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  1. LOL wow! Who in would of thought of that! Great catch! This was an easy fix! I was a bit shocked when landing last night at LEBB... Did NOT expect to see a runway and scenery underground...
  2. Hello, I cannot activate the hold short stop-bar lights in the ORBX Central Module... I did see a file Westsim_LOWI_Placement_FX_HoldShort_Objectflow.SwitchedOffAllTimes.OFF but I am not sure if this is related... Not too sure what to make of it. I am running on P3D v4.5 + hotfix. Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards,
  3. Works!!! Weird, at first the elevation was still off, then switched to another airport and back and it was fine!
  4. By the way, I forgot to mention that these files are remnants when we were given the ability to migrate to a different folder.
  5. So the good news -- verify files did help for FTX_NA_CRM and LOWI. However, for those three rogue files from Global Base, they remained and were actually re-activated. I re-deactivated them after seeing the conflict they were creating... See image.
  6. I had to disable these to avoid conflicts with local scenery... Very weird. Also, I seem to even have duplicates (as seen in the picture with file names with numbers in parentheses). Is this normal? If not, is there a way to fix this?
  7. Temporary fix, I noticed these weird files related to ORBX / FTX... I disabled them for now, any ideas on how to fix this permanently?
  8. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v4.5 hotfix2 Screenshot: See attached Issue: Not too sure the genesis of this issue, but it is either when I transited to the new ORBX Central Platform, or when I updated the client with Hotfix 2 - or both. All I know is my layering is a mess and I cannot seem to fix it, even when I sync the simulator and specifically state where to start the layering (basically under layer 83 (Ottawa 2018)). I have FTX files right at the top, I have Europe landclass files at the middle of my list (conflicting with scenery, EHAM is a mess, its li
  9. So its normal to have the same files in both the P3D root folder and in the migrated folder (I am looking especially at the OLC folders)?
  10. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v4.5 + hotfix Screenshot: See attached Issue: After migration some files are remaining as duplicate, including an xml which I am not sure why it exists... I finished the complete migration of my files, with Global remaining in the P3D root folder. I went back to the old ORBX root folder in P3D, and I noticed that there were a few stragglers remaining behind, including duplicate files (as per ORBX 4 JPEG, all of these files are also present in the newly migrated folder. I also have a lone xml file for FTX_AU (even thou
  11. That is good to know. Good thing I kept a log on what to do if I were to do a clean install... ohhh the time we spend on our flim sim hobby to tweak things... Would be a good idea to sticky this post for other users that will have to do the same. It would be a bummer to load up a flight only to realize we need to go back and mod files to have the scenery compatible.
  12. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D 4.5 + hotfix Issue: I have just switched to ORBX Central. Nifty program so far, and I really appreciate the migration option for the ORBX scenery as it will really give a 2nd life to my main P3D SSD... My question is as follows: I had to several manual modifications to certain files to ensure compatibility with some 3rd party add-on airports, such as EDDF (Aerosoft), KLAX (FSDT), CYYC (FSSimstudios), turning off a conflicting BGL files. When migrating the files, will I have to re-do this entire exercise? I am seeing that
  13. Absolutely! Thanks for the prompt support. This Night Light Tick Box topic should be pinned.
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