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  1. Hi, Can you please take a screenshot from a higher elevation? That looks like a default strip, not like the SOCAL one. First thing I would do is check if you have that properly installed.
  2. Thanks very much all! Should be released fairly soon I didn't have a chance to get around to these, sorry! No updates to the airport itself in this. Cheers
  3. Hi all, The past month has been pretty rough, hope everyone is staying safe! Since we're all cooped up indoors and playing flight sims, I thought I'd take some time to finish up the Californian Channel Islands that never made it into the first version of Santa Barbara, so that you all have somewhere new to explore This update adds over 700 square kilometers of new coverage to KSBA, more than doubling the original coverage area. It also adds 3 lite airstrips for you to land at. These airstrips are super fun and challenging to fly into, and are a nice short flight away from KSBA. Alternatively, you can load your flight at CA97 Cristy Airstrip, but the other two, you'll have to go and find them! This will be released in the next couple of days. For all that have purchased KSBA already, hope this gives you something new and interesting to explore! For those that haven't, KSBA is still on discount until the 12th April, so make sure you don't miss out and pick up a copy here: orbxdirect.com/product/ksba The update will be free for all customers, so as long as you have the product you'll be able to get it COVERAGE MAP SCREENSHOTS Cheers, Misha
  4. Hi guys, An update for this is now available in Orbx Central. Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Misha
  5. Hi Urmel, We do have this as one of the updates planned for LYBE Cheers, Misha
  6. Hi guys, I've fixed this up for you and you should have an update in the next few days. Thank you very much for your patience, and my apologies for taking a while. Cheers
  7. Hi Theo, There will be a fix for this in a patch coming out soon. Cheers
  8. Hi there, I have a patch for LDDU coming out in the next few days, if you still have the problem once that comes out, please let me know. I would recommend uninstalling the scenery again once its out and reinstall it from scratch with the new update. Cheers, Misha
  9. Hi Theo, We are aware of this, and will hopefully have a fix ready in the next patch. Sorry about that. Cheers
  10. Hi guys, It is not a 30 minute fix. If it was it would've been out ages ago. We also need to modify the ground poly that's in the airport. We would like to put in the new taxiway as part of the update, but we don't have an imagery source, so this has to be done by hand. Doing synthetic photoscenery is not an easy task and very easy to mess up. There have also been a bunch of other things in the meantime that we've had to update, and unfortunately some things get priority over others. If it is really such an eyesore, we can just release a patch without the updated taxiway, that just has the runway numbers changed. Cheers
  11. Hi Oskar, Can you please give the attached file a try and let me know if its ok/if there's anything that needs changing? Cheers, Misha ORBX_KTVL_APX.bgl
  12. Hi Ray, Thanks for reporting, not sure why it was made available to you in the first place. I'll let the IT team know! Cheers, Misha
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