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  1. Very pleased to read this. As with others, I’m sticking with P3D until the first of three or four plane makers make the leap. So they will be first day buys.
  2. It’s an interesting conundrum. The scenery makers are in, boots and all. The ‘top line’ aircraft makers are going it’s not ready. Where the user sits possibly depends on which of those camps they belong in. Then there are those that have both and swap as they see fit.
  3. And how this hobby has been for years... the base sim is just that - a base for others to build on. It appears that the sim developers are more than happy to continue this arrangement is what seems to be a pretty constructive manner, base on the number of third party devs (including the usual suspects) already on board. I was gunna wait to pick up the base sim, with plenty still to do in V4. Kinda thinking I won't now... Mike
  4. You're right... When in 'Home', you can get to previews or general discussion. But to get back from general discussion to home you have to go back to public, then home. So it's one tap down, but two taps to get back up again to where you were. Mike
  5. Vector. Fit trees/buildings in as you can. Consider OpenLCs. You get a much better visual representation of the world going by. Far far fewer repeating tiles.
  6. Six and a half minutes isn't a million miles away from what you should expect. London is about the worst place in the world for flying around in. What doesn't help is that you're doing 650 knots at low level, so nothing can keep up as you try to make it throw pixels at the screen. It just can't do it. Head out into the countryside, and you should do better. Or slow down.
  7. Wasn’t the original (way back in the midst of time) plan to have Russia as a stand alone anyway? I’d be inclined to carve China and Japan off, along with SE Asia and Indonesia/PNG/Borneo, have Western Asia/India/Middle East/Persia as one, and Russia still stand alone.
  8. Team I’m sorting a new P3D drive. Is it right to say that the only thing that needs reinstalling is global base, and that all the rest is in the Orbx folder which I can simply copy (obviously cycle through running P3D and Central as needed to sync things) Cheers Mike
  9. On the link, there is a video of a fly past... Merlins still make hairs on the back of my neck stand up....
  10. Any... I’ve cruised through Larry’s float plane spots with water lapping against the floats (and others do it in boats), and admired the vistas from the flight levels (admittedly, not technically VFR). My sightseeing is done in a Cub at ~1,000’.
  11. fwiw, I was very reluctant to upgrade from W7 home premium to W10 pro. But when the support tap got turned off, I decided I should. The upgrade went perfectly, without needing to reinstall anything thing. MS even found 30Gb(!) of windows junk I could delete from my 105Gb c:\.
  12. I believe ‘Worldliner’ found its way into promotional stuff, which is where the W came from. But I have been known to be wrong, from time to time.
  13. 89 is a bit short of 2,000... Not that forum polls tend to influence much in any case. I would be a day one buyer though.
  14. That was insane... not flown GA to those airports in the sim since FS2. Must have been surreal in real life. I once got a low pass into AKL 23 in a 152 (back when these things were possible). You never forget things like that. The ‘oops’ (accidentally on purpose) at LGA was funny. Thanks for posting it. Mike
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