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  1. I don't have an ETA yet sorry Gumby (and I like to be super cautious about this to avoid setting unrealistic expectations), however if it helps to give an idea on scope and progression, I have been working on YPPH since Feb last year. Cheers, Jarrad
  2. Hi guys, yes I am 100% working on Perth. I'm not ready to show everything just yet sorry, but rest assured it is being worked on, and it will be my most comprehensive airport/city package yet. Cheers, Jarrad
  3. G'day guys, For what it's worth, I too share your download pains; my street is still on the ADSL2 bandwagon. As someone who is constantly downloading ORBX beta builds and products (and more painfully, uploading them), my preferred method for larger files is to simply leave FTX-C or the download manager running overnight. I did this recently with the TrueEarth Washington beta (which was much larger than AUv2), and everything was ready for me first thing next morning. Obviously this solution doesn't work for everyone, but has worked for me for a long time now. Cheers, Jarrad
  4. Perth is most definitely not getting ignored... please refer to my comments earlier in this thread.
  5. Thank you all for the overwhelming response, given how hard Holger and the team are working the background, we've all been delighted at the feedback and questions so far. 1. For sure. AUv2 is designed to be a totally stand-alone product; no other mesh/vector/landclass product will improve on what we've got included in this package. 2. We've been in touch with a few of the OzX developers (who you will see are also active on the forums) - once the product is released we'll be facilitating them as they look at any potential issues. We have a service pack for Tyabb which is currently in beta testing. Exactly like you, I have only been an eager bystander on this project, keenly watching the development going on behind the scenes. I am more than busy enough with my own airport project at the moment, but the guys were kind enough to let me post a few screenshots We'll definitely include a few more shots of different seasons in the coming weeks - these were just a small taste. Agree with your sentiments though - the seasons really bring all the difference when flying at different times of year. Interesting to note for European and American simmers is that for many areas in southern Australia, winter is the greenest part of year. Byron Bay lighthouse can be found there perched up on the hill - it is not a custom model but an excellent representation of the real thing. The mesh looks particularly great for this part of the world too. This is absolutely is on the money - it is one of the annoyances of the ESP engine that renaming the ICAO for an existing airport brings far too more trouble than it's worth. YBMC (YBSU) has received a great upgrade (and the new mesh really makes a difference to the surrounding Glasshouse Mountains), however the ICAO will remain the same for the reasons outlined. G'day Terry - the interactive map will show you the latest batch of airports that included (denoted with an aircraft icon). Note that this will increase slightly for release, we already have a few new strips that are being worked on at the moment. Absolutely - we'll include shots of Sydney in upcoming previews, and can definitely get some shots of those other areas too. Absolutely guys - just to reiterate that every default airport in the AUv2 coverage area (all 370 of them) as well as 280 new airports have been given an upgrade with improved/updated layouts to match 2018/2019 reality, along with the usual ORBX regional goodies such as statics, library models, vehicles, PeopleFlow, etc. Major airports have got dynamic wind socks (a first for region-standard airports), and all airports are tweaked for use with the various AU AI packs for FSX/P3D1-3 and the new AU AI P3Dv4 pack. If you consider that the previous default airports date from 2005, many major Aussie airports will look very different (Perth, Canberra etc). A couple of our airports (including a few of the RAAF bases) even include custom models. If you have any of our recent landclass Region products (Germany North/South, Northern/Southern California, etc) you'll have a good idea of what to expect with our updated airports. They are designed to be a good middle ground between default and standalone-payware quality. So in summary - yes, all your requested airports (including Perth, Sydney, Hobart/Cambridge, etc) will all see big improvements Perth is getting some good love and attention in AUv2, we'll include more shots in the coming weeks - obviously this includes both airports and metro area. One of the interesting changes for me was the drastic improvements to the southern and northern suburbs - considering the changes in infrastructure and suburb growth since 2008, this is head and shoulders above what we have been used to. Taking a short flight around Murrayfield looks very different in AUv2 As to new stand-alone payware airports for Australia - alongside our recent Gold Coast Intl, Gold Coast CityScene and Tyabb releases, yes we do have all-new projects currently in development. I also think at this point it is fair to say that my current project is a fairly open secret, though I am not quite ready to preview it, I'm very sorry We have done some preliminary testing with FlyTampa YSSY and so far, everything is looking good, though this is subject to final checks. But rest assured, ensuring compatibility for this airport is important for us too Thanks guys, and keep the questions coming. Cheers, Jarrad
