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  1. Thanks guys, all going fine now. Looks ok in-game too. Have also done a verify.
  2. See my last post. Awaiting your confirmation to delete. :) Forgot to quote :(
  3. Hi Doug, There's one called "Eng" (see attached screengrabs). Note foldersize & date. So I guess that's it. Awaiting your confirmation to delete. regards, Noel B.
  4. Hi Doug, Thanks for the rapid response. Following your directions I come to the backup folder but do not find in there a"products" folder. Should I use the "clear" button in Orbx Central (Backup, Location) to clear the lot, or, go to the backup folder and delete,,, what??. See attached screengrab Doug I really appreciate your help in this. Many thanks, Noel B.
  5. EU England update fails with three corrupt? files. "Three files failed to extract". Several attempts to verify files has not changed this problem. Even uninstalling & reinstalling fails (same: three files....) Suggestions /assistance please?
  6. Mostly very good indeed. But what about this bridge??. Are the CBD buildings modelled on the current actual structures, or has someone put in what they think looks good?. What has been done for the outback townships/settlements? What sorts of double-story city buildings have replaced there with what is actually in these places?.
  7. Thanks Bruce. Am currently slowly working my way through Flukey's list. Have posted a Word doc of same; as an aid to ticking off as-I-go. Each airstrip one tick when done, 2nd tick when confirmed ok with a test in FSX (my case). Have replied to David's message re Whitsunday 'missing' airstrips. Pointed him to Flukey's post etc.
  8. Hi Bruce, I didn't know I had to uninstall the Holgermesh, or was that not necessary in my case (FSX) ? I have a helipad in Melbourne on the river slightly askew, and in Deniliquin (so far) a tyre and a couple of sheep out on the roadway at the end of a runway.
  9. Hi Jarrad, Could some kind soul please tweak around the AWA building and tower (near Wynyard Sydney CBD). It currently is sadly buried inside a not-true building. Also, it (the AWA building) is not aligned correctly to the street it's on. I think York St?. i.e. needs rotating. But probably in the correct spot. Really looking forward to Sydney when ready. Ummm the Opera House, is that a new one?. I'm not sure it looks as nice as the Oz v1 one?. Is it's helipad still there?. Will the ferry terminals be done?. Many thanks to all those involved in all this work.
  10. Will the train be AI (animated?) :) Great choice for a surprise yummy NZ airport destination.Attached here is my GE kml placemark for Captain Cook Statue & gloobal sphere; depicting his several global journeys of discovery. Captain Cook Statue & Sphere.kmz
  11. Hi, Is there any manual etc for PNG Holgermesh?. I've installed the mesh (came with install exe file only). Should it appear in FTX Central?. (I don't see it) What should I set FTX Central to?, Oceania?, or, default?. Also, one of the main river systems sits high above surrounding terrain, & appears as an elevated river, with outside cliff-like banks some 100 feet or so high. _______/\~~~~~/\_________ Some airstrips are at the bottom of large rectangular 'pits', many feet deep. Any help in resolving these issues most appreciated. I can supply screen-grabs as & when require
  12. Hi VH-KDK, Really nice shots of your Melbourne to Griffith tour. Appreciated the addition of explanatory text too. If some kind experienced airfield modeller/s would care to help me, I would be very interested in recreating McIntyre Field circa WWII at Tocumwal, & it's associated infrastructure outfields & ranges etc. As an ex-PMG Telecom Tech who worked in Deni (Deniliquin NSW) circa Jan 1962 to Dec 1967, I became aware of Tocumwal's WWII involvement during some of my several forages "into the wilds" at the start of my 16 years & 200,000 miles of all-things motorcyclin
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