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  1. Thank y'all, guys. Also agree with Ryan, this certainly looks like a place to visit in real life. It's so wonderful that we can discover places virtually now and they almost look like the real thing.
  2. Thank you both Brad and Iain, your comments are much appreciated (as always).
  3. Taken in X-Plane 11.50 and slightly edited:
  4. Thank you, your comments are much appreciated.
  5. Love those shots with the Phantom! Very iconic.
  6. Are these real photographs? Insane shots!
  7. And it's always the best feeling when the pilots do not even bother to stop on the runway but power up the engines instead.
  8. Oh, no worries. It’s getting harder and harder, especially if one uses third party products that are available for both simulators.
  9. Thanks, Jack. This is X-Plane 11 though.
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