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  1. Yes. The silver "coolie hat" shaped switch on the top of the X52 joystick. Crom UK is correct about the sticks on many military aircraft having the hat switch labeled both IRL and in the sim. In real aircraft, the hat is normally just 4 positions (up down left right) and not an 8 position "POV" hat. I use Thrustmaster joysticks and both the Viper and F-18 sticks have their trim hats labeled "Nose Up" , "Nose Down", " LWD", and "RWD" (Left / Right Wing Down).
  2. I just use my joystick's trim hat for pitch and roll trim. I also have a Saitek Multi-Panel which has a trim wheel. It works, but I still normally just use the trim hat. Having the trim wheel mapped to the pitch trim axis is realistic when flying something with a trim wheel IRL. However, it doesn't free up any extra buttons for me. Since a trim hat is realistic for a lot of the aircraft I tend to fly, the hat still needs to be mapped to trim as well. IMHO a trim wheel is nice, but nothing to spend a bunch of money on unless it is part of something with a bunch
  3. Hi Eeen85, If you are referring to TrueEarth Great Britain Central - X-Plane, there is not a version of that product for MSFS. One of the primary features of the TrueEarth line of products is that they have photoreal ground textures. Since MSFS already has photoreal ground textures, there wouldn't be the dramatic improvements that you see in X-Plane or P3D, so I don't think Orbx will port them over to MSFS. There is a P3D version and you would need to purchase it separately. Currently part of the Feb 2021 sale and 30% off. I can't remember if there is
  4. Can I choose (D) ? Warning: This will get you into trouble in real life! Stadium.mp4
  5. No worries! My guess is that most people will get the free UK update to MSFS and therefore need the upcoming update to Orbx's Landmarks London City. But it is nice that there will be a version if someone chooses not to get UK update.
  6. I don't think that Orbx Direct currently has that option. In the Products tab, when you choose a sim and area, the Orbx products are just simply listed. (EGLC and EGNM below) Partner developer products have their name and logo included. (EGMC) A Partner developer is also identified on a product's page with the logo at the top and a "Developer" section at the bottom. Looks like a product is Orbx unless it says that it isn't.
  7. Scary to hear about your heart trouble, but happy to know that they can sort it out with medication. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  8. Products from Orbx and its partners can be found in Orbx Direct. - If you want to see products from a particular partner company, you can click on their name in the right column of the Products tab. - If you want to see products for a particular area, just click the area (like "Europe") under the appropriate sim and you will see all the Orbx and Partner scenery for that area.
  9. A lot of work goes into doing custom landmarks for just one major city. There are hundreds of custom points of interest in the already released Orbx Landmarks products (like London). The same is true for the Drzewiecki Designs Landmark Cities (like Seattle and Moscow) which are also sold through Orbx Direct. IMHO, these are GREAT additions to MSFS and they really make the cities look more realistic. I'm certainly not against a product that would add important landmarks to a large area, but I suspect a country size landmarks pack might be prohibitively expensive, given the
  10. I don't think there should be any performance decrease at all. The sim is only rendering the highest resolution mesh, not every mesh installed. Again, there is no need to disable the FS GUng 2020 tiles in Australia if you have AUv2 installed. FS GUng 2020 can't conflict with Orbx airports in Australia because your Orbx AUv2 mesh has higher resolution. P3D will automatically choose the AUv2 mesh and your Orbx airports will be sitting on Orbx mesh. If you can uninstall (not just disable) individual FS tiles for areas where you have better mesh, you could save a little d
  11. Some I think the answer is, "sometimes". I'm not an expert, but some developers simply make whatever they want, while others are making whatever their contract or employer have asked them to make. I assume that companies have various internal ways to decide who is working on a particular airport, to prevent duplication within a company. No idea how much coordination goes on between companies to prevent duplication, but they are certainly paying attention to what others are making.
