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  1. Can EGNM be modified to show the sloped runway now in v5, or will this be something that is provided for in an update please?
  2. Thanks Rod, I managed to clock that one location having lived there virtually in the centre of that shot for 20 years .
  3. Yes, were any shader apps used please? My TEGB seems a lot greener than this...anyone recognise any of the places so I can check them out please?
  4. Haha, I'm happy to provide a list of agn files that I find work, and a couple of posts above I posed the question about hosting groups of files? :)
  5. The other developer I referred to produced a list of agn files for every EGxx airfield by outputting an automated list of every tile within a certain radius...facilitating a simple dump of those relevant airfield files into the texture folder of that scenery :)
  6. I'm quite sure Chris will chime in with his views, I'll leave you to it (I can fix mine quite happily, just trying to help other users with a slicker solution!) :)
  7. @Nick Cooper For full compatibility I think a number of steps may be needed... 1. Uk2000 scenery placed above TEGB 2. 3dm buildings for some airports turned off? 3. Afcads for Orbx airfields being replaced by uk2000 turned off 4. TEGB autogen files around the uk2000 airport copied into the UK2000 airport texture folder. (The uk2000 PR base will exclude the TEGB agn). It is possible to manually identify which agn files are needed for each airport, but their quadtree system based naming convention doesn't make this easy. Just flight included a set of folders with agn files relevant to each UK airfield with their competing product, which made this compatibility issue a breeze. Perhaps it would be possible for Orbx to do the same? If not, it's really not an I surmountable problem but it will require users to manually identify, elect and copy considerable numbers of arcanely named agn files between folders. If Orbx didn't want to provide folder groups of agn files, would they be ok hosting then if the community made them? Or granting permission for others to host such downloads of what would really be Orbx assets? I'm guessing that a lot of users won't want to/be confident about doing it manually... PS The UK2000 base imagery will be lighter than the surrounding area because it isnt colour matched to TEGB. This is something that should be addressed to UK2000 as it's within Gary's control, I would like to see him add TEGB compatibility to his products like he did for Horizon and Orbx other products, its not an Orbx support issue, before anyone raises it here!
  8. Very true, but it of course may cultivate a greater sense of customer service and loyalty if it at least attempts to make sure that complementary add-ons that users are almost certain to attempt to use together, like TEGB and UK2000 airports, (possibly not those where Orbx has competing products of course), work without significant glaring problems where that is possible to achieve? The reverse is true as well from a user's perspective, that if another Devs products need tweaks to work better with Orbx, that are not too hard to deliver, then that would gain them kudos as well.
  9. Ie these actions changed the order of loading of autogen textures due to the add-ons positions in cfg files?
  10. From my findings in another thread, could it be that the black autogen buildings are caused by textures that P3D thinks are missing, due to autogen definitions conflicting in an unintended way by a specific set of add-ons? Or do black buildings occur in a default install plus TEGB?
  11. I very much doubt it, the origin imagery was licenced from the Jersey government. I attempted years ago to source similar imagery to complete a Jersey scenery but the terms and conditions insisted upon wereruinous, so I completely understand why Orbx used different imagery. I think they used 1mpp...
  12. It was, resolution of original ES scenery was 30cm pp, first time it was done in FSX
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