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  1. Many thanks.....is is now updated and display issues resolved. Grateful for help!
  2. Hi Smudger Thank you. Thought I was though just checked P3D site and may not have latest client hot fix. Will check and test ASAP and confirm progress. Thank you again for help!
  3. Grateful for any suggestions regarding why scenery items are displaying though clouds like this - doesn’t look right? Examples below are airport boundary and a large building, can also be objects like trees. Have tried various settings Occurs with both default weather and Active Sky/ASCA These shots are True Earth GB South though is widespread across other sceneries Thanks for any ideas
  4. Hi Nick Many thanks - that worked! I’d already verified the Global and LC files so maybe it was the library that was corrupted. I then found the patches had gone but TE GB South wasn’t displaying, though having verified that also, it looks fine. Thanks again!
  5. Hi Nick it seems to be a problem in Europe. US regions seem to be okay. Thanks for your help. Antony
  6. Hi I believe the insertion points are as they should be? Orbx Airports and Regions - below Top of Scenery Library Orbx Global openLC - below Orbx Airports and Regions Thanks
  7. Hi Nick Thanks - have followed instructions to the letter though. Other than plane wheels aren't stuck in the ground, the scenery still has black and purple patches....? Any more help appreciated!
  8. I've just reinstalled P3Dv4 alongside P3Dv5. No problems with v5 but in v4 scenery is badly corrupted - aircraft sits with wheels in ground, black/purple patches, the lot! I have installed a lot of Orbx scenery via FTX Central, including: Base Pack Open LC Europe England Region TE GB South TE Library Installation was done via the 'library method' These scenery packages weren't installed in any particular order..... (maybe that's where I've gone wrong?) Insertion points are; Airports & Regions = Top of Sc
  9. It hadn’t worked after first run of P3Dv4 though has now and both versions being recognised. Thank you very much for your help - much appreciated!
  10. I have set up P3Dv5 on new pc on C:drive (SSD) and no problems installing relevant scenery through FTX Central. Have now installed P3Dv4 on my E: drive (larger HDD) though v4 isn't being recognised by FTX Central. Help appreciated. Thank you
  11. Hi I'm trying to install TE GB. Unable to update FTX 3 and now all I get is a persistent error "An unexpected error occurred. Please send Orbx staff the %localAppData%\Orbx\ftxc3.log" I'm now also unable to open FTX3 and get same error when trying to install a clean version from FTX direct. Log attached. Thanks AM Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5bc24b4166c12. ftxc3.log
  12. Hi The only flight I've managed to launch is one of the missions (the first listed with the microlight at KEDW). Any other flight fails to launch regardless of aircraft/location. Thelibrary files are up to date, and still no icon either. I've not meddled with anything - very sad if I'm going to have to reinstall everything - miserable weeks of reinstalling hundreds of add ons! How do I safely uninstall ORBX scenery as no uninstallers visible anywhere? Regards
  13. Hi. Done some more trouble shooting to see where it is crashing. I get through the 'Loading terrain data stage' (slowly) and it stalls at the 'Loading auto generated scenery' stage? Regards Antony
  14. Hi Holger The file was missing - I've installed it as suggested. Thought it had worked as FS now starts. However, it crashes with 'Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working' error a few minutes after I hit 'Fly now' (flight doesn't actually load) . This is happening every time, even when loading a simple default flight. Another thing I've noticed is that the FTX Central v2 icon is corrupted (just a MS default icon) even after refreshing desktop (though no error messages evident when using FTS Central to set different groups). Regards Antony
  15. Hi Holger That has cleared the red flag messsage within FTX Central V2 though am still getting the same 'Lclookup.bgl' file is missing or damaged' error when trying to start FSX. All seemed fine after installing the newer add ons after purchase, so don't know why the problem has suddenly cropped up today (nothing has been installed since). Plse advise - thanks
  16. My FSX won't start - 'The 'Lclookup.bgl' file is missing or damaged. Please reinstall Flight Simulator to restore or repair the file. Flight Simulator will now exit.' In FTX Central 2 I get a red flag saying - 'Terrain configuration error - the terrain.cfg file doesn't contain a [landclasses] section. Please make sure you have the latest Orbx Libraries installed'. Library files are up to date. I am working with most Orbx add ons though error has come up today with first use of the recently purchased NZ North Island. Order Number: FSS0449571 Or
  17. After no problem running FTX Central for a few weeks at least, I started today getting an error when opening it where it couldn't locate the short cut. I then updated the Libraries (despite the fact they were already up to date). Now, I get an the following error; Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Could not find file "E/Programme Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\terrain.cfg" Whatever I then
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