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  1. Still a few error messages to sort out, but it's working...
  2. Possibly not. The statement was made earlier that there wouldn't be an OpenLC covering Oz or NZ. There are plans for it and that it would include the pacific islands. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Miserable wet, an hour and a half late... 180nm from Cairns Sun settles quickly around here... Out a bit early with the draggy stuff
  4. Thanks all Nothing scary about the Dash 8 Ian. I don't know why it has that reputation. It has such precise control, especially with the speed. Sure, it'a bit of a handful on landing but it's easier than a few others I could name.
  5. Hi I always knock the condition levers back to full forward. Any time I've been in the back of a Dash 8, them up front have done that, so if it's good enough for them... I've not tried the shared cockpit on anything. The limit of my online flying was a couple of Vatsim flights and Flight before the plug got pulled. Pleased you're getting the hang of it. I think it's a great plane in the sim. Can't wait for the -300, which is in the pipeline for 'one day'.
  6. I thought there was one for oceania that covers the pacific islands, Oz & NZ. It might be some ways off though. I could be wrong. It's been known to happen. From time to time.
  7. Kept an eye on what I've been doing over the last couple of days in case it helps: Landing around 28 tonnes Flaps 15 Vapp 126kts Didn't reduce the power at all in the flare, raised the nose just a touch to soften the landing Pulled power levers back to disc once the mains were down. Don't usually put any reverse on, but that's runway (and 'float', which this shouldn't) dependent. Gave up using flaps 35 very early on. Might need them for Lord Howe though. Mike
  8. Heading north out of Cairns: Into Weipa Something a bit slower: The very top of the mainland: Into Horn Island Something bit faster to get back to Cairns in: Off to Jacksons Cairns is looking the much better option... Sorry, got a bit carried away with the pics... Mike
  9. Absolutely, assuming a southerly breeze. Only water on the left. That said, on the trip north it’s the other way around - the sea on the right. Check out the usual route and see if it’s coastal, or in land enough. Mike
  10. Thanks guys. It really is a gorgeous part of the country. The Barron River that is on short final comes down a bunch of falls from the hills to the west. There is a train that winds up the hill to Kuranda, and if so inclined, you can get a gondola ride back (or that trip in reverse). The tropical air is very different to the dry almost crackly air of the central south. Don’t go in the water... there be crocs. Big ones.
  11. Tourist season in Cairns at the moment... Makes me wanna get on a plane and just go...
  12. Don’t chop the power until the main’s wheels are firmly on the ground. It takes some getting used to. I know I’m not. Can’t help pulling back the power... I’ve hardly flown the thing lately, but planning to base myself in Cairns for a few days flying it. Perfect time of year to be there.
  13. Got it out on Sat night for the sake of nostalgia. Yep, wound up the volume for the beginning, then just had it on in the background. It’s not aged well. But the three year old got a kick out of the jets making noise and going fast.
  14. Yeah, there’s not too many sporting events that leave me sitting on the floor with my head in my hands at the end. 1999 would have been the last time... I wonder what the absenteeism across the dutch would have been on Monday, considering it finished at ~6:30am.
  15. Land class does not include textures (generally), so HD buildings are complementary. So for the best outcome you need both. HD buildings will work in the meantime with default LC and Global textures.
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