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  1. You started at Sheffield Aero Club, otherwise known as EGNF Netherthorpe. Your second airborne shot is over Kiveton Park, then Todwick, Junction 31 of the M1, Tinsley viaduct and Meadowhall, Sheffield City Centre, Owlerton and Hillsborough (Sheffield Wednesday's football ground)….
  2. Been a couple of years since I was there, think the cooling towers are still there but not sure if it's in use. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiddlers_Ferry_power_station
  3. that's Fiddler's Ferry coal fired power station
  4. It can be made to work together..its just a matter of autogen description files. You can use P3D4 (see sdk for how to specify extra autogen files) or arno's ACM (google it) for previous versions of P3D or FSX
  5. I assumed he meant aircraft for XP that were equivalent to some P3D addons?
  6. Id have to agree the HD textures would be a must. As for addon seasons, ive made my preference clear, I guess it may happen at some point in the future, if there's sufficient demand and it becomes profitable? Que sera sera on that one....
  7. Yeah, I'm just afraid you'll get the other half of my salary then. I barely have time for one sim I'm afraid is the unfortunate reality though...
  8. I suspect alnost certainly not, but try and enjoy what we do get...if seasons come consider it a bonus..
  9. "Whilst we provide 2048 textures, this is mainly for future-proofing for newer GPUs coming in a year or so." This is good thinking
  10. ok my apologies, I was articulating my opinion (could have been more calmly written I admit, sorry) to a fellow user but point duly noted! On topic, what has been previewed looks excellent (think I already said that earlier in the thread?), almost enough to tempt even me into trying XP...whether I do or not I'll still buy it for P3D when released because seasons or not, TE is some of the best 'out of the box' scenery solutions out there. I cant help wanting it to be even better PS I am actually on the AS somewhere, so please bear that in mind a little when it comes to my posts? thx
  11. Slight problem, I cannot use landclass because it is so obviously not real. Call me autistic :) I dont need hard winter that much in the Uk because it is hardly ever that snowy here. But spring and autumn and winter generally are very different. Id like to be able to have that. Just because JV doesnt sim that way shouldnt mean the rest if us are disenfranchised. I'll happliy pay a premium for them. (just requires Orbx to compile the already corrected base imagery again with a different palette). If bandwidth costs are a problem I'll happily pay a nominal amount every time I download them as well. Maybe there'd be limited uptake, i dont know, but for a very small outlay in dev time, it WOULD be possible to make seasons available for those who wanted them, in a way that didnt compromise financial bandwidth viability. I dont understand the myopic insistence that summer is fine by itself - it just isnt for some of us.
  12. Very nice, completely aside from the visuals, awesome audio track. Hope you will redo the XP offer with Laminar perhaps?
  13. I think you'll find its actually gate 6 If so, BUG REPORT: the dashed yellow line into the gate is possibly slightly misrepresented...
  14. I've tried using the horizon mesh with TE-GB. it is more detailed and shows up terrain features more clearly. Where I've found problems though, is that the irregular shaped buildings that orbx use models to depict, often seem to stick out of the ground too far. This is particularly true in some places around uk2000 airports, where of course the terrain is blended with the airport using flattens that match the horizon mesh and not TE-GB.
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