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  1. Getting close to maturity? Seriously, many congrats are due 'cos I don't remember any shots that were less than excellent! Leyland
  2. Nice one Ayiesha ! Still just a young man by the standards of some of us and time for lots more of his wonderful screenshots. Happy Birthday Iain. Leyland
  3. Love the sharp detail and lighting, super shots! Leyland
  4. Thanks folks, your appreciation is appreciated! Jack, the strange pair of buildings at Salzburg airport are "Hangar 7" and "The Flying Bulls", as far as I know the first is an eating place and the second a museum (that's why the Red Bull painted Stearman seemed an appropriate aeroplane to use). You can find more by googling.Hangar 7. Leyland
  5. Some screenshots from a flight between (and around) Salzburgh and Innsbruck. Leyland
  6. I second this. So called social media is a no-go area for me also. I smell a rat when a page I'm already logged in to asks me to log in again. Thus far I don't even have any idea what kind of competition this is! Leyland
  7. There are places of interest (and airports) on http://www.scotflightscenery.com/ProductsOrbx.htm note this is payware! Not sure how many castles. Leyland
  8. There are race cars at W16 Munroe Firstair Field and KEKA Murray Field although I'm not sure if you can use them or just watch. I posted some "ideas" for a laugh in Jack Sawyer's thread "I got a train to catch" in Community Screenshots, you could add your ideas there, it might create some interest. Leyland
  9. Well, we have AI ships, aircraft and road traffic, horses running around paddocks, even the odd race car running around a track - and of course people.... Just wondered what we might ask for, to create a bit of a stir. Like horses racing around a track with some sort of randomiser so we could wager on the result, or people exploring the Sierras or climbing El Capitan (I'm a low-level flyer so such things are within my view). There is a Tall Ships race somewhere in Northern Germany I think, but Tall Ships visit a lot of ports around the world. I guess I mean these kind of addons are specific to individual scenery files at present and maybe there should be more of this kind of thing in rregional scenery so it isn't something you only find where you expect it.. Or alternatively, I could go back to sleep zzzzzzzzz Leyland
  10. Thanks for the list, that ties in with what I have seen, I think. Any bright ideas on what sort of AI activity we haven't got? (within legal and moral boundaries of course). Leyland
  11. This thread could be "endless"(not that I'm grumbling). Without checking, I remember there is a steam train among the train traffic at Orbx Southampton (England) and I think I also saw trains between a couple of USA airfields (adjacent towns) and alongside a German one. Like shipping, it all adds to the ambience. Leyland
  12. Duke Rules! If he's on that train gotta get me a ticket... Leyland
  13. Did you obey all traffic signals? (ho, ho, ho) The eggbeater is a good way to display those close-to-the-ground screenshots. Nice pictures of some nice scenery - I'll have to save up some more pocket-money.... Leyland
  14. Great stuff! I had forgotten all those old Virtavia WW2 machines, must investigate further...... Leyland
  15. Very strange, I see KGPI immediately underneath KFCA in that menu. Did your install seems to work OK? I tried to make a flight from KFCA just to see what happened and it started on the grass alongside the main KGPI runway....... Hope you find a solution! Leyland
  16. Some screenshots of the new Glacier Park airfield in two different weather scenarios. The mountains are particularly beautiful in both. This is very much to my taste (I know the area) and there's lots to see in the surrounding NRM area as well. Leyland
  17. This is NOT a criticism of KSAN V2 just that flying from there to try it out led me to confirm something I thought I saw a while ago and didn't investigate! This collection of ships is offshore more or less due west of KSAN, anybody any idea what it is or how to get rid of it? Exact location on top left of screenshots. The V2 version of the scenery is lovely, terrific extra details. Leyland
  18. My Firefox made me over-ride it's objection several times before I got here! Leyland
  19. There are several nice motor cars available for the flght sim, you can drive round the perimeter race track and pretend you are at the "Goodwood Festival of Speed"! Leyland
  20. Especially like the mist on the mountains, seems very realistic. Leyland
  21. Some screenshots of a short flight between two New York State fields in the latest "FTX Global North & South America Freeware Pack April 2018". Specifically from 4NY8, Harris Hill, Elmira to KELM, Elmira/Corning Regional, Elmira. Very nicely done, pleasant scenery. A word of thanks to VH-KDK for making me aware of the altramax microlight. Ideal for this kind of exploring. Leyland
  22. That SW paint must be a big distraction on the ground! servicing crews will need sunglasses (ho, ho, ho) The weather front looks very good as well (once you manage to drag your eyes away from the plane). Leyland
  23. A very nice flight altogether, but that third screeshot is absolutely gorgeous! A real work of art. Leyland
  24. Ho, Ho, Ho, I like it....... Do you remember how many of the island population were left after you flew out? Or did you not take a full load? What next? Want to try putting that bird down at MA55? Leyland
  25. The three planes in the screenshots are all "Golden Age Simulations" (have to admit an "interest"), specifically a Travel Air, a Davis parasol and a Brunner Winkle. Leyland
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