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  1. I have been trying to get SODE up and running, but after reinstalling and updating, I now find the jetways are missing from KIDA. Any ideas as to what would cause that? I have attached a clip from P3Dv4.5 - not sure you will be able to see it. Suffice it to say both jetways are cut off at the jetway portal in the terminal building at KIDAMissing Jetways at KIDA.fsr Thanks. Paul
  2. Thanks Nick and Holger. All Orbx product is installed in prepared3dv4.5 folder EXCEPT KSUN and Object Flow which cannot be installed there - so they are in Orbx Main Library. Mesh is set a 5. I found the Tongass Fjord X information you referred me to Holger, and it looks like a rather daunting exercise for someone like me to attempt!? But, assuming there is no simpler alternative I'll give it a try... I know you guys hear this all the time, but "I have not ever had this issue before..." and its killing me - why now? It was flying great last week (until I installed RTMM SIRP package scenery, which is co-incedentall adjacent to the problem area here). Thanks for the suggestions nonethelless. I'll do my best... Paul
  3. This is a new one for me. The water has been replaced by landmass from the coverage area roughly between Pacific Fjords and Southern Alaska package coverage. Something like 2Z1/PAPG east to CAB5 and south to PAWG, and west to TKE. Airports, docks, etc are rendered correctly but aircraft are often loaded to weird locations (in the woods or dry land for float planes when water is visible 20' away). Frame rates are crushed in this area. I have removed and reloaded/verified Global Base, Vector, Southern AK, Pacific Fjords, and OpenLC North America. Further north (PAJN) and south (PAKT) all look fine, as do Europe and Rockies packages etc. Would appreciate some assistance please? Thanks.
  4. Had to reinstall FSXSE and now want move on to allowing Orbx scenery to be used etc.. Can't see FSXSE choice on Orbx Central home screen. Just PREPAR3D v4 shows? How to get Orbx Central recognize my FSXSE installation please?
  5. Fix worked perfectly Nick! Thanks for figuring it out... Paul
  6. Sure Nick. See attached a few miles NNW of KEGE. Problem replicates on P3Dv4.5 default flight too. Not sure you can view P3Dv4 *.fsr files? Runge-Black scenery tiles.fsr
  7. Okay, I recognize that lots of folks have taken a crack at solving this. My problem is that I have done most of the fixes to no avail. Most recently I removed all Global and OpenLC packs, reinstalled, verified, unchecked "Frozen Surface" in Vector, followed by testing for scenery blackouts after each install then, finally used the "Synch" button for good measure, . The problem seems to be OpenLC North America, not Vector as some have pointed out? Even tried the complex "Max Texture Request" from 1,000 to 32,000 change in prepar3d.cfg explained at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vFgfBSSXeE Has anyone had luck fixing this nagging problem??? Its pretty frustrating to own most of Orbx's scenery and have it display so poorly. Thanks. Paul
  8. I had not used the Synch button, and that seems to have worked. So all is well for the moment. Black boxes have so far disappeared. Was not excited about "verifying" 40 or so ORBX packages...I may not have lived long enough to complete that... Thanks for the help.
  9. See attachment clip. I have read and executed a lot of the suggestions and fixes from here and elsewhere on how to get scenery tuned to have minimal (none?) black boxes. The attached clip is from 9000' around SantaFe NM, but its the same issue everywhere. I am soooooooo close to getting this system SantaFe Black Box Scenery.fsrall tuned in correctly...but scenery is still stumping me. Can you tell me what to do next. Having a fairly high end rig, I have sliders pretty close to max in every setting, but keeping resolutions closer to my screens which are set 2560 x 1600. This is all I want for Christmas (other than world peace of course)...!!SantaFe Black Box Scenery.fsr
  10. Found the answer. (Couldn't find the button to delete this question...?). uncheck the boxes in P3Dv4.5 etc from a previous post etc....
  11. What to do with the attached error message I get when shutting down P3Dv4.5. See attached TXT file. Thanks! Paul ContentErrors.txt
  12. I have been having this "snow in August" issue in some parts of Alaska (PAKT, PAWG, PAPG but NOT, as example, PAJN, PANC, PAVD etc)? I reinstalled Southern Alaska but it didn't help. Everything is fine everywhere else in the ORBX world I own. Problem only in FSX-SE, not PVDv4.5. Can you help? Thanks. Paul
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