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  1. 3d objects would fit to the terrain mesh I expect? problems with airport elevations may be more of an issue potentially? Sure @Christopher Low and/or I would test it for you?
  2. Christmas eve? Seriously, thanks, looking forward to these very much
  3. very nice, agree these animated touches make airports especially worth buying
  4. I'm genuinely confused now John, TE-UKS didn't feature seasons so I assumed the other volumes wouldn't either? :S So: If EGNM has seasons, won't that make for a rather incongruous fit with TE-UKN? Or will TE-UKN support seasons as well, in which case there will be a clash where TE-UKS meets TE-UKN? Or will TE-UKS be reworked to include seasons as well!? :S
  5. That must mean TE-UK north for P3D is appearing shortly as well? Shame about the sloping runway, previous OrbX airports have had this for P3D haven't they, as an option? Why not here too? Oh well, nm....
  6. The entire island of Alderney.. (it's really not that big!)
  7. Thanks John, yep the beaches aren't a big problem at all to fix I think. It would be nice to see some local enhanced boat traffic around Alderney please as well if that's possible? Some small local fishing boats pottering around would be nice? Happy to test any of this if it would be of value? cheers K
  8. Some good visuals, does this include seasons like the original ES scenery? There are some slight issues with beaches climbing the cliffs in the second shot though... Are the soundscapes and living world elements from the ES version retained or updated as well please?
  9. Looks good, my lasting memory of this airport was passing through a few weeks before 9/11, when I saw passengers routinely passing bags around the side of metal detectors as they walked through, and the armed police there stood and watched and didn't bat an eyelid.
  10. The new team doesn't start until September as I understand it, I wouldn't expect to hear much until late October or November...
  11. Hi Scott, perhaps this partly explains my previous question? I'm curious as to why the BuildingsHD replacement s for FTX ENG textures and TEUK textures would not be the same? obviously the 3D models of nonstandard buildings are unlikely to be modified by BuildingsHD, but I thought the rest of the agn was pretty standard stuff? Am I correct in understanding from your comment about testing that you are looking to include some measure of compatibility with the TE sceneries? cheers K
  12. So you're saying the TE sceneries do not use the standard autogen system (which BuildingsHD upgrades with textures) at all?
  13. Whats the reason for the True earth regions being an exception please?
  14. You started at Sheffield Aero Club, otherwise known as EGNF Netherthorpe. Your second airborne shot is over Kiveton Park, then Todwick, Junction 31 of the M1, Tinsley viaduct and Meadowhall, Sheffield City Centre, Owlerton and Hillsborough (Sheffield Wednesday's football ground)….
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