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  1. Yes. My objective is to do more flying around the Japanese Islands. So I'll be hanging out for Region 3, although Region 1 could be interesting too. I have some Middle East to India flights lined up.
  2. Same here. Interested to see how MSFS matures but my heart and wallet are with P3D right now.
  3. This scenery is really looking good.Good job Iain! Its a definite purchase for me!
  4. Looking great! Appreciate the detail outside of the airport boundaries as well. The Orbx team located in the UK are developing it. Regards Mark
  5. Hi Ed, Greg Any updates on progress being made with KSJC? Also wondering how much of the surrounding area of the airport will be available? e.g. Guadalupe river, Hwy 101, 880 and Hwy 87, downtown highlights? Really looking forward to this airport. It was one of my old "hangouts" when I lived in the Bay area. Thx and keep up the good work on the airport. Its looking amazing. cheers Mark
  6. Hi I solved this issue slightly differently after I got a path error for FTX AU. Apparently there is no object flow .xml file in the scenery folder FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY so i went in and deleted the appropriate path statement from OF_Config.XML.file. Note: there is an object xml file in the following folder: FTXAUv2_04_CS-MELBOURNE, so I left the path statement for this one alone and did not delete it. This error only occurred after i recently updated Object flow and FTA AU in Orbx Central yesterday. Obviously things went awry with the latest Orbx up
  7. Hi, I had similar problems having migrated my account from Old Prop to Orbx yesterday. After I followed the instructions to uninstall Chaseplane (CP), then Vfx Central then re-install from Orbx Central, CP would not appear when starting up P3Dv4.5 I did the following to make it work: 1. Ensure P3Dv4 is not running. Go to CP from your Start menu. Run CP from there and let it configure. Note it did not configure as part of the installation from Orbx Central. 2. I found that when starting P3Dv4.5 CP did start up automatically, was placed in a CP view
  8. Same here! Was there last October and took the ferry. Looking forward to watching the ferries go to and fro. Nice work Larry!
  9. Hi Nick, Better today. I just downloaded SAK and did not see any interruptions in the connection this morning. Must have been busy yesterday! regards Mark
  10. Me again, And apologies if my reply refers to P3Dv4 even though this thread is to be found in the FSX forum. I would assume the issue and resolution applies to FSX as well.
  11. Hi, I know I am responding to an old post but wanted to confirm that I had field elevation problems with PAVD in P3Dv4.5 (purchased yesterday) with no Orbx Vector installed. While I had PNW region installed I did not have South Alaska (SAK) installed. There are some other posts in the forum relating to the same problem also but it was not clear whether it was just a re-installation of airport and region that solved the issue but in that case OP also re-installed SAK which had been previously uninstalled on their system. Upon installing SAK on my system , field elevatio
  12. Hi, Yesterday I experienced that same problem as well and I am in Germany. Regards Mark
  13. Hi, I am not a participant of Fastlane but the features with the latest version look great! One of the items I provided feedback for regarding better differentiation of what is or is not installed has an even better implementation than I proposed.So thanks for listening! Looking forward to v4.1 when it releases mainstream. Cheers Mark
  14. Operating system: Windows 10 64bit 1903 Edition Simulator: P3Dv4 Screenshot: see attached Issue: Can we change the color of installed Orbx products in Orbx Central in the list of all displayed products? I know there is a filter that you can apply to only display your installed products but I always like to look at the complete list of installed vs what is currently available. When the installed products only show as the same white color but bolded , the contrast for my old eyes is becoming very hard to distinguish. Could we get installed products to
  15. Hello, Sorry for the long delay in following up on this. I appreciate the info so far. I believe I found my Orbx backup folder but I am not 100% sure. I found a backup folder in which I have been saving my downloaded zip files from some of the Orbx downloads. Together with this were 2 folders named Texture and Scenery. Within the Scenery folder were two sub folders named Global and World and it appears the creation date of the latest files were 24 May 2017.Could these be the original P3D files that shipped with the original version of P3Dv4?
  16. OK thanks for the information Michael. Good to know.Is this issue just related directly to P3Dv4 or other sims as well e.g. FSX? Regards Mark
  17. Hi, If I remember correctly, when I first installed FTX Global many moons ago, there was a prompt to save the original sim scenery/texture files for FSX/P3D but for the life of me I can not find them on my disk. Is there an easy way to find out where those files are located as I would like to make a backup copy of those files on an external hard disk? I have both FSX and P3D on different flight sim PCs. Thx Mark
  18. Bobby, I hope Orbx solve your problem. For me it was straightforward. Pls note the .pdf format is not supported. You need to take a screenshot of your complete receipt containing al the requested info and upload as a.jpg file. BTW: I did not drag and drop. Browse to the .jpg file then Submit. I hope this helps Regards Mark
  19. Hello Orbx, Can you provide an update to the plan regarding an update/upgrade path for those of us who have purchased boxed versions of your products and how those will be available from Orbx Direct? I remember reading from Jon V there was going to be a Boxed to Digital service made available, but I don't believe it is introduced yet although 6 months has gone by since Orbx Direct went live and am still unable to update my previous versions to the latest revision on Driver Central (e.g KORS). Can you let us know if this service is still being planned and if
  20. Guys, You may want to look here if you haven't already done so. This may help point you in the right direction. Regards Mark
  21. OK Marcus, Thx for the prompt reply and letting us know this is already seen. No big deal right now. Look forward to the Service Pack when ready. The moving gates feature you mentioned I will also look forward to. Cheers Mark
  22. Hi, I am noticing a strange issue with the runway lighting at dusk at ESSA where the central runway lights look small (halo) and embedded in the runway as you would expect, but the edge lighting of the runways appears like a candle effect with a pointed halo above the light. I assume the halo effect below the light is also present, but is blocked by the runway surface. Anyway it appears as though a series of candles are burning along the edge of the runway. Very weird! Screenshot: Have tried both FSX Boxed and FSX Steam Edition and the same effect is seen in b
  23. In my case, I have dual installs of FSX and FSX SE so I am not sure where this leaves me? Should I try to fix this manually? Regards Mark
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