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  1. I offer my respect to John Venema for acknowledging responsibity for the dearth of Orbx products that are currently available to P3DV2 users. I miss all of mine and am considering his suggestion to revert to the world of FSX DX10 fixer. I think the Orbx boys will sort it before too long. However, I would not be surprised if the passionate flight simmers on these forums were to suss a soulution. I would code if I had a clue. Regards, Tom
  2. Thumbs up. Looking forward to this one a while. Seconding Vora's post, Alice Springs looms large in my view of Australia.
  3. Lurker surfacing. Just to say to the best fs devs in the world, please leave your options open. You are artists trying to make a living in a media mysterious to most of your patrons. So your creativity is also required in your business practices. You are great at what you do and recieve daily praise in the forums from those of us who recognize/grok your skills. You accept it gracefully. Some few people post negative comments. Not always such graceful acceptance, but nearly always an attempt to make the patron happy. You clearly recognize the import of cultivating the artist-patron relationship. The forums are a wonderful resource for you and your business. I visit most days and am always impressed with the conviviality. I don't always learn something about what Orbx is up to, but the communication is splendid. Being an artist requires a healtly ego. For many reasons there will always be criticism regardless of the level of creativity. Occasionally a patron may kick sand in the paint but if the artist wipes it off and finishes the painting it will be available for a more atuned sort. Or even the kicker after he sobers up. As you have many involved patrons sharing the expenses (and more after the USA work becomes available) rather than an adoring few the sand may fly a bit more frequently but the finished work also has more potential buyers. Seems to me the flying sand is generally viewed by the Orbx artists as a sign of caring patrons in a healthy forum. And is taken with a grain of salt. Tom
  4. Hi fellow simmers, The idea of Orbx being in need of a financial leg up to continue doing this world beating work has flushed me out of my customary lurking. I'm a Yank who has never set foot in your lovely land but through my Orbx inspired participation in our pastime have come to appreciate a great deal about it. Though I've lived and worked in New Orleans for many years, I sometimes find myself talking about Australia in the manner of one whose been there many times. I get quizzical looks from those who know I've not, but let the mystery be. The idea of this work and the associated community it supports being in some doubt troubles me greatly. I know Orbx is a business and as such should live and die by the demands of the marketplace. But for me it is doing work on a quality level that keeps me interested in flight simming and for that I am grateful. The illusion of flight that Orbx is continuing to coax out of FSX is truly inspiring. I have supported them by purchasing all of their products even as I know I will likely never spend the hours required to see all they have already produced let alone what is forthcoming in the next several years. Since I see the idea of a platinum membership has not been rejected out of hand, I would propose it be allowed to remain open for continued consideration. I would purchase one with no expectation of preferential treatment on this marvelous forum. The artful work and the online community it supports really is the catalyst that makes my investment in a good deal of payware aircraft and a dedicated computer worth the freight. What I would be paying for is more than the sum of its parts. Tom
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