  6. Thanks guys, there are still a couple of things the guys want to tweak with Sydney before we show that off. Fear not though, these shots are only a tiny taste of what this scenery includes; we'll be posting plenty more pics over the coming weeks
  7. G'day everyone, It is with a great deal of excitement that the team is proud to announce our latest region for FSX & Prepar3D, Orbx AU Australia V2! A monumental redesign of one of our most beloved products, AUv2 brings to life the entirety of the Australian continent with the latest region-based technology. Clocking in at a staggering 8 million square kilometres, AUv2 incorporates an enormous diversity of topography and geography. From the tropical rain forests of far-north Queensland to the wind-swept coastline of south-west Tasmania; from the temperate urban metropolises of the east coast to the desolate beauty of the red centre, explore a variety of stunning landscapes not seen anywhere else in the Orbx world. AUv2 is a landclass-style region that brings together everything on a massive scale. Almost 700 airports have been upgraded or created from scratch, giving you the perfect opportunity to criss-cross the country in true VFR style. Coastlines, waterbodies, road, rail and powerline networks have been recreated from scratch, using the latest high-fidelity data to vastly improve accuracy and detail across the continent. Towns, urban centres and other settlements have been reworked too; diversity, realism and accuracy greatly improve the immersion, whether that be flying cross-country long-haul or local VFR hops. Terrain elevation mesh has been brought to the next level; incorporating the latest data from the Australian Government, the new HD mesh makes a huge difference on both a small and large scale. In addition to these major re-workings, over 50 large-scale photoreal points of interest have been created from scratch to represent well-known geographical and man-made features. Mine sites, dry lakes, tidal water bodies, unusual geographical formations and more have been expertly edited, colourised and blended to the surrounding terrain. The largest of these features is the Great Barrier Reef; recreated in complete photoreal quality, this feature alone is larger than many of our existing regions! The centrepiece of AUv2 is undoubtedly our high-definition Melbourne Cityscape. The inner suburbs of Melbourne have been lovingly brought to life in full photoreal detail. 30cm ground textures, complete custom modelling for CBD blocks, high-detail POI, beautifully hand-placed autogen vegetation, and stunning night lighting combine bring to life the city that is, in many ways, the spiritual home for Orbx. We will go into much further detail on this exciting component of AUv2 in coming weeks. We have all been very much looking forward to showing this latest work off to you; for a long time we have been listening to your requests for more P3D projects, and more Australian projects - we have been listening! We also hope you enjoy exploring just a small taste of what this huge scenery has in store for you. FEATURES Melbourne, Victoria Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Adelaide, South Australia Great Barrier Reef, Queensland AUv2 FEATURE LIST Our largest and most popular region; 8 million sq km in full Orbx region quality Ultra-HD Melbourne Cityscape 370+ upgraded and 280+ all-new airports Over 50+ large-scale photoreal areas of interest such as salt lakes, mine sites, tidal areas and many more High-quality mesh, with high-resolution LIDAR data for the majority of the eastern/southern seaboard, major cities and Tasmania Completely new lakes, rivers and shorelines - much improved quality and accuracy Entire Great Barrier Reef in photoreal Completely new road and rail networks Improved and new landclass types Hundreds of thousands of new geographical features; dry lakes, parks, railyards, industrial areas etc Much-improved populated area shape accuracy Completely new powerline networks, windfarms and other man-made features Improved and updated bridges, harbour objects and marinas Complete seasonal variations Airports optimised for use with AI traffic, particularly our enormously-popular AI Traffic for Australia Designed to work seamlessly with all 32 Australian HD airports and Cityscapes (on sale until the end of May!) Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 COVERAGE MAP Note: this map represents the current development version of AUv2, with more features likely to be added for release. THE TEAM As to be expected from such a monumental project, many developers have been working tirelessly to get AUv2 prepared for you all. First and foremost, Holger Sandmann is the Project Manager and Lead Developer for the project; as our resident GIS guru, he has undertaken all major vector, raster, elevation editing and processing. Frank Schnibben has been in charge of the Melbourne Cityscene component, many of the exciting new features seen in this part of the product are his handy work. Contributing several of the ultra-HD landmarks located within Melbourne, including the beautiful MCG, is Jordan Gough. Chris Clack, alongside Graham Eccleston and Ken Hall, have been looking after the upgrades to all the airports included in the project. Mark Halliwell has cast his eye towards colourising, editing