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  1. Thank you Nick for the fats reply, the fact that the title says FTX I thought was specifically for Orbx FTX but you clearly says its not. Cheers Seb
  2. Hello I already own the older on DVD format Pilots Ultimate packs from back when they first came out 2014 or something like that, for the entire planet. I see a vary rare error mostly in some remote places, the error is a very thin and very long line 30+ kilometers of raised terrain probably about 1000ft above the terrain. Its just a thin line and it mainly happens in rural areas running North to south or East to West. I have seen it at least twice, one in Africa and I had one the other day in Australia while flying west in land from woollongong. My old ultimate mesh is non FTX compatible so I am wondering if I buy the new "PILOT'S FSG - FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - NG 2020 FTX P3D" will this get rid of the ugly long thine high terrain lines? I guess I may still get some airport elevation issues but happy to work around them.
  3. I am guessing its for now only available if you subscribe to fastlane option in orbx central which allows you to access addons and update a bit earlier while they are in final beta stages. I could not see it any where in Orbx Central V4.1
  4. I love the higher resolution. But prefer LOD14 with seasons, I like to fly in the different seasons. If performance is better in LOD14, the LOD14 is the way forward for me.
  5. Gosh, this same issue was driving me crazy. After lots of head scratching and looking in the wrong part of the ORBX forums! I came upon this postAhhhHAAAA now I see the errors in my ways, all is fixed. Orbx Germany is incredible. Happy Flying
  6. Sorry Nick, I must have read wrong. Oh well. I just missed out by a few minutes. Thank you for the reply.
  7. I was just about to buy a few items before the sale ended at midninght. I had the items in the cart but had to do a few family duties, when I came back about 1050GMT it said cart error. I tried re-selecting but the prices reverted back to normal. I live in the UK and assumed midnight GMT would be used. Its 1130 GMT but the sale is clearly not available. Did I get the sale end time wrong? Regards Sebastian PS sorry if this is not the right forum, I did not see any obvious option, move my post as you see fit.
  8. Sorry Nick I thought it was August this year!!! I had the problem and came on the forum to look for a fix. I saw this thread an just assumed it was this years as it was still active.
  9. If you want to reinstall without re-downloading already installed addons do the following. THIS IS A QUOTE FROM DOUG A ORBX TEAM MEMBER: So, go to your Sim\Orbx\User Documents\Versions folder and delete the corresponding .txt file, this will tell FTXC3 that they are no longer installed and allows you to reinstall them. When you run FTX central it installs from the already downloaded files and only down load any additional file it needs, BUT this works for previously installed ORBX addons.
  10. Really sorry nothing worked so far. Ever since I cleared space on the C drive I have had no issues. Hang in there mate. I am sure there is a solution. I recall ORBX has a procedure for down loading and installing on a offline PC. Look it up and try it.
  11. Doug thank you for your help. ITS FIXED I checked KPNS and HOUSTON both are fine, perfectly fine Deleting the .txt files in Sim\Orbx\User Documents\Versions folder and reinstalling the from FTX Central worked for me. For anyone doing the fix this is what I did. 1) I deleted all the TXT files as per Dougs instructions above. 2) installed through FTX Central just Global, LC EU, LC NA, LC SA and Vector. (will do the rest later when I have more time) 3) From FTX Central I ran the "Force Migration" 4) From FTX Central I ran Vector Configuration tool, all previous settings where as I had them But I loaded my saved profile and applied any way. 5) Shut FTX Central 6) fired up P3D V4 and issue is gone at Houston and KPNS NOTE: FTX Central settings like scenery insert points did not need adjusting they were as before and reinstalling took a bit of time but FTX central only downloaded a small amount of files. I should be sleeping!!! good night all. Thank you Doug once more. Cheers Seb
  12. One question if I delete the .TXT files will FTX Central want to redownload all my orbx addons?
  13. Bram and any one else with this issue. I suffered from this and then I worked what the cause was for me and probably for a lot of folkes. I think the solution is very simple make sure you have enough free space on your C: drive. FTX Central downloads all the product to a temporary folder in you C: drive(it lets you delete it after the installation finished, a pop asks do you want to delete the temp). Now if you do not have 30GB free space, the download runs out of space on the C: drive the download stops and FTX Central says something went wrong do you want to start again. Barm this could be why it only happens with LC products because the are massive. Hope this helps. Seb
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