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  1. Second last shot, cockpit window left side :-)
  2. Thank you very much guys! On the way to Alice Spring we (The AN-2 and me) indeed crossed Hermannsburg. And did anyone notice the Brachycera in the cockpit ;-)? Nice detail with the Aerosoft AN-2. A flying animal in the aircraft.
  3. I really love this Cessna 140 (by Aeroplane Heaven) ... interior, exterior and everything in between ;-). Shall we really land over there ...?? Let´s have a beer :-). Thanks or watching.
  4. Thank you Brad! Thanks :-) Thank you Adam! Thanks! Thank you Thanks Ian. I would love to hike over there. It´s just so very far away from home...
  5. Superb shot! And the skin is great too.
  6. Great shots, especially the last one
  7. Thank you Ian Thanks :-). It is a Heinkel He 111.
  8. Taking off and landing at Pearson KVUO.
  9. Thank you Thank you Herman The Envshade shaders settings are: High performance priority Atmosphere scattering 0.90 Cloud brightness Day 1.00 Cloud shadows 1.00 HDR contrast 1.20 Vertical visibility 1.00 Terrain saturation 1.00 Water saturation 0.80 The Lighting settings in P3D are: HDR: on Brightness 1.25 Bloom 0.20 Saturation 1.10 Dynamic reflections: Ultra (max) Dynamic lighting: on Indeed :-) Thank you Taph
  10. Thank you. It is still P3Dv4.5 (spring), slightly tuned with Envshade. I love these low and slow flights with lots of trees below, mountains, lakes, ocean and everything else Congrats ;-) - and thank you Thanks! Thank you Ian.
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