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  1. G'day All, I am delighted to make three introductions to you all; a new member of the Orbx Team, a new line of Orbx Products, and a much-anticipated new scenery project for Australia! Allen Kriesman is a legend of the Flightsim community; a master of his craft for several decades, you will know from his company Scenery Solutions, and highly popular products such as Ultimate Terrain X (UTX). We are delighted to have him on the team; not only will you see new scenery projects from Allen during 2018 and onward, but his technology will be making it's way into many of our other product lines over the coming months. Orbx CityScene is a new line of scenery products that will recreate urban centres and cityscapes around the world in incredible detail. Building upon thousands of hours of R&D over several years, Allen's ground-breaking new technology enables highly-detailed scenery, coupled with highly improved performance and optimisation compared to default city centres. Bypassing traditional autogen methods, buildings correctly replicate unusual footprints, improve on building height and type accuracy, and even add more details for an immersive experience. Vegetation, lighting, terrain, traffic, are all fully integrated. Most importantly, CityScene technology uses next-gen optimisation techniques to ensure the very best performance. The CityScene line will sit alongside bespoke hand-made Cityscapes such as Maurizio's Canberra and Cote d'Azure; likewise some components of this new tech will be utilised in upcoming region and airport products. In short, features you can expect from an Orbx CityScene product: - Highly detailed city and urban landscapes brought to life - Accurate and detailed buildings that go far beyond the limitations of the P3D autogen system - Realistic photoreal/satellite orthoimagery base - Dense and highly-accurate vegetation placement - Road traffic, vector, mesh (DEM) and landclass where required - Full 5 seasons (where applicable) and complete night lighting - Important POI, landmarks and features modeled - Optimised for the best balance between performance and detail CityScene Gold Coast is Allen's first project with Orbx, and recreates the entire City of Gold Coast and surrounds. A long-awaited return to our Australian roots after a hiatus of several years, Goldy has been designed in parallel with Matteo's YBCG Gold Coast International Airport (more news on that soon!). The CityScene captures one of Australia's favourite tourist destinations in complete detail; explore 600 sq km of beautiful beaches, urban landscapes, hotels, towers and waterways. As a bonus, Allen (with the help of Jordan Gough) has included lite renditions of several helipad locations, and Southport Flying Club (YSPT), perfect for launching low-and-slow flights over the coverage area. As Australia's largest non-capital city, Gold Coast has long been famous for it's beaches, surfing and weather. After a massive development boom in the 1980s, the population of the area is now over 600,000, as well as being home to dozens of skyscrapers, including Q1, the tallest building in Australia. The area straddles the New South Wales - Queensland border; Brisbane lies 65km to the north, whilst major NSW regional centres such as Balina, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie lie just to the south. One of the features of the calendar is the Gold Coast 600 Supercar Motor Event; held in the centre of the city, the event is a launching stage for spectacular aerial displays from the RAAF (recommended flying inspo here, here and here!). Given it's southern Queensland location, Gold Coast is the perfect centre for short airline flights to well-loved ORBX destinations such as Brisbane, Coffs, Port Mac, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Cairns, Tamworth and Bathurst. Talking of airline flights, CityScene Gold Coast is prepared and ready for the upcoming Gold Coast Intl; a simple placeholder airport representation has been included as an interim measure until the full HD airport is ready as a separate product. CityScene Gold Coast has been designed to blend with ORBX Australia. ORBX CITYSCENE GOLD COAST FEATURES - Highly detailed, accurate representation of the City of Gold Coast and surrounds - Beautiful ground textures at 60cm, with bonus 7cm ultra-HD at Southport Flying Club - Huge 600km2 coverage area - Next-Gen CityScene Technology - Custom 3D lighting, road traffic, and vector components - Bonus Southport Flying Club (YSPT) lite airport - Bonus light helipads: Marina Helipad and Gold Coast University Hospital - Custom DEM mesh - POIs including Q1 (Australia's tallest building), Jupiters Casino and more - Over 69,000 custom objects! - 119,000 accurately-placed buildings - 1.12 million trees! - Expertly optimised using ground-breaking techniques for best performance. - Compatible with all versions of FSX and P3D, designed for use with ORBX Australia - The exciting first product for Allen Kriesman! - Price will be AUD$24.95 (approx. USD$19.50 / €16 / £14 ) COVERAGE AREA MAP Please enjoy these first screenshots from Emmsie, and stay tuned for plenty more shots and information over the coming days! Cheers, Jarrad
  2. G'day there, KEGE will be available for Steam alongside our other releases in about a week or so. Cheers, Jarrad
  3. Hi guys, This is already the case. At the bottom of every airport product page you will see this information under "Prerequisite Products" - this will tell you whether the airport works with FTX Global, a specific FTX Region, or OLC. Airports that are designed to be compatible with Global and/or a Region will say so, ie; "You require at least one of the following products to use KPSP Palm Springs International Airport: FTX Global Base or FTX Southern California." Cheers, Jarrad
  4. Thanks for the kind words, glad you are enjoying LOWI in AFS2 The source imagery for both P3D and AFS2 versions is exactly the same, however as you say, the beautifully crisp terrain engine is certainly a big selling point for AFS2. Cheers
  5. Hi there, The maximum ground resolution differs from product to product, up to and including 7cm/pixel for some of our airports. For this reason, we recommend setting your slider to 7cm. Airports with lower-res textures (say 15cm or 30cm) will not be negatively impacted by keeping the slider maxed out. Given your location, a good example of an airport with 7cm ground textures that may interest you is Broome Airport - the area around the airport is at this high resolution. Regarding lighting settings, this is entirely up to your taste - I definitely keep it switched on and just adjust to match whichever PTA/URP/other shader mods I have installed at the time. Cheers, Jarrad
  6. LOWI ORBX scenery with default scenery

