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  1. Awesome! What type of helicopter have you flown last summer? Cause that's on my bucket list as well.
  2. Admittedly, this picture is not fully realistic for two reasons. First, it's quite unlikely that the Swiss Air Rescue REGA will fly to Innsbruck. Second, they don't use the AW139 but a mix of AW109SP "Da Vinci" and H145. Nevertheless, REGA has ordered three AW169 – which is the smaller sister of the AW139 – from Leonardo in order to provide all-weather HEMS service. As those aircraft will be equipped with an ice protection system, those helicopters will expand the operation limits for air ambulance helicopters to bad weather with icing conditions. They already do instrument approaches on hospital helipads during bad weather which I think is pretty amazing!
  3. Too many great screenshots, but #57 by ydelta really stands out this month!
  4. Honestly, I can't tell just from the pictures above. Definitely need to check it out in my simulator. Maybe you can do a test run for one GB region and Washington? BUT indeed, the 210 Gigabytes of TrueEarth Washington really have stopped me from purchasing this one...
  5. Thank you, Jack! I played around with some different motives featuring my newly purchased Twin Otter, and I'm quite pleased with this result. Let's see how it will turn out.
  6. Absolutely! Turbulent Design surely did a crushing job here.
  7. A few more older shots:
  8. Just went through some old shots and found those:
  9. Strong competition this month, but #24 really stands out.
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