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  1. Perfect - thanks. There are a few bits missing, like St Peters cathedral and the Adelaide Oval, which is you see the aerial pic of final approach to YPAD are right underneath the aircraft and the entire Adelaide metro rail station etc, but on the whole, it looks pretty good. If we could just get some confirmation of exactly what is being worked on, that would be super... Thanks heaps Adam for your help, and smooth flights... Grant
  2. Hi, I dont post very often, as you can probably see - less than a dozen posts over about 6 years :) Have finally got some time and have come back to virtual flying. Before updating to Aus V2,, was hoping I could ask a favour and see some screenies of little loved Adelaide and the 2 airports. Adelaide in V1 was fairly generic, but given its position in relation to YPAD and the fact that you virtually fly over it on final for landing (and on departure) was hoping for a better representation, given the Melbourne upgrade and you can barely see it from a landing or departing aircraft with binoculars. Reports have been mixed, but I was hoping to see evidence one way or teh other... Thanks in advance
  3. I think a bit of the disappointment lays in the fact, that unlike Melbourne which is around 20 km from Tullamarine and a little less for Essendon, Adelaide airport is located around 5km from the city and on final, the flight path takes you within about 2km of the city centre and the view from the left side is one of the great landing views anywhere, with St Peters cathedral, the iconic Adelaide Oval, Torrens and the Festival Centre right below the aircraft. Depending on the departure, as I have quite a few times in real life, the slot is straight over the centre of the city. I think all anybody was looking for was a fair representation. The pre-release shots of Parafield were great. I am very interested in details of an Adelaide cityscape, and I hope somebody will post some screenies of Adelaide as it exists. I am yet to update my version 1. Here is the view on final; My 2c. Cheers
  4. Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply. The only thing I hacve done on my pc of late was the SP3 update and the new AI traffic. I did do a defrag once the installation had been done in line with the installation instructions. No changes to settings or video drivers (geforce 185.7, which seem to work well for me). No other add-ons for FSX (or any program for that fact). I was wondering whether because I am not running the full ORBX suite of regions whether that might have done something - I currently only have Blue (just a thought). I am planning on another defrag, but it has only been about 10 days since the last one. Cheers, Grant
  5. Hi guys... I am only a very casual flyer and usually only around my backyard so to speak. I installed the service pack 3 the other day and the updated AI Traffic. The issue is that now my FSX seems to be running like a shagged moose. Frame rates fluctuating wildly from 5-60, aircraft (usually stock standard Mooney) bounces all over the sky and gauges also fluctuating wildly. Was very smooth (running Vista on Quad 3.0 with Nvidia 9600 card and 4 g ram) with rates usually low to mid 20's over city. I did a flight this morning to regional airport at Kingscote on Kangaroo Island (so no built up areas - green fields all round) and trying to land was like a powerpoint slideshow - 5-6 FPS. Not sure which, if either, new additions might be causing an issue and was wondering if anybody else has reported issues (I couldnt find anything, but then again, that was a "boy look" ). Cheers Grant
  6. Thanks for the info - that is as it appears. (should be hearing from Adelaide control any km now )
  7. Wondering whether somebody can shine a light on the control coverage for Adelaide. I am just in the process of a GA flight from Pt Lincoln to Adelaide. I am currently coming down the Gulf St Vincent, less than 60km North of Adelaide, but the only control I can get is Melbourne. I recently did a flight from Adelaide Airport to Lake Alexandrina / Coorong and at a point not much after take off, I could only get Melbourne control. Is this correct? I really dont know what teh real world coverage should be. At what point should I normally expect to be able to request flight data / clearance to land at Adelaide? Can this coverage be modified / expanded? It is just annoying to listen to the radio and hear the chatter from Melbourne control over 900km away, yet cant hear the early morning arrivals and departures from Adelaide only 60kms away... Cheers
  8. After a couple of hours on Saturday we managed to get everything up and running, using the fix from MS. I would have thought this far in the life cycle of the product that it shouldnt have been experiencing these sort of issues and would have been patched by now. Take off is fine, but we are still creating some file looking holes around Richmond Road / Marion Road trying to land at Adelaide Airport . Would have liked to have seen Glenelg in a bit more detail seeing it is at the end of the runway and take off / landing via the sea flies over it, but all in all pretty good. The detail in AuBlue is wonderful on a whole. Thanks for the help and advice... G
  9. Thanks John for the info. I will try the reg fix tonight and see how it goes. Just annoying... Cheers
  10. Well, we are off to a great start!! Tried installing FSX twice last night and have hit the dreaded Error 1722 !! Have just spent the past hour researching this and have downloaded the "fix" from MS. Has anybody else had issues with this one? It is just disappointing that on an 8 month old machine, running Vista Home Premium SP1, their own software throws a wobbly and wont install. There are posts of users never being able to get it to run, even with the fix. Where does one stand if brand new software will not install, to say nothing of the add-ons we have just bought to install fresh off. Very annoyed to say the least. Cheers
  11. Well, finally have all of the bits together. FSX arrived in the mail yesterday and after several attempts have managed to download (thank you office internet connection) AuBlue, and all of the other recommendations, including Traffic. I think we will wait and see how it performs etc before looking at Melb airport. Now just have to install it all. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the recommendations Cheers
  12. Thanks guys - that was super fast. Can see it being an expensive few weeks Think I will start with Blue and migrate from there, although if I enjoy the SA scenery as much as I am hoping, may not migrate too far Once I get to jets, then Melb airport will be next. I can usually take off, its the coming down bit that usually causes the grief... Thanks for the tips. Now just have to be patient and wait for FSX itself to turn up next week Cheers
  13. Hi guys... I have just come over from the Train-sim community and to be honest, can identify if something is an aeroplane maybe 7 out of 10 times I read some good reports about AuBlue and decided to purchase FSX to see what it is all about. I am sure I will get the hang of actual flying eventually, but I am after some guide on what software to get. FSX obviously. There are 2 patches - are both needed? I notice there are also patches for the Deluxe version SDK - are they needed? AuBlue will be the first add-on purchase, but what else would be recommended for flying in Australia. Am looking forward to doing circuits around both Parafield & Adelaide airports with a flight down the coast to Goolwa. I saw something on one of the sites re AI aircraft and meshes - what are these? Apologies for the basic questions, but I want to start out right... Cheers
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