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  1. I bought KMBS back when Turbulent released it, and got around to reinstalling it via FTX Central today -- and finally exploring it a little. I really like it so far! BUT, I am very puzzled by a giant red "X" hovering over the field out near the crotch of the two main runways. Anyone else see this? Is there some purpose to it, or is it simply a glitch?
  2. Woo-hoo!!! That makes up for my disappointment at the 50% off sale today, since I already own everything ORBX, and had nothing to take advantage of!
  3. As I own Turbulent's release of this title, there is nothing in ORBX's release of it I don't already have, is there? (And I would assume the same would be true of their other titles I already own...?)
  4. Thank you so much Nick! Looks like I have some study ahead of me... Great to know there is a method.
  5. I am struggling with this, too. I thought I remembered that it was possible to install ORBX files to a different SSD than P3D is installed to. But I'm not seeing that now. I have only about 89GBs left on my P3D drive. But I have another SSD I use for other scenery and REX, etc that still has more than 400GBs on it. I'd love to have future ORBX packages installed to that drive. (Nearly $300 for a decent 1TB SSD isn't where I want to be putting my money right now, when I already have multiple 500GB SSDs for use with P3D. To say nothing of the hassle involved in migrating P3D to a new drive...) Is it possible to parcel up your ORBX installs? Is it even possible to install them to a different drive than P3D resides on?
  6. Presto!! Thank you so much! I have been educated today -- I have always assumed that changing any part of the name of a file would place it outside of the system's 'lookup' abilities. I guess I know better now. I sincerely appreciate the help. BTW, should EGML offer other spawning options than those listed above? ("Active Runway, "E", "W", & "Tower Controller"?) And if "active runway" is selected, should I assume an 'issue' if it populates over on the grass with other planes (well removed from the runway)? (FWIW, my prior issue with it was that my aircraft would spawn well beneath the surface of the add-on airport package's parking area, with two levels of objects visible, depending on whether I would slew the aircraft above or below that 'surface'. I hope it will stay gone now....)
  7. On your suggestion, I'll delete it, and check again... Back with you shortly....
  8. Where can that Insertion Point Tool be found? It sounds very useful...
  9. 000_EGHA_FTX_Exclude_ALT(removed).BGL
  10. Yes -- FTX England (and libraries) installed. The BGL file was renamed (I assume that should be sufficient -- I wanted to be able to restore it in case I misstepped). I am unaware of the 'insertion point tool' you mentioned, but the attached screenshot of the Scenery Library should answer whether the items appear in the correct order. Thanks again...
  11. Well now, except for EGML not showing any 'spawning options' other than "Active Runway", "E", "W", and "Tower Controller", and choosing "Active Runway" spawning the aircraft out in the grass near other parked aircraft, it's not still manifesting the aforementioned problems. I'll report back if that changes... But the issues with EGHA remain...
  12. Thank you Nick, I tried your suggestion (link) -- and ran the Vector Airport Elevation Corrections utility, and rebooted the system. I'm afraid it hasn't improved my situation. I am also noting similar problems with EGML (I'm reinstalling P3D V4 and all my add-ons -- with no observable problems until these two airports). I have also run the AEC at least a couple of times with no improvement in that airport, either. I'll post screenshots of EGML in a few moments... (FWIW, I don't recall having issues with EGML previously.)
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