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  1. Hi. I have the same and unticked the box but it is still the same....?
  2. Thanks Nick. Descending into Perth. Just before Northam? Sorry as I did not get the exact coordinates nor know how to to be honest. Thanks.
  3. Hi just wondering if these white shapes everywhere are correct? Thanks.
  4. Thanks mate. But buggered if I can find the Verify Files in Central??
  5. Firstly sorry but I have already posted in the Prepar3d V4 area of the forum. Just looking for any feedback. Just wondering if there is a reason my apron is all blurry as shown in the image attached. Thank you.
  6. Hi. My apron looks diferent to the product one shown. Mine is on top. Anyone know why please?. Thanks
  7. Been having issues guys. Have included screenshot as requested by FTX Central 3. Cheers.
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