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  1. yes,have it running on another pc and looks great with ftx global,vector,etc!
  2. i wonder what that means? bang goes the debit-card again! enjoy.
  3. great news,great price;are we looking at a realease date around (june or july this year) which was the intended release date plus 6 or 7 months?. thanks.
  4. great shots,but the weather has been great here all week! cheers.
  5. all working fine here! did a drive format and a clean install of everything incl fs 2010
  6. yes,have global 2010 and vector installed.
  7. no marius,my NVidia rig has the same oom's(am using prepare v2 with vector until fsx is sorted!)
  8. merry xmas all,sorry to spoil it but it looks like Vector download will be available on 27th (and I've been like a little kid all week waiting) according too airdaily never mind.
  9. download the latest orbx libs 131027 from the fullterrain web-site and all will be fixed1
  10. looks great,but I thought all airports were too be v2 compat when realeased!
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