    Hi there, thanks very much for that. First thing to try: 1. It is possible that your ORBX scenery is in the wrong order in your scenery library. To fix this, open FTX-Central, and under settings change the Library insertion point, so that your FTX sceneries sit at the top of the library. You can check this by opening the scenery library in P3D - your FTX_AA_LOWI entry should be near the top. 2. You have a conflicting APX/ADE file which will need to be disabled. Possible causes would be from other Innsbruck/Austria sceneries (in which case make sure you have consulted our LOWI compatibility guide), or from some AI packages. Cheers, Jarrad
  7. LOWI ORBX scenery with default scenery

    Hi there, welcome to the forums, In order to receive support, could you please post your order number (also known as the Transaction ID)? This will be in your original LOWI purchase email. Cheers, Jarrad
  8. Thanks very much guys, apologies for the late reply, just coming back on deck after a break over the holidays. G'day TTM, P3D is still my core simulator; my new projects (including the airport I'm currently working on) will be designed for P3D/FSX first and foremost. In terms of visuals, whilst there are the well-discussed tradeoffs with AFS2, there are a couple of big advantages for me as a developer: - The terrain engine is much sharper. Ground textures and autogen (cultivation in AFS2 parlance) render more clearly in the middle and far distances. This is particularly great for mountain sceneries; the definition in distant peaks is much better than P3D. - Performance is through the roof. Contrary to popular belief, this is not solely due to lack of systems (AI, complex weather etc), but because the IPACS team make it their core mission to make an extremely lean core engine for us to work with. Throwing the kitchen sink at the sim and still getting 200fps (even with VR) does wonders for increasing the sense of immersion. - Sloped runways, sharper shadow rendering (compared to P3Dv4), and a few other small improvements all add a little bit of incentive for us P3D developers to try it out. G'day Jack, much as I did with Monterey, I've tried to keep KEGE as similar to it's P3D counterpart as possible. There will be small differences you may notice - the density of the vegetation is higher, the ground poly "noise" textures are at a higher resolution, and some minor substitutions have been made. And of course the runway is curved in AFS2. Conversely, some secondary components have been removed due to limitations; the biggest of which would be the small helipad at Vail (which is redundant at the moment anyway, due to lack of helos in AFS2). But all in all, you will get a very fair crossover between the two platforms. Cheers, Jarrad
  9. airport details important?

    Hi guys, great discussion and apologies for being a little late to the party. This exact question is something every airport developer wrestles with for each project, and at the end of the day, it comes down to personal taste, balancing external factors (performance of surrounding area, what type of aircraft are likely to be flown in, etc), development schedule and quality of resources (airside photos, ground imagery etc). My preferences as a simmer strongly affect how I make scenery, and you guys tell me whether the decisions made are right or wrong. For me, the biggest priorities are: - Performance. Always performance. - The surrounds, as seen by the pilot: approaches, circuit, general vicinity of the airport. These need to be accurate and in balance with the airport scenery. - Airside needs to be bang-on: as high-fidelity as possible, within the performance parameters of the project. - Level-of-detail transitions have to be subtle: having a super-detailed scenery component parked next to a low-fidelity component is as jarring as a bad colour blend. Concentrical levels of detail extending out as far as possible from the airport is important. Airside parking positions and runways have the highest level of detail, the outer border of the scenery has the lowest. - Airport atmosphere: any details (airport vehicles, clutter, people, statics etc) need to match what is expected for the type/size of the airfield. These also need to be placed naturally and in balance with both each other and the surrounding infrastructure. - Performance, again. Always, always, always, performance is a priority. Again, these are only my preferences. As you all are discussing, others have different priorities and part of an airport developer's job is to incorporate these into a project too. Cheers, Jarrad
  10. Jandakot Fixed and Egg Beaters

