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  1. I haven't seen any up to date imagery online. Looking at Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Google Earth, GE has the newest imagery from 7/2018. It does show a C-40 and the "new" VR-61 hangar (large blue/purple roof) next to the tower, and lots of E-A-18G Growlers, but not all the P-8A jets that now dominate the SE third of the ramp. There are also around a dozen new hangars for the MQ-4C Triton UAVs which are coming to NASWI. I can't recall if they are along Golf or Juliet. I'll see if I can take a look next time I'm on base.
  2. Just FYI, you will hardly ever find a C-130 or C-17 at NASWI. NAS Whidbey Island has multiple squadrons of E/A-18G Growler and P-8A Poseidon aircraft. There is still one P-3 squadron and also an EP-3 squadron. There is also one C-40B squadron (only 3 jets) and the base SAR unit with a couple MH-60S helicopters. The transient air terminal isn't super busy. Normally just an occasional USN C-40B. Very rarely a USN/USMC C-130, USAF C-17. Super rarely a contract airliner (like a 747 or DC-10 from Atlas or Evergreen).
  3. Idaho, Hawaii, New Zealand, Alaska, B.C. (those darn Canadians and their expensive imagery), Switzerland, Italy,......every other part of the globe.
  4. Hi Phil0671, Here are the sizes of the folders that are installed into my scenery library: P3Dv4.5 X-Plane 11 TE Great Britain - N 25.9 GB 142 GB TE Great Britain - C 22.1 GB 80.3 GB TE Great Britain - S 45.8 GB 129 GB TE Great Britain - Libraries 12.0 GB N/A
  5. Hi Rob, Good observation. I had forgotten about Cardiff! The enhanced Cardiff included in EU Wales and not included with TrueEarth Great Britain South. If you have TE GB-S installed, and disable EU Wales in your P3D Add-On scenery tab, you will just see the default airport. You will need to leave EU Wales enabled in your add-on scenery tab in order to see the enhanced airport. It blends in with the TE GB-S scenery and looks great. The only other "bonus" airport in a FTX region that I can think of is YMLT in Tasmania, but there isn't a TrueEarth Australia yet. I think Nick had posted a work around to keep EGFF airport enabled while disabling the rest of the EU Wales scenery, but I can't find it. I'm not sure if this is being addressed in an upcoming update or not. I'm not on the Orbx staff, just a beta tester.
  6. TE products basically replace the FTX regions at the same location. The FTX region doesn't affect or enhance the TE scenery if both are installed and enabled. It is fine to have both products installed and enabled at the same time, however you will still just see the TE scenery. Having both installed gives you the benefit of a relatively simple switch between TE and FTX should you want to fly in a FTX season. (If you want snow on the ground in the UK.) You can simply open the P3D "Add-on" tab and un-check the TE entry and check the FTX entry. You would then see the FTX scenery. Just reverse the process when you want to fly in TE. Again, you can leave both checked if you want, TE will automatically take precedence and that is all you will see.
  7. They don't want to scenery to look wrong. (Looking like Africa instead of the middle east.) If I understand Ed's post correctly, they used all the available land class allocations making unique African land class types and textures. There are a limited number of land class types and textures that the sim can call for in each LC area. Since the middle east has unique land class and settlement types of its own, they didn't want to represent a settlement in Israel using a settlement texture designed for Nigeria or a type of desert in Jordan with textures designed for Morocco. A separate LC area for the middle east will allow Orbx to create textures that look correct for the area.
  8. Since the product is "Global openLC Africa", I'm not surprised to see that the Levant is not included, since it is in Asia. The Arabian peninsula is actually in Asia too, so I just consider it a bonus that it happened to be included with oLC Africa. I would like to see Asia get the Orbx treatment too!
  9. FreeMeshX has Africa covered at LOD10 (38m). It is freeware and makes a HUGE improvement over the default P3D mesh and will be better than the oLC mesh too. As dvdboomen said, the sim will automatically use the highest resolution mesh product you have installed.
  10. I would like to see OpenLC Asia too. While beta testing oLC Africa, I had been thinking how big it was. Asia is 50% bigger! Good land class (and a good mesh) can turn a flat, tan, wasteland of default scenery into rolling hills with different vegetation and accurately placed towns. Seeing how much better Africa now looks with oLC Africa, definitely makes me want the same for Asia.
  11. Your screenshot looks like an older version to me too. Mine looks like this. I'm just on the Orbx Beta testing team, not on the support staff, but I think you should be able to just uninstall your current Orbx Central version and then install the current one from the main page. https://orbxdirect.com/
  12. Don, I have both of these installed and they do show up under My Products in Central. 2S1 Vashon Island Airport is listed under the Airports section and PNW Ferries is listed under Other. In the Store section in Central, they are also listed under Airports and Other. Both titles are in white text and there is a green circle and check mark indicating that they are installed. Grey text followed by a gray circle indicates you own it, but it isn't installed. If you just see gray text and no gray circle, it is not associated with you account. Regards, Matt
  13. My Key West entries are above the TE Florida entries in the scenery_packs.ini. Perhaps try a "verify files" in Orbx Central? If that doesn't make the fort show up, I suggest posting in the support forum, where one of the Orbx support staff will see it and respond faster. (I'm just on the Orbx Beta test team and not part of the staff.)
  14. My screenshot was taken with both TE Florida HD and the Key West scenery installed. Maybe the fort is part of the Key West airport package?
  15. Fort Zachary Taylor is in Key West. A representation of Fort Jefferson is also generated out on the Dry Tortugas. The Key West airport scenery has a good model of Fort East Martello too.
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