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  1. GES My Final Shots.

    just a feeling but for me this was the shortes series of preview posts before Iains "final" post Creditcard is ready !
  2. Germany South Bamberg.

    Unfassbar ! That looks so amazing. The rooftops of the houses on poc 5, absolutly realistic. stunning work gentlemen !
  3. Germany South Frankfurt.

    Glad to see a great rendition of the "Ginnheimer Spargel" great work and awesome shots !
  4. Germany South Nürburgring.

    WOW !!!!!! You guys really do a super duper job. It is getting better and better from region to region.
  5. ObjectFlow 2

    I love you guys ! Thanks for making this available as a open Beta ! Best, Carsten
  6. GEN

    honestly i thought the same. nearly 70 Euro for GEN and GES is quite expensive. But on the other hand i think it will be worth it. At least i am happy ORBX did germany after all this DEX (or what was the name) desaster in the past
  7. Just the one .... a sunset

    Sensationell Shot !
  8. GEN

  9. Germany North My Final Shots.

    Happy days when orbx launches their direct store. I am getting sick while waiting for GEN uploaded on FSS since Iain's final shots....
  10. Wolter you are back!

    hopefully your backup works for 100% Wolter ! Glad to see you back. take care, Carsten
  11. Germany North

    Thanks John,missed your post in the other thread. At least i can now do something else then hitting F5 the whole day
  12. Germany North

    I wonder if Adrians Internet conenction is broken....
  13. Germany North My Final Shots.

    FINAL Shots :-) Yeahh Baby !
  14. High Detail Space-X Explosion

    great ! Thanks for sharing !
  15. Looks cold outside.

    Beautiful shots, Iain