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  1. Happy birthday Jarrad!

    Happy birthday Jarrad!
  2. left or right turns

    Which came first, the left hand pattern or the PIC sitting on the left? Many early aircraft were single seat or tandem seating. I wonder how early the left hand pattern preference started. The geometry of our joints and muscles makes it easier for a right handed person to push the stick left. It is also easier to turn the yolk left if you are flying with your left hand on the yolk and right hand on the throttle. As a "righty", I find it easier to push my joystick left too. I've also read about pilots having a tendency to break left when attacked. As a side note, when I was flying USN helicopters, the "pilot" was seated on the right. While the helicopters were dual controlled and both seats were occupied by trained pilots, the left seat pedals in the UH-3H didn't have brakes and in the UH-3H, SH-60B, and SH-2F the tactical display and keyboard was on the left side.
  3. Hospital and Hospital Heliports in Orbx

    65S Bonners Ferry scenery also includes its hospital and helipad. Edit: LOWI Innsbruck is one of my favorite airport sceneries, especially for helicopters, since it has the five helipad locations within its coverage area which Jarrad mentioned above.
  4. Hospital and Hospital Heliports in Orbx

    I'm not sure if they modeled any hospital heliports in PNW. I don't see them listed on the PNW kmz for Google Earth. There are a bunch of "Fire Towers and Helipads" though. You can find the kmz files for your installed regions in your P3D/ORBX/User Documents folder.
  5. Bush plane for Orbx

    The C185 bush works for me in P3Dv3. I also use the MilViz Beaver.
  6. New User looking for some tips

    As Terry said, it depends on where and how you fly. First understand that Orbx has two different product lines. 1. "Terrain regions" (sometimes called "full regions", "full fat regions", or just "regions") These regions, like the Pacific Northwest (PNW), each cover a specific area, and are a complete package of improvements, containing replacements for each of the "layers" that makes up P3D scenery. Regions also contain new 3D objects, occasionally photoreal points of interest, and update most of the default airports within the region. Regions offer the highest level of scenery accuracy for a given area. 2. FTX Global Range. Each product of the FTX Global range replaces one the default "layers" for the entire globe (or for a very large area in the case of the openLC areas). FTX Global Base - replaces all of the default textures (This makes a big improvement to how P3D looks.) FTX Global Vector - replaces all of the vector data (roads, rivers, shorelines, power lines, railroads) FTX Global openLC - replaces the Land Class for a very large area (North America, South America, Europe ...) Mesh is the final layer of scenery. Orbx offers some free mesh for various areas. Payware (like PILOTS FS Global FTX edition) and freeware (like FreeMesh X) mesh products are available and will make a great improvement over the default mesh. Especially outside the US. * If you buy all of Orbx's Global products (and get a third party mesh), your scenery will look very good. However it will still not be quite as accurate as a "region" since the region has more hand placement of land class and vector elements, plus the region has extra 3D objects, photoreal areas, and upgraded airports. Here is a comparison chart of the FTX Global products vs the Regions. Here is a link to the Orbx product guide which talks about the differences and has a couple screenshots. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=34397 There is a great video on the FTX Global open LC Europe product page. It shows the sim as each Global product "layer" is added. https://youtu.be/h9ynMExGq6E Note that Orbx payware airports either require you to have a specific region or require you to have Global Base. With all that said, I'd get the PNW demo or buy the region that you think you will fly in the most so you can see the best that Orbx has to offer. After that, you can decide what works best for you. Even if you prefer to fly in the regions, you'll probably want to get FTX Global Base, so the textures will blend when you fly outside your regions. It is also required for all the Orbx airports that are outside the regions. My final tip is that Orbx products have been improving over the years. You will find that the newer regions and airports are noticeably better than some of the early ones. Some regions and airports are also larger than others and give you a bit more bang for your buck. Even the old airports are a great improvement over the default ones though! Sorry if that is info overload!
  7. As long as you've uninstalled a product from computer #1 before you install it on computer #2, I'm pretty certain you're OK. Welcome BTW.
  8. LOWI, I am speechless ! Wow !

