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  1. I'm happy also read that's .... an update are in the pipeline for solve the little problem on this scenery !
  2. I Just test reactivated Orbx Aerial ENAL folder with Trondheim ... and yes, perfect, that's OK ... Now all way are open for more add-on by country <;)
  3. The Problem are only with add-on third part sceneries developer included orthoimagery on the same country grid ! In this case, your sim not start ! Not confuse with defaut airport included in MSFS ( And i'm not sure LOWW from Gaya included orthoimagery in this folder ) For Alesund use with ENVA from A.S., the solution are deactivated the folder Orbx-aerial-enal-alesund and waiting the patch ... Hopefuly Asobo solve this in the next days !
  4. There is not problem if we installed Vienna and Innsbruck also, It's not too close for unexpected problem
  5. Many will flight IFR come back to P3D after test MSFS ... Every update is a disaster. too many situations that lead to CTD ! My last flight test, I called the map ... CTD ... I'm not rermember my last CTD with P3D ! The A320 has a lot of bugs which are not resolved and no worthy line aircraft before the end of 2021 ... P3D still has a good year of life front him ! Shame for MSFS, because the weather module, clouds and TrueEarth style with super autogen for the whole world are very very great ! I dream about the stability of P3D with the weather and surrounding module of MSFS20
  6. And why if I buy the MSFS version, It's not possible receive a discount if I buy the P3D version for possibility use this scenery at 100% You are not give a cross discount to any direction
  7. Great if Orbx work on Canada FTX area because the environment Edmonton are little bit dessert ...
  8. Thank you Shermank ... very Interesting tool on this web site ... just receive and advert about "Trojan" on this programm !!! Maybe, that's possible fack possitive by antivirus ! Great in the futur if the Orbx Tool, ORBX central, add the similar tool for manage the scenery library in an Advence mode ! For the line locked ... finaly, I find the reason, that's because I install Orbx product in outside P3D Library, ... all scenery line are build in an single XML scenery file package not editable ... If I réinstall all my product 'inner the P3D folder', the line are unlock, mo
  9. Hello Nick ... I hava also a quick question on this new Orbx Central ... I build a new computer and re install all my Orbx product on P3Dv4 after 10 years under FSX ... But I see now, Orbx loock the many layer in the Scenery Library and the users are not possible edit, enable/disable or move it ! How possible unloock in the Library the ORBX layer products for move ? Because for me, I like put up over all, the layer name ... ORBX!OPENLC_! * _LIGHTS ... that's my chose ! Thank.
  10. A french compagnie LLH release some years ago this airport for FSX and now for P3D without problem for the sloping runway ...and season ... Only If Orbx want, that's possible for P3D !
  11. It would be nice for the page "Preview Screenshots and Video" to separate in dissociate page Xplane and P3D ...! Me too, when I open this page, I have the impression that Orbx is diverting from P3D and only makes conversions for Xplane for 1 year ...
  12. Just bought, friendly frame rate !!! Great ... Quick question ? there is just 2 seasons for foliage and trees ? The trees do not take the colors of autumn ... green every time ... In automn season ... all trees birch in Kiruna are a very beautiful gold color ...
  13. Hello Lain, Thank you for this best pictures In Fall, the Sweden ( and particularly Kiruna ) are the very beautifull autumn color in warm tint ... Great if you add some pic's in Fall season
  14. I go some time in Kiruna ... the athmosphere are perfect rendition on your job ! Great
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