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  1. Hi Nick, Everything was installed in to the P3D folder I went a step further and removed everything and am now bring everything back in one at a time to see if I can determine what happened. So far Base and Libraries are installed and all is well. I will report back. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. Just tired now and the lclookup file was not replaced by verifying the Global Base files - Again the location of the file I switched to off was D:\P3Dv5\Orbx\Scripts\custom.gb_base\Landclass\scenery
  3. Thank Nick - Just to also mention, I let the installers decide where they are going to install but always in the P3D folder Okay - based your most recent comment above, I will rename the lclooup.bgl file in that location to OFF D:\P3Dv5\Orbx\Scripts\custom.gb_base\Landclass\scenery and I will leave the one here D:\P3Dv5\Scenery\BASE\Scenery as per normal I will update in one moment. Also, with multiple Orbx LC based scenery files installed, is there one I should do first?
  4. And just to confirm my files are installed in to the P3D directory
  5. Hi Nick, Sorry to reach out to you directly but I am stumped by an issue and a resolution that you posted. After upgrading to P3D5.1 using the P3D method of uninstalling client and reinstalling, followed by content and scenery, my Orbx scenery is all messed up with boxes. I used your method of renaming lclookup.bgl to OFF and reverified everything. The lclookup did not regenerate and i cant start my sim now unless I change that file from OFF to BGL. Any other thoughts?
  6. Disregard - I did a complete reinstall of P3Dv5 HF2 and started from scratch. Works now
  7. Howdy all, After several attempts to resolve the issue on my own following guidance here (pinned at the top) and a few others threads, I need to resort to the community for help! I am unable to get the Seattle skyline to look anything even close to what is shown in the product pages. No Space Needle, no custom buildings and such. Before anyone asks, I have verified the files multiple time for both TE Washington, US Libraries and everything else. I have re-synced the sim countless times and I am just out of options. Been at this most of the day if you can
  8. Thanks for this but not new here at all. Read often but never post. Been simming since the early days on my Apple IIc. CPU is overclocked. Have moved some of the sliders I know make a difference and same result
  9. Howdy all, Does anyone know what would be causing this issue in P3Dv5 with True Earth Washington? The scenery looks terrible. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, sync the simulator and verify the files; all with no luck. All of my sliders are maxed full to the right because I have a very high end system. PC specs as follows: i9-9900 @3.60 32GB ram RTX 2080 Ti SSD's for everything
  10. Howdy all, I have two sets of lead in lines for almost every gate. It would seem that the old textures from the default KSAN are present. Anyone else experiencing this??
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