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  1. High Flight

    Hey thank you both for explaining about OPUS. Looks like i need to purchase it now with my new computer witch makes fsx hum not a slide show as it has been I didn't know what i was missing. Cheers Dazza.
  2. High Flight

    Hey Adam cool picture. can i ask you something. I've been looking at this OPUS program for me. but ive been wondering whats the real weather like for little old NZ is it better than rexe and will it do other airfields other than the main ones. it would be nice to have actual weather that it is outside. Cheers Dazza.
  3. Wanted 737 MCP

    Hi i'm putting this post out as i'm looking for a 737 MCP. So if anyone has one for sale or knows someone that has. Could you let me know i would be very grateful. you can PM me or post here. Thanks Darryl.
  4. Hi everyone this is my first post for the year and last lol. Just wishing everyone a happy new year and a awesome 2012. Also cant wait for NZNI as thats part of my world. Thanks soo much. Cheers Darryl.