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  1. A wander round Vernonia, 05S

    Lovely shots, can't believe I developed this 4 years ago now, thank you
  2. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, more soon!
  3. Hi All, Apologies for the very long silence in terms of projects over the last year. Life really took over for me and I barely had the chance to develop anything. Over the next 6 or so months I will be working hard to deliver my project pipeline to you however, so I look forward to that That being said, I'm proud to introduce the second collaboration between Rasha Tucakov and I, Pula Airport and cityscape, also on the Adriatic in Croatia! This historical city is particularly unique with it's very well preserved Roman sites, most notably the Pula Arena, and receives countless number of tourists both due to this and its natural beauty. We're pretty close with this one, expect release within the next few weeks The package includes a superbly modelled rendition of LDPL Pula by Rasha, as well as nearby GA grass field LDPM Medulin, and a detailed surrounding area done by yours truly. On top of that, we have included an extensive area of custom vector and landclass well beyond the PR coverage area, so our scenery blends perfectly, and the only prerequisite is FTX Global (no vector or OpenLC required!). COVERAGE MAP: FEATURES: - Large area of photoreal coverage in 60cm resolution - Unique multi-elevation airport model! - Suitable for airliner operations - Includes LDPM Medulin and LDPV Vrsar (lite) - FULL Pula cityscape included! - Advanced AO baking techniques for realistic shadowing - Custom vegetation at airport - Large area surrounding the photoreal has been given custom landclass and vector roads and shorelines for the best experience - Only FTX Global required! We really hope you enjoy these previews Apologies for not having many shots of the airport itself just yet, most of these are of the coverage area which is largely done. In the coming weeks towards release we will have many more shots of the airport for you. Cheers, Rasha and Misha
  4. KHAF R.I.P.?

    It's coming up next after a product I'm literally just about to announce... it'll be out before SBA, certainly before the end of the year. Apologies for the delay.
  5. Lake Tahoe - Grand Caravan 208EX

    Ohh, I can see the place I jetskied last August Lovely shots!
  6. Road Map From Here?

    I'll be finishing Half Moon Bay off after Santa Barbara is done Misha
  7. Sonoma County - Preflight cuppa

    Brilliant shots, thanks for showing it off like this
  8. Dubrovnik Spring 6am to 8am. LDDU by Misha

    And Rasha* Awesome shots!
  9. Dubrovnik

    Awesome video, thanks!
  10. RIP Vlad Maly

    Blue skies Vlad, was always great to have you around My condolences to his family
  11. Lousy weather around Dubrovnik

    Brilliant shots, thanks for purchasing
  12. KSBA

    Not my video, I unfortunately kind of agree the music choice was..not the best
  13. KSBA

    Working on it this very moment
  14. Dubrovnik to Sarajevo

    Lovely shots!!
  15. LDDU surrounding area

    The LDDU addon has completely its own reworked mesh, vector and landclass, so whatever problems you gave now should not be present if you get the addon Cheers