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  1. announcement YMML Melbourne International V3 coming

    Great news, thank you John !
  2. ANNOUNCEMENT Preview Monument Valley ...new scenery

    Oh come on Franck, please keep it in the release version, that's awesome Great work, and of course thank you so much to JV and you for the very low price. This is so enjoyable.
  3. The new FTX Central

    Thank you John and Ben ! As a side note, it is always good to see how you still take customers feedback in account . This new Central is going to be extremely helpful, thank you again for this. Excellent suggestions from PatrickM.
  4. FTZ Global

    They have, indeed. That would be a solution.
  5. that s not fair !

    +1, best advice . Go for NCA which looks terrific, or PNW which has so many lovely ORBX airports.
  6. that s not fair !

    Sales help getting more, when you're a bit tight on money . This way, I seazed several times the occasion to grab new products for my collection.
  7. FTX Global Freeware Airports NA Google Map (Packs 1-9)

    Just found out, a bit late. Thanks a lot BladderBoy ! Like DocBird said.
  8. How Do I Run FSX While Working On Other Things

    You are so right Shane . Some people here should probably relax a little bit. The right you have to use your simulator/game as you want should not even be questionable. Damn, I don't know how to conclude, so pick your choice : if (myFSXisNoGame) { echo "Have serious fun guys !"; } else { echo "Have funny fun guys !"; }
  9. FTX Northern California in final Beta [21 images]

    Holger, as I turn to be currently converting to DX10, I'd like to ask : is NCA intended to be DX10 friendly ?
  10. FTX Northern California in final Beta [21 images]

    And by the way, the pics are outrageously good . Congrats guys.
  11. FTX Northern California in final Beta [21 images]

    Let's hope DX10 will do the job . Airdailyx miss you Dom, even if D'Andre does a very good job. I hope everything is fine for you . Regards.
  12. Opus update Version 3.41.0, 8 January 2014, 22.7 Mb

    Well, that's it indeed : the demo works for something like 10 minutes, until it closes up, as far as I remember. Trust the devs .
  13. FTX Global switcher

    Cassis, you should not enter in the fanboys' game : they are not able to hear that some things are simply ... improvable . Thank you for your very sensible response . Switch on and off ORBX regions was possible before Global, and I would have prefered that to remain te same. Actually, the problem is not the textures, but the autogen definition. The ORBX autogen definition makes the product just incompatible with the rest of the world. It's not an option for me to get rid of what is not ORBX world. Interesting discussion (when peolple let it exist ).
  14. FTX Global switcher

    You are absolutely right Cassis, a switch should be provided, for the user convinience. It has already been asked for (by me and others), but as far as I understand, it is not in the pipe. Unfortunately.
  15. For Jay Kae, Spellchecker?

    Actually, Firefox does suggest corrections. Welcome in 2014 dudes (well, the spellchecker has been in Firefox since 1 or 2 years I would say, or even more).