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  1. ... I now have the privilege to lay my hands on. Beechcraft King Air C90 GTX Cessna 206H Stationair
  2. This is a tiny RTMM jewel... available here: http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/ And thank you for the very kind comments, mates!
  3. ...making a detour with the Do-228 while flying to Valdez, taking off at Cordova on a cold, rainy morning. Getting ready: Here we go. Detouring... Finish.
  4. Yes, it is, of course, the F9F ... Thanks for your comments
  5. Taking off at Laguna (KLGF) and then just speeding away...
  6. Small, fast jet by Vertigo Studios + ORBX + REX TD with Softclouds. Fantastic combo. Taxiing at Kenai: Takeoff... Turning to heading 055 while climbing... Breaking through the clouds: Staying on top... ...before having fun for a while Reaching Valdez.... ... and here we are
  7. I am more than just impressed! ... And never mind improper helicopter handling ;-)
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