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  1. Doesn’t seem an unreasonable number to embark on that sort of project.
  2. No pics from the departure... it's a challenge starting at nearly 8k' with mountains ahead.
  3. A bit quicker than the Cub... Meridiana was based here, so I might be coming and going a bit.
  4. I'd chip in. There would have to be a check box though: 'I shalt not whine 'arewethereyet?i'vepaidforitalready!' ever' because it's gets old quickly (and I'm just a forum user, not even on the dev team...)
  5. A mere call it 12Gb... good thing I can sleep through it! Thanks team. We know it’s been a mission to get it to us.
  6. I’ve done an Ethiopian livery for the DC-6, with another in the works. Jankees has a TMA one. The B377 Strat has a Ghana livery. There is a livery for the Casablanca Lockheed twin, two passengers bound for Spain, papers in order... The Connie has liveries for those who at least transitted Africa. Obviously, the big airline boys are well covered...
  7. Steam? Might be an option, and it is supported again. Can probably get it cheap.
  8. Thanks guys. I went through all of Larry’s main float plane docks (SPB is an overstatement!). They’re a delight. Flying over the townships he created, at a few hundred feet, in a Cub floatplane is my idea of FS nirvana.
  9. 100 hours in the Cub. That's enough for now. These are around the Squamish float plane dock. Time for the MD-80. Mike
  10. It’s been hit and miss for the last 12-14 hours. Obviously there are a lot of interested people. :-)
  11. It’s a hand pump, on the right, which is what’s catching people out. It’ll be interesting to see who catches the A2A warbird bug, and who decides it’s too hard!
  12. aaaand that crashed the site... at least from here. The second pic is appropriate... banging along a grass strip.
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