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  1. Misha Cajic

    My Valentine’s picked up

    Nice shots, but Catalina was done by Tim and Ken, not me
  2. Misha Cajic

    Just coasting along.

    Lovely shot!
  3. Misha Cajic

    the updated Dubrovnik + SODE + AI

    Great shots! Thanks
  4. Negative, the updates come with many other improvements so everyone should download them
  5. Misha Cajic

    KSBA 737

    Lovely shots
  6. Thanks very much for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying it
  7. RIP Neil, always such a pleasure to work with and such a nice guy too. The amount he's contributed in scenery to Orbx is truly mind blowing, likely no one has more people using their scenery than him.
  8. Misha Cajic

    KSBA to KAVX

    Great shots!
  9. Misha Cajic

    Santa Barbara a few more

    Great shots! Thanks
  10. Misha Cajic

    KSBA Santa Barbara

    Brilliant video! Thanks very much
  11. Misha Cajic

    KSBA Santa Barbara - Getting Close!

    Hi @mike stout, Please take a look at my answer here: Short answer: From my testing, the airport itself works fine without SCA, but the surroundings have a few buildings sunken into the ground, and if you don't have FTX Vector, the shorelines will look weird too. Cheers
  12. Hi guys, Should be back now. Enjoy
  13. Hi Aron, Looks like you are correct. I'll let the team know ASAP, the discount should still be up. Sorry about that. Cheers