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  1. No you’re not... and nor should you be. ;-)
  2. You almost had me with that second one... :-)
  3. Mickel


    Thanks Iain. It's made easier by the scenery. I'm just the v key jockey.
  4. IAD to DEN. The never ending sunset.... DEN to SBA. Santa Barbara is pretty darn cool. The VOR approach is not straight in
  5. To the latter, you are best to leave it installed in FSX before you install in P3D. It will make the process faster. You can have in both at once. Pretty sure if you can run FSX, you can run P3D. Mike
  6. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1oMki4fAslLZKQiCQIn2fNSvvzG0&hl=en&ll=45.04727728000116%2C-96.10744385557757&z=4 Northern Rockies. The map is a bit out of date, but suits your needs. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Flightbeam have Orbx compatible textures in most (all?) cases. FT have them for at least some. Don’t recall any for FSDT, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. I have airports from all of these plus PacSim. While there are sometimes obvious transitions, I don’t find any are deal breakers. YMMV.
  8. What makes anyone think MSFS is going to affect P3D in LMs terms? The hobby simmer (for want of a better description) isn't their target market - Exhibit A is A2As May update. We're probably a tolerated, sometimes useful and usually fickle corner. They're not going to shut it down if we all stump off to MSFS. Those who like more historic flight might find themselves stuck in MSFS. I can't imagine it will contain the existing ground based nav aids that still date from the mid 2000's in P3D that were so necessary for getting around in the days of steam.
  9. This might be a long bow to draw... OLC Africa and Asia were on the back burner for a loooong time. Now both are intended to be out by the end of the year. MSFS comes along. Coincidence? Possibly. Or perhaps they fit, given much of those places might be short of data for MSFS. Either way, I’m buying both for P3D because MSFS won’t be ‘complete’ on Day 1. It will take time for the assorted third party stuff to come on line. Mike
  10. A mere 46. My daughter was on the Cherokee at 4. Dual time, of course. Does that count?
  11. Looks like the .bmp wasn't flipped before saving the .dds (or was when it shouldn't have been). Show me a painter who hasn't done that at last once! Mike Note - you might even be able to fix it yourself. Download DXTbmp, open the dds, flip it (an up/down arrow button on the bottom left) and save. Can't see why it wouldn't work. Edit again: I've just downloaded and installed. Looks fine. It's an updated zip file. Try re-downloading and re-install.
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