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  1. A good way to end the simming year, around the Wairarapa (Godzone Photoreal Subscription, Volume 6) in the A2A Cub on a hazy summer afternoon: Happy holidays everybody
  2. Thanks for the heads up Christoph- as far as I know, I already have the free version of FSUIPC installed which I needed to get my iPad with some the OzRunways app to communicate with my simulator over wifi. Is there an easy way to check? Nope, I'm not really sure about the benefits of upgrading to that DX10 preview mode. Another thing thats a little over my head? Will do- many thanks for your comment and everybody elses Just wondering what mesh settings others are using for the PNW area. I've had mine set on 10m for all my NZ flying with no problems for the last year or so, but the run
  3. Its been over a year since I've switched out of the Oceania region in FTX Central, so for a change of pace today, I revisited the Pacific North West for a bit of a trip down memory lane. My planned flight was from Port Hardy on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, down to Tofino for a touch and go, then over the mountains to Orcas Island to make a full stop. It took me a good ten minutes of scrolling through my virtual hanger before setting on the old Push-Pull C337 as my steed of choice- an addon I'd flown countless hours on when it was originally released and a platform that I congifure ea
  4. I recently went for a bit of a hack in the new payware C207 on behalf of AirDailyX. A top quality product as to be expected, although as always, it would be great as to see some ZK- paintwork for the model! See the full writeup here.
  5. Nice scenery and report- is that scenery all from FTX Global?
  6. Oooh nice, where can I find that paint?
  7. Thanks very much guys. The repaint can be found on Avsim, by Ron Attwood. Filename 'texture.Sounds Air.zip'
  8. Wanganui to Wellington, a mix of NZNI landscape with REAL NZ photoreal, and plenty of nasty dark REX powered clouds around forcing me to fly this leg on an IFR flight plan! Sounds Air are a real world airline who fly this route, with the C208 model shown below published by Carenado
  9. Love these hearland shots, the weather really adds some atmosphere! Next time, try a flight from Che Ridlands NZNP (new_plymouth_airport_2013.zip on avsim). Works great with NZNI and is one of the best freeware airports out there
  10. Love the mighty B.o.P! Is that ZK-NRC repaint available for download mate?
  11. Sweet pics- looks like a nicer day than when I was there last, doing circuits in a SE crosswind gusting 30 knots! What model ATR is that by the way, and where is the repaint from?
  12. Some shots from my favourite light single, Dolf's ZK-ZIG, around the beautiful Wellington harbour area, recently updated with photoreal by the Godzone Subscription, and blended perfectly with FTX NZNI! It's difficult to spot where the photoreal ends and the landclass starts!
  13. Before this thread gets committed to the dark and dusty back pages of the forum, I'll let anyone left wondering in on the actual locations now 9. Taupo 10 & 11. Gisborne 12. Palmerston North 13. Whangarei In retrospect I could have properly snapped these shots with a little more daylight left so the terrain outlines could have been seen. Thanks for playing!
  14. Dolf... that 3rd to last shot might just be the best ever posted on these forums! Amazing work!!!
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