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  1. XPlane lighting is honestly amazing Great shots
  2. BNE-MEL. Last time I took this was part of BNE-MEL-ADL.
  3. In between usual spring stuff, like house cleaning, working and planting strawberries; I found time for a quick commute. I have flown this route IRL several times, however in a 737. I have P3D in a configuration software/setting wise that I am happy with. ActiveSky really helping with the immersion factor here.
  4. I often recreate flights I have taken IRL. For example, YBCS-YBCG.
  5. Lovely town, both irl and in the sim.
  6. Almost looks like your Saab is glowing.
  7. Throwback to the AU Blue roots aye; great atmospheric shot.
  8. Just feeling that heat already. Usual standards from you; good shots.
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