    Great shots mate, certainly been a bit windy for you guys this week. If anyone wants to see how that 737 (pic #1) made it into such a small airport, here is the video: Cheers, Jarrad
  11. G'day Maxkillers, happy new year to you Thanks for taking the time to let us know your suggestions. I'm always mulling options for WA airports - Karratha is an idea I particularly like as I spent a few years there as a kid. Likewise, Rotto and also Kalgoorlie are options that are regularly thrown around. Whilst I can't give away anything as to my plans for 2018 (aside from those mentioned in JV's roadmap), please be assured that we are always paying attention to posts exactly such as this. Cheers, Jarrad
  12. G'day everyone, Following hot on the heals of Monterey, I am very pleased to announce our fourth airport for IPACS Aerofly FS2: Eagle County Regional Airport! Whilst many of you were expecting Jackson Hole after Wednesday's announcement (don't worry, this will be my next release!), I've been adding some final spit and polish to this well-known Colorado airport. A highly popular ORBX destination that was originally released for FSX and P3Dv4 in 2015, Eagle-Vail has been brought to life for the new simulator. With an enormous 1500km2 coverage area, this scenery not only encompasses KEGE, but also two additional "lite" airstrips; Gypsum Creek Ranch (CO47) and Avon STOLPort (WHR), the latter depicted in it's mid-1980s configuration. Explore the ski resort townships of Vail, Eagle, Gypsum, Beaver Creak and Walcott, as well as large chunks of the imposing Sawatch Mountain Range. As can be expected from any ORBX destination, colour-matched and edited ground textures, detailed hand-placed buildings, vegetation, landmarks and 3D lighting can be found across the coverage area. These features are coupled with Aerofly's trademark crisp terrain engine, effortlessly smooth performance and curved runway models. Situated deep in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Eagle County is as famous for it's challenging approaches as it is for it's dramatic scenery. Surrounded by difficult terrain and prone to bad weather, KEGE is a high-altitude airport that will test even seasoned pilots. The airfield itself is a regional airport located several miles east of Gypsum, Colorado, and hosts five airlines serving destinations across the US and Canada. As much of the airline traffic caters to ski-season tourist, Eagle County is Colorado's second busiest airport during the winter months. In addition to the airline terminal, KEGE lays claim to one of the largest FBOs in the country - Vail Valley Jet Center, which caters to an enormous amount of corporate charter and GA traffic. For the military aficionados amongst you, explore the Army National Guard High Altitude Aviation Training Site, located on the north side of the field. Whilst the high altitude and terrain prove challenging at all times of year, the airport is designed to handle aircraft up to Boeing 757 in size. Located a short flight to many of the best-designed default Aerofly Airports seen to date; take your Q400 or A320 to Denver, Salt Lake City or ( the upcoming ORBX) Jackson Hole, or jump in something smaller and pop over to Aspen, Telluride or Monument Valley, all short flights away. Eagle County has been designed to best blend with the freeware Colorado DLC from IPACS, if you haven't downloaded your copy yet from Steam, you're missing out! As mentioned in various posts over recent weeks, there is a flurry of activity going into Aerofly development as I speak; Eagle County is the perfect destination to explore some of the most dramatic scenery in the United States and sets the tone of what is to come. FTX EAGLE COUNTY REGIONAL AIRPORT for AEROFLY FS2 FEATURES: • Highly-detailed rendition of KEGE airport • Massive 1500sqkm coverage area • Incredible ground textures at 30cm/1m • 2x bonus lite airfields • Gypsum Creek Ranch & Avon STOLPort • Amazing sloped runway • Detailed ground poly with complete spec/bump mapping • Extreme high-density vegetation cultivation • Accurate hand-placed buildings for the entire coverage area • Animated PeopleFlow2 technology • 3D night lighting for the entire city • New generic building textures to better suit Colorado environment (not currently depicted) • Detailed grass and vegetation at airport • Animated airport ground vehicles • Many landmarks and POI • New soft-blend terrain to surrounding ASF2 • Dozens of custom aircraft, vehicles and GSE created specifically for Eagle County • Runway and taxiway lighting • 100% compatible with IPACS Colorado DLC • Amazing performance on even mid-range machines! COVERAGE AREA & SLOPED RUNWAY Z More details and screenshots to come after the holidays, in the mean time, please have a great Christmas break, and enjoy the previews! Jarrad
  13. We need Perth from Orbx!

    G'day guys, I'm currently mid-project on something else, but YPPH is always being considered. Have a great Christmas, Jarrad
  14. G'day John, great mini-review, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Animated GSE is a possibility with the current iteration of AFS2, however I decided not to implement it for Monterey. The good news is that I've implemented some for our next airport, or likewise if you have LOWI you can find some (as well as an animated train) there. Cheers, Jarrad
  15. Guys thanks very much for the lovely feedback, it's very rewarding to wake up to such nice comments this morning. I agree with you all, Aerofly has a huge amount of potential, and really is a great platform to work with alongside P3D. It's also nice to see some of our more complex airports get the chance to really perform under a highly-optimised performance engine, albeit with it's current limitations. Given the projects discussed by John, the work myself and others in the team are doing behind the scenes, ORBX are strongly committed to Aerofly as we see it as an excellent platform to be working with during 2018 and beyond. For anyone who's keen, there are a few more projects in the works already; I'm hoping to preview my next just before Christmas. Like Monterey, it's centred in an existing part of the Aerofly world, and should be a nice location for short flights to some of the great default AFS2 airfields and scenic locations. Cheers, Jarrad