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  1. I'm probably being boring but as a P3D user I have little interest in anything ORBX release for X-Plane or other sims. Its probably worth ORBX allowing the filtering outgoing emails through user options so we don't get so many non-relevant emails. Additionally, the Product Release area in the forum should probably be split accordingly also as its always a disappointment to see info on non-relevant products.
  2. John, A fantastic CV. We have a vacancy but it appears you are over-qualified - lol. Good health and happiness mate!
  3. Tried that via the P3D v3 option (of the 2 I have, v3 and v4) and it simply says installed (as it is in P3D). Thanks again for this idea too. I'm simply not being updated to include AF2 and I can't do anything to force it - I have logged out and in etc etc - nothing works. BG2518-Bob.
  4. No, that didn't happen. Stuck with P3Dv3 and v4 only. Reinstalled Central - SAME. It's a no go for me but thaks for your input. BG2518-Bob.
  5. Nope not working !! Paid for this and Meigs - AF2 doesn't show up - can't install. Transaction ID / receipt number 5942a83fd35b2.
  6. You ARE a top banana !! Well done. The screenshots capture the imagination and show realism.
  7. Nick, thanks for your check. I use Chrome and have no issue with any other website or program. Settings appear fine in the O.S. I did find this: Follow the below step may this help: Open a new tab and enter address chrome://flags/ Find Smooth Scrolling flag Click Enable Restart Chrome browser. This has fixed my issue. It is interesting that these hidden tweaks fix an issue that only your site has. I think that is worth you forwarding to your website developers.
  8. Does anyone have any idea why my mouse wheel will not scroll down the pages in these forums from ORBX ? I have to use the right had scroll bar which is frustrating. Everywhere else I seem to have no problem.
  9. John, thank God for you and your obvious love for flight simulation. What better man to be in the cockpit. Cheers.
  10. I would like to buy for AF2 and have a possibly be offered that 40% for a P3Dv4 version (if P3Dv4 shapes up with similar performance and works properly in VR). This is just fantastic work all round and a stunning start to what will be the premier sim.
  11. Ta for that pmb BUT I really want to ditch P3D based on LM's user support. Basically, lost faith in them so want Aerofly to take the reigns especially as their VR implementation is superb. I don't want to be an ongoing Beta tester anymore. It's NOT about the money for me.
  12. Couldn't agree more with uksnapper. Want to buy this but simply can't. P3D v3.4 HF3 (or whatever we are at now) is OOMing / crashing all over the shop. Have to wait and see if LM P3D v4 is any good and if Orbx stuff works. Better still I want to ditch P3D and have Aerofly FS2 and Orbx and the Oculus. ORBX - make my dreams come true pls and will pay a small fortune for it.
  13. JV, A brave man for putting his head up over the ramparts. Some you win and some you lose. Turn the tap back on and up your prices, have a beer and a holiday. When transport costs go up the business HAS to increase costs - simples.
  14. Up the prices all round to accommodate the users download desires be they right or wrong is another solution. Tough love.
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