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  1. Fixed this up now, should be a patch on Orbx Central in the coming days. Cheers
  2. I missed this, thanks so much everyone! It was a fun one
  3. Hi, Looks like it'll need a patch up for v5, sorry about that. I'll get that done over the next week. Cheers, Misha
  4. Hi, This isn't the first time we've had this problem in v5. I'll take a look tonight. Cheers
  5. Hallo nochmal, Könnten Sie uns bitte auch mitteilen, ob Sie Pula oder Dubrovnik haben? Wenn ja, können Sie auch sehen, ob Sie dort dieses Problem haben? Vielen Dank!
  6. Hallo, OK danke! Können Sie uns bitte mitteilen, welche anderen Landschaften Sie verwenden, auch solche, die nicht von Orbx stammen? Es sieht so aus, als hätten Sie hier einen Konflikt mit einer anderen Landschaft. Der einfachste Weg, uns dies zu zeigen, wäre ein Screenshot Ihrer Landschaftsbibliothek. Vielen Dank!
  7. Hallo, tut mir leid, ich verstehe immer noch nicht, hier könnte etwas in der Übersetzung verloren gehen. Haben Sie noch ein Problem mit Rijeka?
  8. Hi Stefan, Ahh my mistake. I'll note this down and add it as a starting point in a small update, thanks!
  9. Hi Stefan, glad you're enjoying it! By default, Parking A is occupied by the static Mi-17, and to make it available you have to go to the configuration window for LDRI through Orbx Central and disable static aircraft. Please let me know if you need further instructions on how to do this. Also happy to consider creating two options for the config to remove smaller static aircraft and keep the larger Lufthansa one. Cheers, Misha
  10. Hello. Just to clarify, the autogen problem is fixed at Rijeka when you uninstall 29Palms Skiathos? Hallo. Zur Verdeutlichung wurde das Autogenproblem bei Rijeka behoben, wenn Sie 29Palms Skiathos deinstallieren.
  11. Hi, We're planning to do a major overhaul of LDDU this year to reflect the new apron and taxiway, and can update all this stuff. Cheers, Misha
  12. Thanks for the feedback! We've fixed it up now and it's much dimmer. Cheers
  13. Hi everyone! Following on from the announcement of LDRI Rijeka Airport a couple of weeks ago, I'm thrilled to say that Rasha on the home stretch with it. I've really enjoyed contributing to this project and have wanted to do so at another airport on the Adriatic coast for a while. I also have some personal ties to this specific area as you'll find out, making it even more exciting to work on this Rasha has really pulled through with some amazing details with this airport which I'd like to highlight here, so lets dive into them. Rijeka Airport was built in the 60's and opened in 1970, when Croatia was still a part of the former Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. You may notice, therefore, that the architecture of the terminal and tower is very similar to the architecture which you see throughout New Belgrade, which was built during the same era. Rasha has faithfully recreated both of these in their full Brutalist and utilitarian glory, and it starkly contrasts to the new and shiny terminals being build in Dubrovnik just down the coast. Specially modelled for this scenery is the Lufthansa A320 NEO sitting on the tarmac out front the terminal. Here we see it viewed from a terminal balcony - we can really appreciate the extent to which details such as ramps, vegetation, and railings have been recreated, giving us just that extra little bit of immersion. This A320 NEO is just one of the few unique static aircraft Rasha has created for Rijeka. The airport may be old, but the aircraft visiting certainly aren't! We also have an Mi171-SH sitting on the eastern apron. This is used by the Croatian air force primarily to supply emergency air transport for medical patients. Seems like this is a quiet day! If you'd like to take the avatar out for a bit of an exploration on foot, you'll be able to also find some MiG-21's hiding in the hills close to the runway. This is an aspect of these projects Rasha has mastered particularly well - the hills are all one giant 3D model, so you don't have to rely on mesh to create super detailed hills. This is also the method used to create the multi-elevation terminal and car-park model. We also have animations such as the tractor-tug on the apron, PeopleFlow, and this coach in the car park. These kind of dynamic details are great for creating a sense of life at the airport when you're preparing for your flight. This is also by far the most detailed ground poly Rasha has created for an airport to date. There's no shortage of puddles, grime, tyre marks and splotches here, and taxiing around the airport is an incredibly immersive experience. We also take full advantage of the scripting on offer in P3Dv4+, with the runways and taxiways being covered in puddles and a layer of water when the rain arrives. Make sure you don't hit the brakes too hard! Even the beautiful coastal resorts of Croatia have cold seasons, and come winter, the trees will shed all their leaves and create a very different atmosphere. And if you arrive in the evening, we'll have a beautiful night environment with full dynamic lighting waiting for you. The approach is particularly beautiful from the south at dusk, when the sun is low over the mountains to the north-west. Moving onto the surroundings briefly, you might have noticed in the initial previews this massive refinery. This is owned by Adria Petrol, and is located on a hillside very visible from the northern approach path to the airport. With the refinery being very visible on the northern approach path to the airport, it's not exactly the most welcome sight, but rest assured the resorts are located a good distance away from it And, we have the Krk Bridge connecting the mainland to Krk, the island where Rijeka Airport is located. The particular section in this shot is the third largest concrete arch in the world (so plenty of space for you to fly under it!). And fun fact - my grandpa was actually one of the architects that worked on this bridge and a couple of other projects around the area. Finally, I'd like to highlight just how close Rijeka is Pula, a project Rasha and I worked on a couple of years ago. Only 33 nautical miles apart as the crow flies, they're the perfect pair of airports for a short hop - and you get 2 bonus airports with Pula too! Hope you're all really looking forward to getting your hands on Rijeka! You don't have too long to wait, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates over the next week
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