  12. Holger didn't say to disable anything. He said he generally did not recommend disabling the terrain mesh that comes with the Orbx regions. Correct me if I am wrong, but P3D automatically uses the highest resolution mesh that is installed and enabled. If you have Orbx AUv2 (which includes mesh) and FS GUng2020 both installed and enabled, P3D will use whatever mesh is best for wherever you are flying. That means the better AUv2 mesh will be used in Australia and the FS mesh will be used in the rest of Oceania. Just leave them both enabled. The only reason I
  13. Hi B12, TrueEarth scenery is stand alone. TE takes precedence over FTX regions in P3D, so you will only see the TE scenery when you run the sim. Your FTX regions won't cause any conflicts with TE if you leave them installed, but they are not adding anything to the TE scenery. The only benefit I can think of to leaving FTX installed is that you could temporarily deactivate your TE scenery by unchecking it in the P3D Add-on menu and then fly around in your FTX scenery if you wanted a season besides summer. If you don't care about seasons, uninstalling the FTX regions will
  14. Hi Colin, No, you do not need to uninstall FTX Scotland or openLC Europe in order to use TrueEarth Great Britain. As Nick said, TrueEarth GB is a stand alone product and does not benefit from having either FTX Scotland or openLC Europe installed. However, areas outside of the TrueEarth GB coverage area will still benefit from those products. Like the improved land class for the rest of Europe! If you occasionally still want to fly around in winter, keep FTX Scotland installed. You can then disable TrueEarth Great Britain in the P3D Add-on menu and then fly
  15. Do you mean that the current, real-life, airport is different than the Orbx airport. Something like a new taxiway added or a new terminal building built since the original Orbx scenery was released? I'm pretty sure that Orbx airports have always been a "snapshot in time". They have been getting updates so that they keep working with subsequent builds of P3D or XP11, but I don't think they typically update already released airports to keep up with real-life airport construction. I'm not aware of any other companies that do that either.
  16. Understanding what the different layers of scenery contain, which products contain which layers, and which ones take priority over others in the sim can certainly be confusing. I've been using FreeMeshX (from Nine Two Productions) for years. It it freeware! In Europe is has 38m resolution, where the default is only 76m. Orbx's EU England includes 10m mesh which is even better. The sim will just automatically use the best resolution from what you have installed. Lots of threads about mesh here in the forum, some with screenshots. You are correct that phot
  17. Here are a few shots of EGGW with EU England and TrueEarth Great Britain that you can compare to your current Global Base + Vector + openLC. Hope that helps a bit. BTW, because it is photoreal based scenery, TrueEarth scenery takes up a LOT more disk space than the older land class based EU England. It can be more demanding on PC performance too. Hope that helps. Edit: You can replicate my screenshots by going to the P3D Map and entering the Lat/Long, Altitude, and Heading data from
  18. EU England does enhance many of the default airports. I don't know if, or how much, EGGW was enhanced. Not at my sim PC now, but I'll try to post a couple screenshots later today of EGGW in EU England and also TrueEarth Great Britain. EU England also adds a bunch of Points of Interest, as do the TE Great Britain regions, so there is added benefit over the Global + Vector + openLC scenery.
  19. It seems like you can never have enough performance! Every time I upgrade, something new comes along that demands more performance. I find it difficult to figure out what hardware and what software settings will help make the sims run and look as good as they can. What works for one, doesn't always work in another. Though it seems the balance of visual details versus FPS is constant! I just want perfect detail and super smooth FPS darn it!! There are a lot of factors that you could consider in addition to what will run best on your current hardware. How good do
  20. Welcome Paymon. If you are primarily looking to fly VFR in California and the rest of the west coast, Orbx has it all covered with their TrueEarth line. Orbx's KSAN and KBUR will both work with the TrueEarth scenery and also with the older NA regions. TrueEarth is based on satellite imagery with 3D buildings and vegetation added. Typically they are "summer" only. Large file sizes. More demanding on PC. The original regions (NA, EU, AU, NZ) are based on traditional FSX scenery layers and "land class". They all have seasons. Smaller files sizes. Less de
  21. You mentioned that you primarily fly airliners. Here is the view from FL180 in EU England. This is TrueEarth Great Britain + Orbx EGHI. Happy flying with whatever scenery you choose!
  22. Glad I could help. Just added the screenshots of what TrueEarth looks like. Edit: Forgot to mention my screenshots are P3Dv4.5. (I don't own v5.)
  23. Yes, EU England and EU Ireland will have a higher scenery priority than OpenLC Europe. Orbx regions (like EU England and EU Ireland) have more than just the Land Class of OpenLC areas. How noticeable the differences are will vary by location. TrueEarth scenery is based on photoreal imagery and looks more real than the legacy EU regions. TE scenery also takes up significantly more disk space and is more demanding on your PC. I'm sure there is a lot of discussion about TrueEarth vs. the original Region scenery. I will try to grab a s
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