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  1. Same here, let us choose our parking spot for online flying's sake.
  2. Hi, Are there any plans to update EGLC for Prepar3D v5 in the near future?
  3. Thanks for the reply, Elaine. And thanks to you Tongass is working again, hats off!
  4. Thanks for all the replies, I will try and make it work in prepar3d v4 with help from the guide of Elaine. One more question...will the program with settings work as well as the scenery itself?
  5. Hi all, Wonderful to see Bill Womack is back on the nest of ORBX. Is this the right time to ask if there will be a do-over of Tongass Fjords X for Prepar3D v4? Welcome back, Bill. Greetings, David Keff
  6. It works! Thanks, now the next problem...I have installed the scenery and it is not really visible and I can't find it in the "add scenery". I will have a look at the forum.
  7. Hi all, Today I bought the downloadable version of Orbx - FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Fjords at flightsimstore. After downloading the file, I tried to unzip it and run the.exe. But to my surprise the unzip program told me the file was corrupted and could not be unzipped. Uhmmmm, anyone, uhmmmm, help? With greetings, David
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