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  1. Here's a sequence of screenies from a sortie last night in Alabeo's Cessna AgTruck (and yes, they are working on the Piper version). Loads of fun dusting the fields of KBVS' scenery. Take off Dusting fertlizer down low, really low Dusting right next to WN51 Loving my very low altitude flight, fertlizer off so as not to pollute sensitive Padilla Bay New field to fertlize south of KBVS Banking around to realign for the next dust Here's me flying up and down a few fields before heading back. The cockpit view coming back to WN51 A "tower" view seconds
  2. Of course bombing druggies is more fun in one of my friend Greg's former steeds out of KBVS and bring some AB to Home Sweet Home from IRIS's F-15E Mudhen:
  3. Well thank goodness the politicians don't make airplanes... In other news, this is one of my fav rides out of KBVS - namely a Fairchild A-10A from IRIS:
  4. Since these are pics of a C-17 taking off and landing from a 5,477 foot runway... how would you like to hear that very recently a C-17 for real operated from a 3,400 feet runway? It did happen: http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/story/19075531/2012/07/20/giant-military-cargo-plane-lands-at-small-airport
  5. Thanks for sharing my photo! Indeed. I have a pic of it as well:
  6. Nope. Rail bridge is supposed to be there across the channel and then to bridge the mudflats. Thanks, Bassman.
  7. Two bridges. One bridge is for westbound, one bridge is for eastbound traffic. State Highway 20 from Burlington to Anacortes is more or less a 4-lane high-speed highway. See my aerial photo: Real Duane Berentson Bridge Figure this should clear the proverbial air.
  8. timmo32 - thanks. Can't wait for some kind of air race thru these bridges!!
  9. Thought this would bring joy to the "feel the need... the need for speed crowd". Airplane is the Vertical Reality Simulations F/A-18E Superbug w/ the Dambusters CAG Bird repaint. Getting ready to shoot the Deception Pass gap... Doesn't everybody do this? Flaring before shooting the Duane Berentson Bridge... Vaping overhead to give an airshow to my old mentor "Seraph Angel" Will who lives down there... Flaring one last time over KBVS farms... Clean shot under the Berentson Bridge! The massive size of the Duane Berentson Bridge - and the accurate sim
  10. Great video but BTW, since I live in Skagitonia (north of Sedro-Woolley/S-W) and have visited Anacortes "the powerplant station" is actually two refineries: Shell to the south & Tesoro to the north. But great video. Captures the wonderful scenery very well.
  11. Call this a tribute to David Love-Brice and his team at IRIS Simulations.... and obviously the geniuses who modeled the Duane Berentson Bridge + Deception Pass Bridge very well. T-6 Texan II @ KBVS about to do a twilight back-end sortie to KBLI T-6A Texan II on short to WN51 - Bayview Farms T-6A Texan II safely down at Bayview Farms. BD-5J looking at its smoke trail under the Deception Pass Bridge Bede BD-5J smoking an airshow around the Deception Pass Bridge BD-5J screaming under the Duane Berentson Bridge spanning the Swinomish Channel Great smoketra
  12. Like the airplane in the last two shots - what airplane's that?
  13. Thanks Jarrad I thnk you had the right idea.
  14. Great pictures. When I saw the faded tail in picture 5 I didn't know to make of it, I sure couldn't feel safe flying in something like that. Of course, a pic of the bridges + wires sure shows how the Deception Pass Bridge is a true test of any pilot's low-fly skill.
  15. Great photography - and great use of an O-2 to tour Fidalgo Island!
  16. Thanks guys, much appreciated! Looked forward to flying under the Deception since I first heard of Anacortes by ORBX!
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