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  1. Amazing screenshots! When you refer to "solid fps", how many FPS are we talking about? Could you share more information about the settings? (tesselation, mesh, texture resolution, water, shadows ...) Thank you
  2. Spectacular! Do the screenshots have any PTA settings applied?
  3. What scenery? Enviado desde mi C6903 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Hello, after some time I'm new here. You say you used ENB + Shade. I have also used the same combination in some of my screenshots, but the shadows are too dark. What ENB and shade settings you use to get that look? regards
  5. Hi this ismy contribution. No edit, only crop. Take off Christchurch Int as the sun falls down the distant mountains. Good luck to all.
  6. Hello, beautiful images and a beautiful place to fly. Impressive water. What issue of water use in REX?. Do you use FSWC? The light is also very cool. Do any special ENB?. Anyway, some awesome screenshots. I hope your next flight in the beautiful land of New Zealand. Regards
  7. The images are stunning and very good choice the angles of the shots. Ok, I think if you say that the pictures are not edited. But then, how did you get that look and these contrasts? Do you use any special ENB? Shade? .... Do we say one of your secrets? regards
  8. Wow!!! The second is very very good.
  9. Hello, Yes, I know, but there is no way to find the patch. Or is that you no longer need?. Regards
  10. Hello, The link not working. Can anyone upload it again? Regards
  11. WOW! Excellent video quality. I see also that your computer is not very powerful. What adjustments, tweaks, etc ... use to achieve that quality. I really liked the water. I hope to see soon seconded chapter. Regards
  12. Hello, are looking very useful to me your advice. I consider changing the graphics card by Nvidia GTX 560. Although many recomendaĆ­s a 570 or a 580, actually exceeding my budget and from what I read here the 560 does not seem a bad option. My question is whether to buy a Gigabyte or Asus. Any recommendations on this? A greeting and thanks.
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