and blending the large photoreal points of interest. Lastly, it is very important to acknowledge the work of our good friend and colleague, Neil Hill. Before Neil passed away last year, one of his last projects was laying the groundwork for the complete AUv2 airport database. We'd like to recognise the huge contribution Neil made to this project. FAQ Q. I own FTX AU (v1), am I eligible for some kind of discount? A. As long as you have a copy of FTX AU v1 in your OrbxDirect account, a discount of 40% will be automatically applied at check-out. Q. How much disk space will AUv2 take up? A. Current installed size is approx 21GB, though this is subject to change for final release Q. Will all my Orbx payware Australian airports work with AUv2? A. Yes. Graham is currently working through all HD airports to correct any compatibility issues. Q. I have a third-party mesh installed, will I need this for Australia? A. No. The mesh shipped with AUv2 is the best quality and resolution currently available on the market. COMPATIBILITY Orbx Australia V2 has been designed to work with all versions of FSX and Prepar3D. An up-to-date installation of the OrbxLibraries is a must. AUv2 is a stand-alone product and as such absolutely no other Orbx products are required. We do recommend using AUv2 alongside our freeware Australian AI pack. All Orbx HD airports, freeware airports and CityScene products will be fully compatible with AUv2. PRICING Orbx AUv2 will be available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $38.50/ €34.25 / £29.50). AUv1 customers who have a copy in their OrbxDirect account will receive a 40% discount. The team are working extremely hard in the background putting the final touches on this huge project, but in the meantime be sure to check out the following screenshots from across the country. Cheers! Use your mouse to explore this 360-degree view of Melbourne Cityscape Shark Bay, Western Australia Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Cocos (Keeling) Islands Hunter Valley, New South Wales Lake Eyre, South Australia Blue Mountains, New South Wales Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Melbourne CBD, Victoria RAAF Pearce, Western Australia. Also shown are new upcoming freeware AU AI Traffic updates (for P3Dv4 only) The Olgas, Northern Territory Adelaide northern suburbs, South Australia Victorian High Country Mount Warning, New South Wales Melbourne CBD, Victoria Jervis Bay Territory Near Alice Springs, Northern Territory Adelaide Airport and CBD, South Australia Near Byron Bay, looking towards Mount Warning, New South Wales Melbourne CBD, Victoria Darwin, Northern Territory Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland Adelaide Salt Lakes, South Australia Flinders Island Airport, Tasmania Port Melbourne, Victoria Brisbane CBD, Queensland Far North Queensland Melbourne CBD, Victoria Lake Amadeus, Northern Territory Keep an eye for more updates and info in the coming weeks!
  8. Whilst we might seem to be quiet, we have some huge things in the works for P3D right now. You will have seen early glimpses in the 2019 Roadmap thread, but there is plenty more that we haven't even started showing off yet. Things are looking very exciting for all platforms right now Cheers, Jarrad
  9. Hi guys, This shot is buried deep in our 2019 Roadmap topic, no promises on release dates yet Cheers, Jarrad
  10. G’day ScotG Since you have Global Base, you don’t need OpenLC Europe. cheers, Jarrad
  11. G'day Bruce, you'll find them scattered across almost all of our P3D airports released after Feb 2017 (ie Innsbruck onwards). For performance reasons, we generally keep them (and other custom-designed hi-def vehicles) nearer to the airside areas, and use lower-poly vehicles for mass-populating larger carparks etc. Cheers
  12. Great shots Jack Did you bump into the other Aussie at Redding? Cheers, Jarrad
  13. G'day Steve, No that's not quite correct. We do intend to add SODE tech to our old airports, however we're not making promises about ETAs. Some of these airports will take an enormous amount of work to rip apart and re-work with SODE jetways, so I'm merely trying to set realistic expectations. That said, we do have our next batch of jetway airport updates being worked on as I speak Cheers, Jarrad
  14. G'day Markus - great question. We already have the ability to model unique and even animated windsocks that respond to weather using existing Objectflow technology - you can see these at some our HD airports, for example Narvik. You won't currently find them at lite airports included with regions; this was a conscious decision made by the team for a variety of reasons; performance/loading time, development/workflow efficiencies, etc. Unfortunately due to a variety of limitations in P3Dv2 onwards, this is why you see default or static windsocks at these airfields. We're always weighing up decisions like these with each new project (and in fact this has been a recent point of discussion), but in the meantime we'll be focusing on finding new and innovative ways to implement SODE and Objectflow v2 tech into our new and existing HD airports Cheers, Jarrad
  15. G'day Jim, Best solution is to start a support topic so that our guys can help you get sorted. SODE is ubiquitous across the payware community these days, once you've got it sorted with your ORBX products, you'll have it fixed for your other payware airports too Cheers,
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