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  1. Hi all, Fantastic shots so far! Here's my entry. Orbx YMML v2 with PMDG 737-800 NGX Qantas Yananji Dreaming
  2. Thank you FTX and REX for making this wonderful and detailed addon for FSX, a lot of tweaking still need to be done especially the FPS I got in YMML only 8-10 the most, does anyone got any tips? I have edited the FSX CFG with tweaks and my system is very adequate. Anyway enjoy the pics!
  3. aarrggh I think I will have to upgrade my rig first, FSX on my rig runs like a turtle
  4. hi, very nice release! finally a very brilliant YMML....I have a question...this probably sound stupid but can I use it with FS2004 ? :'(
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