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  1. What are the processes that go on after a trueearth install- it seems that for a large period of time, central freezes. Also, if I open a browser (chrome) and try to navigate to a web page, it seems my internet is also "frozen." Also, windows explorer won't open up any new windows (such as to look at the C drive). I've posted on this before- but never got a response, so I'm still curious. Usually, everything comes back to normal after about 15-20 minutes post install. Is there some cache that Orbx is working on? Background process that ties up the cpu and internet bandwidth?
  2. I somehow remember this "bug" from my FSX days... The roofs of some AG buildings (flat roof buildings) are sunken way down into the building... Looking at the below fix for texture- would that also solve the sunken roof problem I'm having? I have Buildings HD installed as well.
  3. Thanks... yes this is a fresh install! That is great news- I think P3D likes everything now to be installed via the XML method.
  4. More of a general question... when I install the Global base I'm given a choice now to either install directly into the P3D folder (as it always has been), or to install global base to my designated Orbx library. However, this plays with my mind- isnt BASE a texture REPLACEMENT of default textures? If I install to the library, then P3D would see two textures for one scenery tile, and then have to compute which one to display? Wouldn't it be more efficient to just install as normal in P3D and replace the default? Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot:
  5. Dumb question maybe- where is the "button" or option to install objectflow?
  6. Arriving after sunset I noticed that FOT's lighting was not on- could this be a compatibility issue, or is PCL (click 7 times!) simulated here?
  7. Yeah... there are a few airports I’m noticing this at... its new with p3dv5 - these scenes didn’t have the multi socks in v4, so they’ll have to check each airport and make the fixes.
  8. The duplicate appears near the approach end of runway 6- one is working, the other is static.
  9. Funny, enough, everything displays correctly when I migrate KACK to the Orbx library...
  10. Thanks- yes... only one instance installed and it is located in the Orbx library and listed in my addons... C:\Users\Brendan\Orbx Library\p3dv5\Orbx ObjectFlow\bin Orbx_ObjectFlow_v3.dll Would there be another one installed somewhere? FTX Central was never installed on this computer- this is a reformat/clean install of Windows 10.
  11. I have no runway textures or buildings in KACK- only parked static aircraft. Using the search I found that this can be caused by objectflow not being installed- so my first troubleshooting was to make sure that was properly instlled- in its library. Second step was to reinstall the Orbx libraries and to resync my sim... still the same problem persists. Any ideas? In KBID, buildings are displaying normally- which may rule out the objectflow issue.
  12. Nick- congrats on a very well designed "central" - it has been making my occasional "clean sweep reformat/reinstall" of P3D very painless.
  13. I think it is by design... although it makes me a bit uneasy too that something didn't finish- even though the green bar says "completed" - central seems to do a bit of "work" when I press on the "x" so who knows.... so far in-sim everything looks fine.
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