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  1. Ketchikan - Douglas DC-8-11

    Super screens, Adam, but would like to see aircraft shadows on the ground.
  2. KCMW Cushman time

    Perfect bloom effect, I love it !
  3. Clouds and stuff

    very nice!
  4. Lilydale...

  5. Sunset in out back...

    Thank you !
  6. Clarification on time of the 48% Sale

    It would be easier for every body to speak in UTC as in aviation world !!! So Z1400 on 22 august ! Dani.
  7. Overhead Bar Harbour...

    Thank you !
  8. Overhead Bar Harbour...

    ...with an other host.... BugDani.
  9. Waiting for VMC...

    I'm not qualified and there are a lot of montains around: A bit risky
  10. Orbx sale - 48% off!

    Hey, we"ll done !
  11. Diamond Point to Sequim

    Thanks but I don't own this bird yet