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  1. Okey, I guess I thought it would be a bigger difference based on what I've seen from others. I'm thinking about purchasing P3D so I'll hold on the payed shader fix. Yeah I did have the free shader fix but apparently an older version, getting a newer one fixed that. I appreciate the help!
  2. Mabye, I did notice some differences but for a big part I couldn't really see a difference. Also, this;
  3. Nope, still doesn't work after the update. The following image was just taken in Oslo, the capital of Norway.
  4. I did not as I saw a thread on here statying that he thought the latest libraries update was the cause of a huge performance loss for him, but I guess I have to try and hope for the best!
  5. I bought Global and Norway today, installed it and activated it. It shows up in the FSX:SE Scenary library, they are all at the top, but when I load the game it's still the vanilla textures. Any tips? It does say that Europe is Active in the FTX Central.
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