyed the iFly though and I think the ASN Wx radar coming up might give it a nice boost in popularity. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I do not have Opus. But with ASN you will get absolutely zero cloud popping, if that's a main concern. Looks like Opus is making progress on that though. ASN is a game changer though in that they're making it possible to have realistic Wx radars. You may have already seen the announcement about them working with iFly on this for their 737NG. I imagine it won't be too long before other aircraft developers start jumping in on this as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I own all the regions except for AU, and you own all of them and then some, and the only airport I own is PAKT. If I had to pick one that you don't have, Anacortes looks like the next nicest to me.
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