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  1. Hi all, Apologies for missing this. The default ILS shouldn't be excluded, I'll check what's up with that. Cheers, Misha
  2. Final version of the update is on its way up today! There were a few things caught in testing, will be with you soon.
  3. Hi Dukki, An update is available for this now in OrbxDirect. Enjoy!
  4. Hi Carlos, It certainly is planned to be done. Can't say when but it definitely is one of Rasha's and my flagship projects so it won't be very long. Cheers, Misha
  5. I'm really sorry about the delay. It's pretty much done, I'll be sending it off tonight.
  6. Hi Dan, thank you for the kind words! I will be bringing KSTS over to v5 very soon Cheers, Misha
  7. Hi Dukki, You are right, my apologies. This should've been resolved sooner. I will make sure to do it in the next couple of days. Cheers, Misha
  8. Thanks for reporting. I'll make sure that's fixed too. Sorry for the delay with this update, I had begun working on it but moved houses recently and that's thrown my routine all out of whack, but it will be fixed very soon. Cheers, Misha
  9. Hey Scott, I don't know everything there is to know about the SDK, so that video will help me too Not silly at all and I appreciate the post. Been working on a fix to the taxiway signs which will be done soon, but I moved houses over the weekend so that put my routine all out of whack. Will also take a look at fixing this for the update. Cheers, Misha
  10. Hi Eloy, Apologies, the fix is on its way! Cheers, Misha
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