    I agree Mike! It is great scenery. I bought both the P3D and Aerofly versions. Spoiler alert! Stop reading if you want to find the helicopter pads on your own. It was a bit of a challenge finding some of them, so here are the Lat/Long if you are having trouble. LOJT Hat Tux heliport (Madseit, Austia) [N47 08.01, E011 42.23] LOIN Feuerwehrschule heliport (Telfs, Austria) [N47 18.52, E011 03.03] Emergency Pad (Buch-in-Tyrol, Austria) [N47 22.54, E011 44.70] Innsbruck Hospital [N47 15.66, E011 23.08]
  9. Can You Change Screenshot Directory

    There is a tutorial here: http://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-10/how-to-change-the-location-of-user-folders-in-windows-10/ In Win 10, Right click the "Pictures" folder Select "Properties" Select the "Location" tab Click "Move" Pick where you want it to go. Click "OK" It asks to confirm you want to move your files to the new location, click "yes" Close the explorer
  10. Can You Change Screenshot Directory

    I don't know if you can change it in P3D (though you can now choose the format: bmp, jpeg, png..) Not sure if would meet your needs, but you could change the default path where Windows stores all your My Pictures files. I changed the save location of Pictures, Documents, Music, and Downloads from my C: drive to my data drive.
  11. Price Points

    All the regions (old, new, large, small) have the same non-sale price of $54.95 AUD and I bet the demand for them is not uniform. I would speculate that standardized pricing simply makes business sense for Orbx. IMHO, Orbx's freeware and free updates have been smart business on Orbx's part and also good for customers. Win-win!! I suspect free updates from FSX to P3D, and additional updates for P3D versions, encouraged customers to stick with P3D, and subsequently purchase even more Orbx scenery! Free updates probably also attract new customers looking for stability and longevity for their addon scenery. Without free Orbx updates, how many people might have just kept their previous sim version? Or updated their sim but not re-purchased Orbx? Or changed to XP-11? I certainly appreciate Orbx offering free updates, but surely those updates benefited Orbx too, because they kept me a customer and kept me buying more and more scenery. I'm an Orbx fan. I own 5 DVD and 74 digital Orbx products and expect to buy more. I'm generally pretty happy with the "value" of what I have purchased. However, I don't consider the "value" of all the regions to be identical. I feel the same about the airports, though there are a couple price tiers now. Some regions and airports clearly give more bang for your buck than others, while others are very similar. Differences in my perceived "value" of each product has influenced my purchasing decisions. The OP asked for opinions, that is mine. YMMV
  12. Price Points

    With all due respect to the effort required to create NIR, this is the reason I haven't purchased it. I had not purchased Ireland (70,000 sq km and 30 airports upgraded) for the same reason. (I finally bought it at 48% off, but still felt I was overpaying when Germany North is the same price with 182,991 sq km and 386 airports.) I only have Wales because I purchased the DVD version from FSS for just a few $. The open LCs are not regions, they are just land class and I'm pretty sure it isn't all "hand placed" as the region LC is advertised. It isn't just about sq km of coverage. The accuracy of the land class, vector data, and mesh, the number of airports upgraded (and to what extent), the amount of custom textures, photo-real areas, the number of 3D objects and points of interest, all play into the overall value of a product IMHO. Again, I mean no disrespect to the developers or Orbx, and don't mean to imply that a particular region isn't a good representation of what is really there, only that the regions are not of equal value in my opinion.
  13. USA Anomaly

    Much of the central and western US is divided up into Townships (6 square miles) and further divided into Sections (1 square mile) and sub-sections by the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). This grid system can be very obvious, especially where the terrain is flat, since the roads and field boundaries are typically along the grid boundaries. In more hilly terrain, the terrain will often determine where the roads have been built, or where crops are planted, so the grid can look less obvious. Edit: What Gulfstreamtwo said! Typing at the same time.
  14. How to find locations?

    Glad you are sorted. While you are exploring Scotland, remember that the Scotland 1.41 update added 3 decommissioned RAF airfields to the scenery. Kingsmuir (Sorbie) 56 16' 8.7" N, 002 45' 2.9" W - Grass strip and hangars 8.5NM bearing 150 from RAF Leuchars. Edzell 56 48' 44" N, 002 36' 17" W - Crossed runways with a circular antenna array. (1NM E of Edzell) Fordoun 56 53' 10" N, 002 24' 28" W - Depicted as crossed grass runways with a building on runway intersection. (9NM SW of Stonehaven)
  15. How to find locations?

    By "not showing in FSX", do you mean: 1. Green airports are not on the FSX list of airports to start from and they are not on the map in FSX. and/or 2. If you start FSX at a blue airport and fly to the lat/long of a green one, there is no airport scenery there.