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  1. My Key West entries are above the TE Florida entries in the scenery_packs.ini. Perhaps try a "verify files" in Orbx Central? If that doesn't make the fort show up, I suggest posting in the support forum, where one of the Orbx support staff will see it and respond faster. (I'm just on the Orbx Beta test team and not part of the staff.)
  2. My screenshot was taken with both TE Florida HD and the Key West scenery installed. Maybe the fort is part of the Key West airport package?
  3. Fort Zachary Taylor is in Key West. A representation of Fort Jefferson is also generated out on the Dry Tortugas. The Key West airport scenery has a good model of Fort East Martello too.
  4. +1 Washington has a wide range of climate, topography, and airports. Climates from the wet Olympic rain forest to the deserts of central Washington. Terrain from the rugged Olympic and Cascade mountains, the canyons of the Columbia and Snake rivers, the San Juan Islands, the open range of central Washington, the rolling farms of the Palouse in Eastern Washington. Washington also has a large number of Orbx airports to choose from as well. (The TrueEarth Oregon and California scenery is excellent as well.)
  5. There is not much point in having both TE GB and EU ENG/SCOT/WLS installed at the same time. TE GB will take priority in the sim, so that is what you will see. EU regions don't "add" anything to TE GB or show through. You could buy both if you wanted to occasionally deactivate the summer only TE GB so you could fly around EU England in other seasons.
  6. TrueEarth Great Britain does not have seasons. It is "summer" only.
  7. I don't think Global Vector should cause any issues with hills. Installing or uninstalling Vector will result in elevation changes at some airports, since it includes some "corrected" airport elevation data, but outside an airport's footprint, I don't think it will change anything mesh related. (Don't forget to run the Airport Elevation Correction (AEC) tool in Orbx Central after you install/uninstall Vector.)
  8. Yes, Orbx Central is the best way to uninstall your Orbx products. Since TrueEarth Great Britain scenery excludes the older EU England/Scotland/Wales regions below it, there is no need to keep the older scenery installed, unless you don't have all three TrueEarth areas. Say you purchased TE GB-South, but don't have TE GB-Central, you would still get the benefit of EU England for the areas north of TE GB-South.
  9. Enzo, I recommend installing openLC South America. The "LC" stands for Land Class, which is the scenery layer that determines what "class" of texture is drawn at each location. Dominique is correct that Pilot's FS Global Ultimate is a mesh, which is just elevation data. The two products do different things. Here is a handy image of the layers that make up FSX/P3D scenery. Vector layer = Orbx Global VECTOR Texture layer = Orbx Global Base Pack Landclass layer = Orbx Global openLC South America Terrain Mesh = Orbx Global openLC mesh South America (freeware) or a third party mesh like your Pilot's mesh or FreeMeshX. Edit: You can have more than one mesh installed at a time. The sim will pick the one with the best resolution for the flight you load.
  10. A detailed one would be nice! I'd love to make a comment about what the first detailed Latin America airport from Orbx might be, but I'm not authorized to comment.
  11. Hello Enzo, I think Ushuaia is a very scenic airport location. As Larry pointed out, it is currently one of the airports available in Orbx's freeware Global Airports Pack. You can find it under the Freeware link on the Orbx home page. https://orbxdirect.com/freeware Orbx also has freeware mesh for use with their OpenLC South America. Here are a couple screenshots of Ushuaia. I have the following products installed: - Orbx Global Airports (freeware) - Orbx openLC South America (payware) - Orbx Global VECTOR (payware) - Orbx Trees HD. (payware) - FreemeshX (freeware, but not from Orbx. Again Orbx does have its own free mesh for South America.) Looks a bit better than pure default P3Dv4
  12. cvearl, Welcome back! I don't understand the question that you are asking though. There have been some changes since 2016. I think the biggest changes with Orbx are: - They have added X-Plane 11 scenery to their products. - They have introduced TrueEarth scenery products for P3Dv4 and XP11. (photo-realistic based scenery) - Orbx Central now manages all your Orbx products. Just log in and you can purchase/install/uninstall/update your Orbx products. No more needing to manually install your Orbx products in the right order and type in individual order numbers and product keys. Orbx Central also lets you install your Orbx scenery in a library outside of the root FSX/P3D scenery folders if you want to! If you haven't installed Central yet, you can get it from the green "Get Central" link in the upper right corner of the Orbx home page. https://orbxdirect.com/
  13. That was a challenging one, with not much to go on! Looks like 2WA1 Diamond Point! I've got Orbx's Global Trees HD, so my trees look a bit different.
  14. That is also Olbia. I remember the port area from my beta testing! I probably have an advantage from beta testing lots of Orbx airports. The developers deserve all the credit for making such accurate airports. They look like the real thing!
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