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  1. It dawned grey and murky, but it would soon burn away Passing 6B6. Will stop in on the return Boston in the distance Pays not to land short here... This was my first payware plane and my first payware airport. Then circa 2009, I asked where someone got their cool looking Gold Coast scenery, and they mentioned this thing called FTX Australia. My next destination is Walter Sutton's. That's going to take a few stops. I won't bore you with too much of the transit.
  2. Thanks Jack. Yes, in the sim at least, it's a lovely part of the US.
  3. Thanks Gentlemen. It's wonderful to have the Cub back.
  4. Bradford Rgnl - Wilkes-Barre - Chester Following the Susquehanna River Really brings HD trees and buildings to life among the snow clad ground Crossing the Hudson River Light starting to fade on me Automated weather said 10kts, pretty much straight down the runway... I beg to differ Going around... Down safely (enough) Still a long way to go to Plum Island
  5. Out of Bradford Rgnl, for (eventually) Plum Island
  6. It’ll also be everyone who doesn’t want to put their birthday in just putting Jan 1.
  7. No Rob. No one did. Really.
  8. Wow Jankees... I'm in awe of those who can create so many quality repaints in a short time. Mike
  9. Thanks for posting those... I didn't know the AN-2 was back.
  10. Hi All Just wanted to say a short thank you to those who suggested using symbolic links some time back. I was down to the last fraction on my c:\, but have now symbolic linked a third of it to my bulk storage drive (where I would have had it go in the first place if I'd been given the choice, but that's another story...). Without your advice, I would have been up for a new c:\ for no good reason. Mike
  11. No you’re not... and nor should you be. ;-)
  12. You almost had me with that second one... :-)
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