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  1. I sent this feedback: "Slightly disappointed with the update, but also some good things Good: Bridge now OK Some autogen now displaying Water climbing cliffs fixed Runway lighting on runway fixed Not so good: Road traffic not extended around airport perimeter road Large swathes of autogen still missing Large area of forest now missing Grass on taxiways still present Runway arrow marking not realigned Noticed many of the static airside clutter vehicles are about a foot off the ground in the air. ENCN1 - F
  2. I reported many issues, both rereported again from the v1 release and the v1.1 fix weeks ago. Despite clear demonstrative screenshots, the devs have merely acknowledged the issues with a 'view' towards a future update. V poor responses from Gaya. Regretfully I wont be purchasing anything from them until they can up their game.
  3. Which version is that from, I reported that a week ago...
  4. Support ticket raised - my comments above can be deleted or modified if necessary, thanks K
  5. I am going to raise a ticket as @Raz Goetaasked us to. I think anyone else with the same problem should just do the same, I'm sure Gaya will get it sorted quickly
  6. Seems I'm not quite as impressed out of the box as others... Multiple incidences of missing autogen, a key missing bridge, watermasking climbing cliffs, flickering texture on hangar.. Not quite sure if I have an installation problem or whether this would have benefitted from some beta testing? Missing autogen all around the end of RW22 MIssing autogen and bridge at end of RW22 over the river Highlighted flickering texture Watermasking climbing terrain...also he case to a lesser extent all along the river running the le
  7. Thanks Raz, I already bought it before you replied, but I hugely respect your very open and honest answer Please do more P3D5 based sceneries, specifically including sloped runways if you can?
  8. Hi Raz, looks good, what's the deal with the different pricing? Note that's not a complaint, you're absolutely entitled to charge what you like, just wondering why please?
  9. This is also a good tool, will run with FS to show you the current photoscenery bgl that is at your aircraft position. TCalcX_002.exe
  10. Arno has told me what I need to do, so I can send you a kml file shortly
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